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•Artists Kyarine and Mihai1988 join; New Art by FireballKoopa, Gnight, Raging-Banebou, Revolver, and myself
•Morphs by Makaki
•Screencaps from Gintama, Magical Doremi, Moetan, Spiral, Skull Man, Jimmy Two Shoes (thanks to Unknown-Pariah for those six), Sabrina: The Animated Series (thanks Anon), and Wayside (thanks Steven T)

•Happy St. Patrick's Day! Sorry for the extensive downtime; I am working to ensure this will never happen again
•New Art by Art201, BBWonder, Blimpy, BornFromDarkness, Brrruuump, Dragmir, Elek-tronikz, Gnight, HiddenPleasure, Master-Gav, MasterP123, Metalforever, Raging-Banebou, RetroKing85, Satsurou, ScareGlow, TheGuy, ThePervertWithin, Wolfangfists, and myself
•New Morphs by Makaki and VoidPointer
•Author Sogget joins with a story; I have a new one as well
•New Screencaps from Bamboo Blade, Sailor Moon, Hanamaru Kindergarten, Kamen no Maid Guy, Koihime Musou, Pokemon, and The Simpsons (thanks to Unknown-Pariah for the last four)

BigBellys joins the site with his art/stories; More Art is up by AkaFa, Arakasa, Blimpy, BornFromDarkness, Brrruuump, Darkatio, FireballKoopa, Gnight, Lokoko-space, MasterP123, Metalforever, Revolver, Satsurou, VoidPointer, and myself
•A new story by Double L as well as new author Squishybellylover
•Morphs by Makaki
•New Screencaps from Bamboo Blade and Best Student Council, as well as the newest episode of The Cleveland Show (thanks to Vachidra for the latter)

•Art by ChronoWeapon, Lokoko-space, Narulonso, Revolver, Satsurou, ShinTheFA, StiltonMcKenzie, TheGuy, TubbyToon, Wolfangfists, and myself
•Morphs by Makaki and Rei-Fan
•The newest part to Pokemon Advance is up, courtesy of BBWonder
•Screencaps from the newest episode of The Cleveland Show, provided courtesy of Vachidra
•The Series pages have been revamped with thumbnails
•Please consider donating to Help For Haiti Now to send relief to the earthquake-ravaged country

•Merry Christmas! See what Puyo's been up to during the 12 Days of Christmas
•Now for a very special Christmas gift, the debut of Love Hina: Ronin 15, the first in a series of visual novels created as a collaboration of anime-loving FAs
•New art by AkaFa, Art201, BBlack24, BornFromDarkness, Brrruuump, Dwarf, Funkystrong, Gnight, HiddenPleasure, Master-Gav, MasterP123, Metalforever, RetroKing85, Revolver, Satsurou, ScareGlow, Skipperbird24, and myself
Double L contributes a new story
•New morphs by Rei-Fan
•The Scans section has been revamped with thumbnails

•Thanks for putting up with the recent downtime, caused by the site's bandwidth being exceeded (in other words, too many downloads!). Animexpansion will be updated on Christmas, along with a very special, long-anticipated surprise!

•The Screencap galleries have now been revamped with thumbnails
•Artists Ubiquitous101 and Umeh join the site with their art; New art is up by Art201, BBlack24, BornFromDarkness, Enigma20XX, Funkystrong, Raging-Banebou, Satsurou, Skipperbird24, ThePervertWithin, and myself
•New morphs by Rei-Fan
•The next page to Futoi Yu is up by MoeCake

•New artists BBWVictoria and GuttLoverz join the site; More art is up by ChronoWeapon, Lokoko-space, Master-Gav, Metalforever, Narulonso, RetroKing85, Satsurou, ScareGlow, and Unknown-Pariah
SatoKasra52 provides new stories

10/31/09 - Happy Halloween!
•Art by Art201, Brrruuump, ChronoWeapon, FireballKoopa, Master-Gav, Metalforever, Narulonso, ScareGlow, and myself
•Morphs by Rei-Fan
•A new story by SatoKasra52

FireballKoopa joins the site with his art; New art by Art201, DoWhatNow, Elek-tronikz, FatTales, Gnight, HiddenPleasure, Mymyspace997, Narulonso, RetroKing85, ScareGlow, Skipperbird24, TehSlurp, and myself
•New morph artist Lux joins; more are up by Rei-Fan and Virus-20 as well
•New stories by SatoKasra52
•BBWonder provides the next two parts to Pokemon Advance

•Artist Mymyspace997 joins the site; More art by Elek-tronikz, Metalforever, Mushroommit, Raging-Banebou, ScareGlow, Strawberryp0cky, ThePervertWithin, Vader7476, and myself
•Morphs by Rei-Fan
•Stories by ScareGlow, Strawberryp0cky

•New artist MasterP123 joins the site; Art201, BBWonder, Bri-Nick, Brrruuump, Enigma20XX, Lokoko-space, Metalforever, NT Earthy, RetroKing85, ScareGlow, Skipperbird24, ThePervertWithin, VoidPointer, Xyxtlin, and myself
•New authors GhostOfTheVoid and SatoKasra52 join the site, Dr-Black-Jack, and ScareGlow provide new stories as well

Anime160, Bri-Nick, Enigma20XX, Lipidism, Lokoko-space, and Narulonso join the site with their art, and more is up by Arakasa, Art201, ChronoWeapon, Elek-tronikz, Erik The Rexman, Funkystrong, Mishka Deriban, Raging-Banebou, Revolver, Sperk Plant, StiltonMcKenzie, and Xyxtlin (who also has a wealth of old art never-before-seen on Animexpansion!)
•The first three pages to MoeCake's comic Futoi Yu are up
YeahShippo joins with his first morph
Inflationcouplingist offers a number of new stories


•New artists Art201, Brrruuump, Master-Gav, Tarumax, and TubbyToon join the site; more art is up by Arakasa, BBlack24, Raging-Banebou, and ShinTheFA as well
•New morphs by Rei-Fan

•Artists Erik The Rexman, FatTales, LightningBob, and ScareGlow join the site, more new art is up by Gnight, Hidden-Pleasure and myself as well
ScareGlow also contributes his stories

•Here's my update as promised: The Artist and Morph pages now feature thumbnail galleries! However I can't guarantee there won't be a few glitches here and there. Also, I have yet to come up with a format for displaying thumbnails for the Screencaps, Scans, and Series pages, so those will be coming sometime in the future. Expect a regular update with new content soon (and thanks to all the people who let me know about the recent issue with the site).

•Today marks the 8th anniversary of this site! Thanks for putting up with the recent lack of updates. I've been working on something that should be available sometime later this week. And for the first time, I'm going to be getting high speed internet, which will allow me to offer even greater content than before. Thanks for your support!

•Artist Elek-tronikz joins the site; More new art is up by ChronoWeapon, Funkystrong, GemTheRabbit-123, Hidden Pleasure, MoeCake, Revolver, ShinTheFA, SperkPlant, Wolfangfists, and myself
•Added an inflation clip from Stitch!, please contact me if you know the name of the character featured

Ashbbwluv and Mishka Deriban join the site with their art; more art is up by Funkystrong, Gnight, Hidden Pleasure, MoeCake, Mushroommit, RetroKing85, Revolver, Skipperbird24, Wolfangfists, and myself
Double L has a new story as well
Screencaps from Go Go Diet (thanks Unknown-Pariah)

•Check out this amusing game, Go Go Diet. The intended aim of the game is to keep running while avoiding the food, which makes the girl fatter. But here's a real challenge: See how far you can get while making her bigger!

•Artists ChronoWeapon and CTD-fa join the site; More new art is up by BBlack24, BBWonder, Funkystrong, Raging-Banebou, RetroKing85, Saint-Tumbleweed, TheGuy, and myself
•Morph artist SChanKun joins; more morphs are up by Makaki and Virus-20
Screencaps from South Park (thanks Omracer) and The Mighty B! (thanks SChanKun)

•Art by Gnight, Mushroommit, Raging-Banebou, and myself
•Author Critter 179 joins the site with a story
Screencaps from Pokemon (thanks to Vachidra) and Air Master (thanks, Unknown-Pariah)
•A scan from Sunshine Sketch

•Art by Hidden Pleasure, Mushroommit, RetroKing85, and myself
•Stories by Inflationcouplingist and Darksight
•Morphs by Rei-Fan and Virus-20
•Screencaps from Negima (thanks to Makaki), the most recent Aqua Teen Hunger Force (thanks Vachidra), American Dad (Unknown-Pariah), Family Guy (Omracer), and Dexter's Laboratory (Steven T)

•Artists MoeCake and Unknown-Pariah make their first contributions; More new art is up from BBlack24, Gnight, Hidden Pleasure, Kagoxgirl14, Revolver, and myself
•Morphs by Makaki and Rei-Fan
•Virus-20 contributes a great WG animation of Tiny Kong

BornFromDarkness, HavokPanda, and Hidden Pleasure join the site; More art by Mushroommit, Raging-Banebou, Rayanaminge, Revolver, Saint-Tumbleweed, Sperk Plant, StiltonMcKenzie, ThePervertWithin, Wolfangfists, and myself
•Morphs by Rei-Fan
•Screencaps from Bakugan (thanks to Rei-Fan) and American Dad (thanks to Unknown-Pariah)
•Author Inflationking joins the site; A new story by Shadowgamer93 is also up
•Three new parts to Pokemon Advance are up, thanks to BBWonder

•Artist Rayanaminge joins the site; More art is up by Mushroommit, Raging-Banebou, RetroKing85, Sperk Plant, Wolfangfists, and myself
•Author Shadowgamer93 joins the site with a story
•Morphs by Rei-Fan
•A screencap from Pokemon (thanks to Stilton McKenzie)

•Artists GemTheRabbit-123 and Wolfangfists join the site; More new art by Funkystrong, Raging-Banebou, Void Pointer, and myself
•Morphs by Rei-Fan
Screencaps from Danny Phantom (thanks to Mario Phantom)
Scans from Cutey Honey (thanks to Rei-Fan), & Di Gi Charat and Sunshine Sketch (by myself)

•Art by BBlack24, Funkystrong, Gnight, Saint-Tumbleweed, Virus-20, and myself
•New author Mario Phantom joins with a story
•Morphs by Rei-Fan
•Screencaps from Violence Jack (thanks to Rei-Fan)
Scans from Kodomo no Jikan and Negima Neo

•Art by Funkystrong, TheGuy, and myself
•Morphs by Makaki, Rei-Fan, and Unknown-Pariah
•The newest part to Pokemon Advance is up
•Screencaps from Rune Factory Frontier (thanks to anonymous), and more from Air Master and Paniponi Dash (thanks to Unknown-Pariah)

•Art by Raging-Banebou, Revolver, Saint-Tumbleweed, ThePervertWithin, and myself
•New author GMarek joins the site, and Darksight and Inflationcouplingist have new stories as well
•Morphs by Makaki and Rei-Fan
•Check out my trip to Naka-kon '09!

•New artists Lololom and Funkystrong join the site!
•Art by RetroKing85, Saint-Tumbleweed, and myself
•Morphs by newcomer Double-Expander, as well as Makaki, Rei-Fan, and Virus-20

•Art by BBlack24, Mushroommit, Saint-Tumbleweed, Skipperbird24, and myself
•Morphs by Rei-Fan, The Unknown Artist, and Virus-20
Screencaps from Bakugan, courtesy of Rei-Fan

•Art by Panzermanathod, Raging-Banebou, RetroKing85, and myself
•Morphs by Rei-Fan and The Unknown Artist
•Stories by Inflationcouplingist

•Art by FatArt, Kagoxgirl14, Mushroommit, Raging-Banebou, Saint-Tumbleweed, and myself.
•Pokemon Advance Part 26 is up, courtesy of BBWonder

•Girl's High ep. 8, featuring Himeji's former fat self and a ramen-eating contest, can be viewed for free at Anime News Network: Part A, B, C, D

•Added a Video of the Punky Brewster BE scene from a recent episode of Robot Chicken (thanks to AgentDee from BEA Forums for the clip)

•New artist Sperk Plant joins the site with her artwork
•Art by BBWonder, Mushroommit, Revolver, Saint-Tumbleweed, and myself
•Morphs by Rei-Fan and Virus-20
•Author Inflationcouplingist joins the site with his stories

•Art by Mushroommit, Saint-Tumbleweed, StiltonMcKenzie, and myself
•Morphs by Rei-Fan
Screencaps from Ah My Buddha, Air Master, Galaxy Angel Rune, Lucky Star, Pokemon, Powerpuff Girls Z, as well as American shows Sabrina The Animated Series and Lucy, Daughter of the Devil (Huge thanks to Unknown-Pariah for these caps!)

•A new Japanese Nintendo DS dating sim called Hachi Koi features a cute plump girl named Kurumi Kasugaoka. On her page you can actually "feed" her various foods; Also click here to to feed her with animation included. (Thanks to OggggO for the info.)

•Art by Gnight and ShinTheFA
•More Morphs by Rei-Fan

•Art by Arakasa, Mushroommit, StiltonMcKenzie, and myself
•Morphs by Makaki and Rei-Fan
•A Screencap from Kodomo no Jikan, and a Scan from Digimon

Mr. XH joins the site with a pic
•Other new Art by Fatlover123, Mushroommit, Raging-Banebou, Revolver, StiltonMcKenzie, and myself
•Morphs by Rei-Fan and The Unknown Artist
•Author FANN joins the site with his stories
•The next two parts to Pokemon Advance, courtesy of BBWonder

•Art by Mushroommit, Raging-Banebou, and myself
•Morphs by Makaki, Rei-Fan, The Unknown Artist, and Virus-20
•A Video morph by Makaki

Happy New Year!
•Art by RetroKing85, Revolver, Saint-Tumbleweed, and myself.
•Morphs by Rei-Fan and Virus-20
Screencaps from The Simpsons eps. 263 (courtesy of Zo Danma) and 338 (from myself)
•A Christmas video from Mushroommit

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
•Artist Ssbbfanatic joins the site
•Morphs by Rei-Fan
•Four new parts to the Pokemon Advance comic, courtesy of BBWonder

•Art by Blimpy, Gnightrocks, and Guardian-Draca
•Morphs by Rei-Fan and The Unknown Artist
•Author RokoTheFA joins the site with his first story
•Added a Link to the site AnimeGrowth

•Art by BBlack24, BElover, Random Nintendo Geek, ThePervertWithin, and myself
•Morphs by Makaki, Rei-Fan, and The Unknown Artist (the anonymous morph artist from the last update)

RetroKing85 joins the site with his artwork, and a new piece is up by FatArt
•Morphs by Rei-Fan, and a couple from Haruhi Suzumiya by someone who wishes to remain anonymous

Happy Thanksgiving!
•Art by Mushroommit, OdinMY, Revolver, and myself; New artist Kagoxgirl14 also joins
•Morphs by Makaki and Rei-Fan
Screencaps from an episode of Ben 10 (thanks to BBWonder)
•Added a series page for Gurren Lagann

Art by Guardian-Draca, TehSlurp, and Tytoon
•Stories by Roxius and Darksight
•Morphs by Makaki, Rei-Fan, and Virus-20
Screencaps and a Video from Kamen no Maid Guy (thanks to PureIvel for the caps, and Vachidra for the clip)
•Introducing the ad to the Love Hina Visual Novel project; Keep watching the site for additional details in the future

Makaki contributes his first art to the site
•Art by Fatlover123, Mushroommit, NT Earthy, PureIvel, Raging-Banebou, and myself
•A Naruto story by new author Darksight
•Morphs by Rei-Fan
Screencaps from the anime Macademy Wasshoi, huge thanks to Malcbear!

Happy Halloween! A lot of new content this time, including:
•New artists join: Akiraagata, Arakasa, Bob-dude, JeetKune, and Saint-Tumbleweed
•Art by BBlack24, BBWonder, Mushroommit, Raging-Banebou, ThePervertWithin, and myself
•Morphs by Rei-Fan
•The first-ever Puyo story, with a Halloween theme, by me! Also, an additional story by Bob-dude
•BBWonder provides a Halloween comic!
•And yet another screencap from School Rumble

PureIvel joins the site with his artwork
•More new art by BBWonder and Raging-Banebou

•Mushroommit contributes new art and a video, TehSlurp has new art as well
•New morphs by Makaki
Screencaps from Karin and School Rumble have been added

Suicune_dude joins the site with his great BE art, and more new art is up by AkaFa, Mushroommit, and ThePervertWithin
•Limequat has submitted a new story
Vachidra has contributed an animation of the Lois BE scene from the newest episode of Family Guy
•Per request, any art added that features actual nudity will be labeled as NSFW ("Not Safe For Work"); Any such past site content will be labeled eventually

Gouly returns with new art! And more is up by Dustin Demon, Gnight and Mushroommit, and The-Spartan-Hero
Gouly also contributes his first morphs
•A couple short animations by Mushroommit are also up

•Art by BBWonder, Fatlover123, Mushroommit, Panzermanathod, Virus-20, and myself
Morphs by Makaki, Rei-Fan, and Virus-20
•The next part of Pokemon Advance is up, again courtesy of BBWonder

Limequat contibutes his first art to the site, and morph artist Kira joins as well
•Art by AkaFa, BBWonder, Fatlover123, Mushroommit, Raging-Banebou, TehSlurp, and myself
•Morphs by Lucidnightmare, Rei-Fan, and Virus-20
Screencaps from Hanappe Bazooka and Samurai Champloo, courtesy of Rei-Fan (and a few from me)

•New artists join the site: BBWonder and OdinMY
•Art by FatArt, Mushroommit, Panzermanathod, and Raging-Banebou
•Morphs by Rei-Fan and Virus-20
•The next part of Pokemon Advance has been added, courtesy of guest artist BBWonder

•Added new art by Hinata-Fat, some of his older art pieces have been replaced with higher quality ones
•New morphs by Virus-20

•Art by AkaFa, Fatlover123, Mushroommit, and StiltonMcKenzie
•Stories by Limequat and Red-Moon
•Morphs by Makaki and Virus-20

•New art by BBlack24, Fatlover123, Mushroommit, Raging-Banebou, Random Nintendo Geek, TheAmericanDream, Virus-20, and myself
•Author Limequat joins the site with a story
•Another new story is up by Dr-Black-Jack
Screencaps from an episode of Fillmore! have been sent in by a contributor that wishes to remain anonymous
•Added Eka's Portal, a great vore site, to the Links page
•This coming Saturday, 8/30, Naruto ep. 192 "Ino Shouts! Chubby Paradise!" premieres on Cartoon Network. Caps have already been available here on the site.

•New art by Artist-SRF, BBlack24, Dragoonrider67, GaaraOutcast101, Mushroommit, Raging-Banebou, and Random Nintendo Geek
•New morphs by Makaki and Rei-Fan
•A special edition of the Pokemon Advance comic, as commissioned by an anonymous site visitor

•Today marks the seventh anniversary of the site! Thanks to all the contributors and visitors over the years for keeping this site going. In celebration of the event, Red Moon has drawn a comic for it, thanks!
•New artists join: ExpansionLover11, Powerstone05, and Raging-Banebou
•New art by Artist-SRF, BBlack24, Duce Nauks, Mushroommit, Panzermanathod, Random Nintendo Geek, Red Moon, Skipperbird24, Virus-20, and myself
•Morphs by Red Moon
•A BE scan from Negima

•New art by Artist-SRF, Gnight, Karnage, and myself
•Classic artwork by Dwarf has been added

•Artists SSBBWLover and WindScarer join the site
•New art by Artist-SRF and Panzermanathod
•Two new morphs by Makaki
Screencaps from Airmaster

•New artists join the site: Artist-SRF, Dorobo-Rubi, Gaaraoutcast101, Karnage, ThePervertWithin, and Tytoon
•More new art by Archangel Dreadnought, BElover, Mushroommit, Panzermanathod, Skipperbird24, StiltonMcKenzie, TheAmericanDream, and myself
•New morphs by Makaki, Rei-Fan, Virus-20 and newcomer Void Pointer
•A new story by Makaki
Screencaps from Cosplay Complex, Happy Lesson, and Magikano
•A game called Fat Princess is in the works for the PS3; check here for details

06/22/08: New artist Panzermanathod joins the site, and more new art is up by BElover, Mushroommit, Random Nintendo Geek, ShinTheFA, TheAmericanDream, and myself.

06/05/08: We're proud to welcome artist Blackmage20 to the site! More new art is up by Darkatio, Mushroommit, NT Earthy, TheAmericanDream, and The-Spartan-Hero.

05/12/08: The first update in quite a while! New art is up by Gnight, Mushroommit, NT Earthy, StiltonMcKenzie, and myself, and morphs by Lucidnightmare and Makaki. Also added are two new scans, from Dr. Slump and Nurse Witch Komugi.

03/18/08: Happy belated St. Patrick's Day! New art is up by Gnight, Mushroommit, StiltonMcKenzie, and myself, and new morphs are up by Rei-Fan and Virus-20. Also, a new Puyo comic has been added.

03/10/08: New art is up by Fmsu, Mushroommit, Virus-20, and myself. Rei-Fan and Virus-20 have new morphs, and new stories are up by Storymaker and new author Dark Fai.

03/03/08: Artists Kittybowser and StiltonMcKenzie join the site, and more new art is up by FatArt, Hinata-Fat, Mushroommit, and myself. Morph artist Anthony810 has also contributed his first work.

02/25/08: Artists Hinata-Fat and Mushroommit join the site, and more new art is up by The-Spartan-Hero and myself. Morphs are up by newcomer Lucidnightmare, as well as Doctor-DG2, Rei-Fan, and Virus-20. New author Storymaker has submitted a Naruto story, and Vachidra has conributed a brief clip from an episode of The Boondocks.

02/18/08: New art is up by Doctor-DG2 and Guardian-Draca, and Makaki has a new morph. The next Puyo comic is up, and I've also done a report on my trip to Naka-Kon.

02/04/08: Artist Darkatio joins the site, and more art is up by Blimpy, Ragumshnagum and myself. Makaki has contributed new morphs, and the next Puyo comic has been added.

01/29/08: Artists Dustin Demon, Olivefingers, and Ragumshnagum join the site, and more new art is up by BElover, Fatlover123, Pirate Snowes Savvy, TehSlurp, TheGuy, and myself. New morphs have been sent in by Rei-Fan, and ThePhatomFreak has submitted a bunch of stories.

01/22/08: Artist Migen Jr. joins the site with some fanart of Puyo, and more new art is up by Fatlover123, ZeldaMaster, and myself. Makaki and Rei-Fan have submitted new morphs, and the second installment of the Puyo comic has been added. On a related note, I'm accepting ideas for the title for the Puyo comic series, so contact me if you think you have a good idea!

01/14/08: New art is up by TheAmericanDream, TheGuy, and myself. Toasteh has a new story, and new morphs have been added from Rei-Fan. After a huge delay, the next part of the Pokemon Advance comic has been added as well.

01/09/08: Artists The-Spartan-Hero and Fatlover123 join the site, and more new art is up by BElover, KarateLincoln, and myself, and new morphs are up by Makaki and Rei-Fan. And, at long last, the first in the planned series of Puyo comics!

01/03/08: Happy New Year! New art is up by NT Earthy, Random Nintendo Geek, and myself. New morphs are up by Bellywarper, Doctor-DG2, Makaki, and Rei-Fan. Double L has also contributed a belated Christmas story.

12/24/07: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Artist AkaFa joins the site, and more new art is up by BBlack24, BElover, FatArt, Kaos-Storm, Phinesius, Vader7476, Xyxtlin, ZeldaMaster, and myself. JacktheDemon has a new story, and new morphs are up by Rei-Fan, who has also contributed BE screencaps from an episode of UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie.

12/11/07: Artists Doctor-DG2, Toasteh, and ZeldaMaster join the site, and more new art is up by Blimpy, Gnight, Phinesius, and myself. Rei-Fan has new morphs, and Darkheartdan1990 has contributed screencaps from an episode of Futurama.

12/04/07: Artist Phinesius joins the site, and new art by Fanayr has been added, as well as morphs by Makaki and Rei-Fan.

11/27/07: New art is up by JAR, BElover, Random Nintendo Geek, TehSlurp, and myself. Makaki and Rei-Fan also have new morphs.

11/22/07: Happy Thanksgiving! New art is up by BElover, Blimpy, Random Nintendo Geek, Revolver, and myself. New morphs are up by Rei-Fan and Makaki, who makes his first contribution to the site.

11/13/07: Artist TheGhostOfDM joins the site, and more art is up by Archangel Dreadnought, JAR, KawaiiDebu, and myself. Rei-Fan has also submitted more morphs.

11/07/07: Artist Guardian-Draca joins the site, and more new art is up by BElover and myself. New morphs are up by NT Earthy, Rei-Fan, and myself as well.

10/31/07: Happy Halloween! Dragonfive provides a Halloween-themed pic of Puyo, and more new art is up by BElover and myself. New morphs are up by Rei-Fan and newcomer SonicForBrawl.

10/22/07: Artists NT Earthy and Pirate Snowes Savvy join the site, and more work is up by BElover, Red Moon, and myself. Rei-Fan has contributed more morphs, and Red Moon has a new story.

10/14/07: Red Moon joins the site with art, stories, and a morph. New artists HeavyweightKate and TheSwedishElf join with art, and more is up by Blimpy, DoWhatNow, InvaderDevin, TheAmericanDream, and myself. Rei-Fan has a few new morphs as well.

10/02/07: New art is up by BElover, Blimpy, Gnight, Hidon Redux, Marechal De Logis Daedalus, Zui, and myself. Rei-Fan has new morphs, and Roxius has submitted a story.

09/25/07: New art is up by KawaiiDebu (who has both classic and current works), Xyxtlin, and myself. Rei-Fan provides a few morphs, as well as some screencaps from an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist.

09/18/07: TehSlurp joins the site, and more new art is up by Blimpy, Kaos-Storm, and myself. Rei-Fan provides new morphs as well.

09/12/07: New art is up by newcomer LeoT17, as well as FatArt, Zui, and myself. New morphs are also up by Rei-Fan. A significant number of screencaps have been added, from the series Girl's High, Omishi Magical Theater Risky-Safety, and Paniponi Dash. Videos of some of these scenes are available as well. (Download Risky-Safety Episode 1, featuring the stuffing scene, for free at the official site! It's available in the "Funbox" section.)

09/04/07: New artists Dragonfive, Hidon Redux, and Metalgrunt join the site, as well as morph artist Spartin. More new artwork is up by BElover, Fmsu, Revolver, Virus-20, Zui, and myself. Roxius provides a story, and a BE video clip from Negima has been added.

08/28/07: New art has been added by BElover, Juicebird, Kazecat, Virus-20, and myself. New WG-related scans have also been added, but it should be noted none of these contain any actual WG (unless you count BE). New morph artists Rei-Fan and Zui have also contributed some work.

08/20/07: New artist Bizorro joins the site, and more stuff is up by BElover, Fanayr, TheGuy, and myself; New author JacktheDemon and Roxius have stories; A screencap has been added from an episode of Mahoromatic.

08/10/07: It's the sixth anniversary of Animexpansion! Art has been added by newcomers to the site El-Taco, Skipperbird24, and Wgfan, and past artists BElover, Dragoonrider67, Fmsu, Gnightrocks, Juicebird, KarateLincoln, KinkLink5, Revolver, Virus-20, and myself. New author Jfishsom provides a story, and a short animation from Potemayo has been added to the new Video section. Enjoy, and thanks for supporting my site!

07/24/07: A new artist has joined the site, Marechal de logis Daedalus. More new art is up by Azcarraqui, DoWhatNow, Dragoonrider67, Fanayr, FatArt, Juicebird, Revolver, Virus-20, and Zanza. Baron 'o' Beef Dip also provides a screencap from Hime-Sama Goyojin.

07/17/07: New art is up by Fanayr, Juicebird, Kaos-Storm, Revolver, Xyxtlin, and Zanza.

07/03/07: Dragoonrider67 and Hinatafan 3255 join the site with artwork, and additional pics are up by BElover, FatArt, and Zanza. RockmanEguze finishes up his story, and KarateLincoln provides a scan from the Read or Dream manga.

06/26/07: New artists Fanayr and MrInvisible join the site, and Blimpy, FatArt, Revolver, Xysk, and Zanza have new stuff as well. Virus-20 has also contributed a few new morphs.

06/16/07: New art has been added from BElover, Cure, Fmsu, InvaderDevin, MiyaviLover, Xyxtlin, Zanza, and myself; KinkLink5 also provides a morph.

06/09/07: Artists Gnight and BElover both join the site, and more art is up by Azcarraqui and TheAmericanDream. New author Skull contributes a story, and RockmanEguze adds the second chapter to his.

06/02/07: New artist Plainon joins the site, and more new art is up by Juicebird, Metalforever, MiyaviLover, and Xyxtlin (who has a great pic of Puyo!). Double L and new author RockmanEguze provide stories.

05/26/07: New art is up by Azcarraqui, Blimpy, FatArt, Fatfoxlower, Fmsu, KarateLincoln, TheAmericanDream, and Xyxtlin. Screencaps are up from Black Jack and Lucky Star (provided by Dr-Black-Jack), My-HiME (from FatPrincess), Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy (thanks to Baron 'O' Beef Dip), and Strawberry Marshmallow.

05/19/07: New artist Kaos-Storm joins the site, and FatArt, InvaderDevin, Metalforever, Revolver, and Zanza have new work as well.

05/12/07: Artists Archangel Dreadnought and KinkLink5 have joined the site. Akirotto returns, with both new and classic artwork, and more new art is up by Azcarraqui, Cure, Juicebird, KarateLincoln, Revolver, and Zanza. New author Forrest provides a story, and MantaWolfe had submitted several screencaps of Jessie from Pokemon.

05/05/07: Artists Fatfoxlower and Miyavi Lover join the site, and more pics have been added by Azcarraqui, DbCraz, FatArt, InvaderDevin, Juicebird, KarateLincoln, and Zanza. Tars has also provided a morph.

04/28/07: New artist KarateLincoln joins the site, and more art is up by Crazy-8s, Cure, DoWhatNow, FatArt, InvaderDevin, Vailan, and Zanza. Double L and Random Nintendo Geek provide a couple stories, and screencaps are up for Bottle Fairy, Paniponi Dash, and Petite Princess Yucie.

04/21/07: New art is up by Crazy-8s, Cure, InvaderDevin, Juicebird, Vailan, Zanza, and myself, as well as screencaps from Shin-chan and Invader Zim, the latter courtesy of InvaderDevin.

04/14/07: Three new artists have joined the site: InvaderDevin, Metalforever, and Xysk; and more new art is up by Blimpy, Cure, Juicebird, Revolver, TheAmericanDream, Zanza, and myself. Screencaps from an episode of Magical Doremi have also been added.

04/11/07: To make up for the lack of an update last weekend, here are scans from the WG chapter of Read or Dream.

03/31/07: A variety of new content has been added: Art by Alterdeus, FatArt, and TheAmericanDream, stories by Juicebird, MegamanZr, and Roxius, and morphs by Bellywarper.

03/24/07: New art is up by Crazy-8s, Cure, Juicebird, ShinTheFA, Vader7476, Zanza, myself, and new artist Vailan. Virus-20 has also provided a new morph.

03/17/07: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Artist and apparent Bleach fan Crazy-8s has joined the site, and more new art is up by DoWhatNow, Juicebird, LazyPaw (formerly PandaBandit), and myself. New screencaps are up, from the last new episode of Family Guy (thanks to Vachidra), and from Xiaolin Showdown (thanks to Nintendork and another contributor; I've lost the credit, please contact me if you're the one who sent in the larger pics).

03/10/07: Natsuki has new art and a story, and Zanza has a new pic as well.

03/01/07: An early update this week, consisting of art by Blimpy, GGJ2, Juicebird, TheAmericanDream, and Zanza.

02/24/07: New pics are up by Gnightrocks and Revolver, as well as new artists to the site TheAmericanDream and The New Guy. FairGame also has a few new morphs.

02/17/07: Added new pics by Blimpy and Fmsu, stories by Dr-Black-Jack and Fatter Sailor Scouts Today, and, thanks to Revolver, Nurse Witch Komugi screencaps.

02/10/07: A variety of new content is up this week: art by Cure, Fmsu, Gnightrocks, Isis, Juicebird, The Phatom Freak, and ZMasta; stories by Natsuki and ZMasta; morphs by FairGame, and screencaps from Hare+Guu (the latter courtesy of Baron 'o' Beef Dip).

02/03/07: New art is up by Juicebird, Zanza, and Jabedin, who also has a morph.

01/27/07: A variety of artwork is up this week, by newcomers Juicebird and Isis, and other artists Blimpy, Duce Nauks, Fmsu, Xyxtlin, and Zanza. Random Nintendo Geek has also submitted two Pokemon stories. Also, upon his request, X-pect's name has been changed to Jabedin.

01/20/07: New author Dr-Black-Jack joins the site with a story. A number of artists have work as well: Blimpy, Cure, Fmsu, Revolver, and Xyxtlin. It should also be noted that, sadly, this may in fact be the last piece of art by Revolver to be posted on the site, as he has apparently decided to retire from anime WG art. We wish him luck.

01/13/07: New art is up by Revolver, DbCraz, and Cure.

01/06/07: Seven new pictures by the artist Cure have been added.

12/30/06: MxBot has a number of new pics, including an Azumanga Daioh sequence. Double L has a belated Christmas story, and Nintendork has done a morph.

12/25/06: Merry Christmas! Over fifty pieces of art by Zanza have been added, as well as two pics by DoWhatNow, one by myself, and a story by Tars!

12/16/06: New art is up by Blimpy and myself, as well as two new morphs by Virus-20. Screencaps from the Christmas episode of Kappa Mikey are also available, thanks to forum member MysticJonouchi.

12/10/06: I've officially opened a store on the site. There's no Animexpansion mechandise to be had (at least yet), but it allows you to easily purchase anime, manga, and other goods from Right Stuf.

12/09/06: There's a bunch of new pics this week, by new artist to the site Slifer X000, Xyxtlin, and myself. Virus-20 has a new morph, and new author TheOne has submitted a Pokemon story.

12/02/06: New artist to the site Nan666 has submitted some pictures, and Tars has two new stories to share. RedHippy has contributed screencaps from a recent Family Guy episode, and, a first for the site, Vachidra provides a video clip! Also don't forget to check out my own new pic.

11/25/06: If you're not still stuffed from Thanksgiving, gobble up some new pics by Blimpy, FatSallyAcorn, Fmsu, ZS3, and myself. New author Tars has a story as well.

11/18/06: Pics from ShineOfRain and new artist Hot Topic Punk are up, as well as a screencap from Vachidra from the new Family Guy DVD.

11/11/06: Added new Naruto morphs and the first chapter of a story by Bellywarper, and a belated Halloween pic by ZS3.

11/04/06: DbCraz has submitted a new pic. We also welcome the artist Zanza to the site, with a small taste of his work.

10/28/06: New artist to the site Two-Days-Ago has submitted a pic of Komoe from Eiken. ShineOfRain has a new pic from Koi Koi 7, and Strawberryp0cky has a pic to celebrate Animexpansion's 5th anniversary and also an original story.

10/21/06: Bellywarper has created seven new morphs of Sakura from Naruto.

10/14/06: New artist Yan-kun comes to the site with two pics. ZS3 has a new one as well, and four more by Fez 4.

10/07/06: Two more pics by JAR are up. Also, I've replaced some of the recent Family Guy screencaps with better versions, thanks to Vachidra.

09/30/06: We welcome two new artists to the site, JAR and Jedi-and.

09/24/06: Yet more screencaps, from tonight's episode of Family Guy, featuring a fat girl, and BE. Thanks to Vachidra for providing them.

09/23/06: Screencaps of Chitose from Galaxy Angel X episodes 9 and 25 have been added courtesy of Kard (for the caps) and ChristianFA (for finding the second episode).

09/18/06: Screencaps of Debbie from last night's episode of American Dad! are up, courtesy of Vachidra and Torgo.

09/11/06: Screencaps of Hayley from last night's episode of American Dad! are now up. (Thanks to forum member Torgo for the caps.)

09/09/06: DoWhatNow has two new pics of Alexis and Misato Katsuragi, and ShineOfRain has two more for his Koi Koi 7 sequence.

09/02/06: Introducing two new artists to the site: ZS3 and Wonkadude50002009. Revolver provided a pic of Rabi~En~Rose as well.

08/26/06: Two new pics: Nami by DbCraz and Sailor Pluto Body Inflation by Fmsu.

08/19/06: Cure has done a nice 5th anniversary Puyo pic. Additionally, Fmsu has done BI pics of Sailor Uranus and Neptune. Several screencaps are up as well, from Naruto episode 168 and a screencap of Mayl from Megaman NT Warrior stuffed (the latter submitted by site contributor Tomo).

08/10/06: Today marks the fifth anniversary of Animexpansion. I want a give a huge thanks to all the artists and authors who have kept this site going over the years, and I've had a lot of fun doing it. For this update we have two stories by authors FatSallyAcorn and Mr. Saint, as well as artwork by Darkness©, Revolver, Strawberryp0cky, newcomer FatArt, ShineOfRain, Azcarraqui, and Duce Nauks. Lastly, Fmsu has provided the final round of his Azumanga Daioh sequence, five pictures in all. Enjoy.

07/29/06: Vader7476 has a new pic of Sango, TheGuy has a set of two of Sakura, Duce Nauks has three, and Fmsu has his sixth Azumanga Daioh pic.

07/22/06: I've added some new art by DoWhatNow, BBlack24, and one of our site mascot by Blimpy. New artist Duce Nauks joins the site with a Kagome pic, Fmsu has sent in his fifth from the Azumanga Daioh sequence, and Soccerhead has a Xenosaga story as well.

07/15/06: New artist Mantovão has a pic, and Fmsu has his fourth in the Azumanga Daioh sequence.

07/06/06: This week we have some screencaps from Naruto, thanks to TheGuy. Fmsu has his newest Azumanga Daioh pic as well.

07/01/06: A bunch of pics are up this week, including the second Azumanga Daioh pic by Fmsu, and others by Cure, BBlack24, Azcarraqui, DoWhatNow, Darkness©, and TheGuy, who also has a morph of Sakura. There will also most likely not be an update next week, since I'll be away at G-Fest XIII. In the meantime, Happy Independence Day!

06/24/06: Fmsu has the first pic of his new Azumanga Daioh BI match sequence, exclusive to the Animexpansion site!

06/17/06: Fmsu has a new sequence from Cardcaptor Sakura and a pic of Amy Rose, additonally there's a pic by new artist Kamin, and Vader7476 has two new ones as well. New morph artist FatClover has submitted some work, and there's a story by new author Mr. Saint.

06/10/06: This week we have six pieces of art by Cure and two by TheGuy, and five morphs by Guitar Fool. And now for something special, a scan from an eating contest story featuring Fuu of Samurai Champloo and Excel of Excel Saga, that was featured in the magazine Anime Insider. Thanks to Ataru for providing the scan.

06/03/06: Darkness© has a pic of Mamimi Inflated, and there's some morphs as well: Etna by London Bridge and a bunch from Eiken and Bleach by TheGuy.

05/27/06: Over 50 pics by the artist Gouly have been added, along a pic of Komoe by ShineOfRain and a screencap from Megaman NT Warrior.

05/20/06: I added a number of new pictures: Chiyo by London Bridge, Nyamo by Tomo, three by Blimpy, three by Cure, and two by Mutsumi's-Loverboy. For the series Lost Universe we have a story by Double L and a screencap. Two scans from volume 3 of Takamare Takamaru are up, along with a bunch of screencaps from an eating contest in Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge submitted by ShineOfRain. I also added a series page for Teen Titans.

05/13/06: Added a nunmber of new pics by DoWhatNow, a few by Fmsu, three by Mutsumi's-Loverboy, and one by Unreal Deity. Also there's a number of new scans from Takamare Takamaru vol. 2 up.

05/06/06: ShineOfRain has graciously donated his art to the site. Also there's two new pics by me, and DbCraz colored a pic of Revolver's. Lastly, a taste of things to come: a few scans from the manga Takamare Takamaru, submitted by a donator who wishes to remain anonymous.

04/29/06: Cure comes to the site with a number of pics, and his full Naruto comic. Among other pics are Jane and Emi by DbCraz, Chiyo by BBlack24, Puyo and a few redrawn pics by Revolver, and Haruko by Gnightrocks.

04/22/06: This week we have six pics by new site artist DaBSDK, Fmsu's Mutsumi sequence, twelve by Fez_4, two by BBlack24, Zelda by Darkness©, and Peach by new artist Sonic the Echidna. New screencaps include a bunch from Lilo & Stitch and a few from another episode of Seven of Seven, and one from the new episode of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi that aired earlier tonight.

04/15/06: In one of my most anticipated updates, I've added over 75 pics by the fantastic artist Satsurou. Additionally, Gnightrocks has a pic of Jenna from Golden Sun, and Bellywarper has submitted the end to his Yu-Gi-Oh story and two morphs.

04/08/06: Added over 90 pics by Random Nintendo Geek, one by Gnightrocks, one of Kagome by Unreal Deity (formerly Hitobesity), two by B-Mage, two by Ramz, and five Amy Rose morphs by Virus-20. Due to the popularity of the following series, I created series pages for them: Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Megaman, Dead or Alive, Final Fantasy, Ranma 1/2, One Piece, Tenchi, King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and .Hack.

04/01/06: We welcome the artist Fmsu to the site, including around 150 of his pics! Additonally, I added some screencaps from Divergence Eve and two from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

03/26/06: Special Update: Screencaps from tonight's Family Guy episode where Lois gets fat. And a bonus, a pic of Meg I've been meaning to upload for a while.

03/25/06: Added 65 pieces of art by Gnightrocks, 11 by Vader7476, one by me, and stories by Crazed Pirate King and new author Bellywarper. Also up are two screencaps from Popotan, and another from Doki Doki School Hours. Thanks to forum member Tenchi Saotome for the contibution of the latter.

03/18/06: Possibly the site's biggest update ever? Pics by Revolver, Darkness©, Mutsumi's-Loverboy, Xyxtlin, and nearly two-hundred by MxBot. And if that's not enough, there's a story by Mr. Bacon and two more sets of screencaps from Magical Play which contain some good weight gain.

03/11/06: I've added a number of pics by Blimpy, nine by Revolver, and a new one of Komoe from Eiken by myself. There's a bunch of new screencaps up as well: Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, and a bunch from the eating contest in Magical Play.

03/04/06: New site artist Gspoon has submitted a number of pics, Xyxtlin has four of Chii from Chobits, Nintendork has a morph of Ino from Naruto, and The2Cheat has another Harry Potter story.

02/25/06: This time I have content by all new contributors: nine pics by artist Shin The FA, two morphs by Tomo, and stories by authors Soccerhead, Mr. Bacon, and The2Cheat.

02/18/06: Added seven pics by Mutsumi's-Loverboy, a new Mario story by Crazed Pirate King, and a morph of Komachi from Nurse Witch Komugi by London Bridge.

02/14/06: Happy Valentine's Day! Jos Gibbons has a third Valentine story, and see what Puyo did, in a not-so-great comic by me.

02/11/06: Fez 4 has submitted nine new pics, new author Crazed Pirate King has two stories, and new morph artist London Bridge has a pic from Azumanga Daioh.

02/03/06: Db Craz has submitted three new Naruto pics, and one of Selene from Underworld.

01/28/06: Eleven pics by Vachidra, four by Revolver, and one of Etna by KawaiiDebu have been added.

01/21/06: 26 pics by new site artist Darkness©, three pics of Sakura from Naruto by Db Craz, and series pages for Chobits, FLCL, and Fullmetal Alchemist have been added.

01/14/06: Over 130 pics by Revolver have been added, along with a series page for Galaxy Angel.

01/07/06: TheGuy has submitted a new pic of Sakura from Naruto. Also added is a pic of Sailor Venus by Mr. Big Mac, whose name has now been switched to Virus-20. Eighteen screencaps from Episode 7 of Seven of Seven have been uploaded, where Nana gains a slight bit of weight.

12/31/05: Happy New Year! Azcarraqui has several new pics, as well as new artist Db Craz. TheGuy has a pic of Koyuki from Snowboard Kids, and Guitar Fool has a new morph of Kagome and Kikyo!

12/24/05: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! See how Puyo celebrates Christmas in a new comic, and Jos Gibbons has the fourth installment of The Nightmare Of Christmas. Check out the pics by new site artists Azcarraqui and Swordman85, and more by BBlack24 and Half Demon Thomas, who also has some morphs along with one by Vapor_Snake. Frank Castle has submitted a new Trigun story as well!

12/17/05: This time we have a big story update. Two new ones by Double L, "Ayeka's Gluttony" by Kazan Kazani, "Sailor Vore" by Sonic the Vorephile, and a Zelda story by Vapor_Snake. Additionally, the artist Gnightrocks has done a great pic of our mascot, Puyo!

12/10/05: Over three dozen pics by the artist Dragmir have been added, along with a pic of Ninamori from FLCL by Xyxtlin.

12/03/05: New site artist Dark Zoid Pilot has a Shinobu pic, and TheGuy has another of Ino. Xyxtlin has a great Chii pic and one of Deedlit I meant to add some time back.

11/26/05: TheGuy has several new drawings, as well as a morph. There's now a series page for Naruto.

11/25/05: See what Puyo did on Black Friday.

11/24/05: Happy Thanksgiving! The first-ever Puyo comic is up, detailing her how well her Thanksgiving went this year. I hope you also enjoy the other pic I did.

08/20/05: It's Morph Madness! Two new morph artists have submitted an ample amount of work, Coastal Bunny and Guitar Fool.

08/13/05: Added two pics by new artist Half Demon Thomas, the end to Mr. Fox 123's Sonic girls story, and Malon and Tomo morphs by Nintendork.

08/10/05: Today is the fourth anniversary of PAWG, or should I say Animexpansion, and also marks a million hits! Thanks for all your support over the years. The site's back up and better than ever, in a more organized format. You can now view art by the artists that did them, and series pages now include everything pretaining to that anime. And, we now have our own official mascot, Puyo-chan! Concerning new site content, Jabedin has sent in five new morphs, an anonymous submitter has sent in a force-feeding scan from Negima! Magister Negi Magi, and Jos Gibbons has part 3 to his Ongoing Pokemon Story. Oh, and what's that? A special May comic?! And, um, I'm not much on "hit gifts", but here's something I drew up. Now that the site is up and running again, I'm openly inviting ALL weight gain and expansion artists to send me their pics. If you already sent me some and I confirmed I got them, give me time and I'll put them up, but I may contact you again to confirm what you sent. EJabedin more updates coming soon!

07/04/05: Happy Independence Day! For the time being there will be no updates, but I guarantee there will be plenty once I start again. Also, the site may be down for several days in the coming future but will be back better than ever.

06/18/05- A new morph by Jabedin is up of Milfeulle, Mint, and Ranpha from Galaxy Angel.

06/11/05- Two new morphs of Rave Master's Elie by Jabedin is up, and the third and final chapter to Sparky Evil's Pan story.

06/04/05- New site artist WhatWhat brings us a Raven pic, TheGuy has a new one of Tiff, and Xyxtlin has a sequence featuring Etna.

05/28/05- New artist Douexperience sent in a pic of Misty, and Sparky Evil has Part 2 to the Pan story.

05/20/05- Added Part 1 of a Dragonball GT story by new site author Sparky Evil.

05/16/05- Added a great Misty pic by new site artist PandaBandit, and a morph of Naru by Jabedin.

05/13/05- Added Nami from One Piece by Xyxtlin.

05/09/05- Xyxtlin has a great new pic of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh, and The Guy has sent in Ino from Naruto.

05/06/05- Five new pics by The Guy are up in the Misc. section.

05/02/05- Slimfat sent in a new pic, Anzu Shizuka Belly.

04/29/05- Added Winry Shopping Spree by Blimpy.

04/25/05- Spaz has a great new Misty pic, and Nintendork has submitted a morph of Tetra.

04/22/05- Added Fast Food Jessie by new site artist Spaz, and a great Chiharu pic by Blimpy.

04/18/05- Added a new Love Hina pic by Slimfat!

04/15/05- This year your tax refund comes back in fat: Pics by new artist to the site GGJ2 brings Anzu and Sora, Foxfire has Rena and Momo, Jabedin has a great Love Hina morph, and new site author Mutsumi's~Loverboy has submitted a lengthy story!

04/11/05- Jabedin has sent in three new morphs: Pacifica Casull, Faye Valentine, and Rei Ayanami!

04/08/05- Added four pics by Blimpy: Mew Ichigo, Hinata, Roll, and Seung Mina!

04/04/05- Presenting, thanks to Vachidra, the first ever screencaps of Emi Isuzu of Tenjho Tenge to be added to the site! And on a serious note, to all of you interested in this girl, if you don't fight now, her appearance in the manga will undoubtedly be edited! So go over to the Fight: DC CMX site for more information, which has been added to the Links!

04/01/05- Four new pics by Revolver, and two new stories, by authors Double T and new contributor Neo5692003. No joke!

03/30/05- Foxfire has sent in five great new pics: Hotaru, Shinobu, Sarah Mc Dougal, Cammy, and Mai Shiranui!

03/29/05- A special update featuring three works by new artist to the site DoWhatNow: Aya Hasabe, Nami, and Kagome.

03/28/05- Added two new Corrector Yui pics by Revolver, prompting a gallery. Added two pics by new artist TheGuy: one of Aya Hasabe and a BE one of Kagome. Uploaded the first part to a story by author Double T, and added a mutual link to the site Tri-Something.

03/25/05- Updated Mr. Fox 123's Sonic Girls Growth story with chapters 2-4. Four new pics by Revolver are up as well.

03/21/05- New artist Blimpy has a Misty pic, and new author Mr. Fox 123 has sent in the first chapter to a Sonic girls story.

03/18/05- I added B-Mage's Easter pic once more. It was up last year, but due to some problems it wasn't available for long.

03/14/05- Vachidra has submitted screencaps of a fat girl from a Pokemon episode, and new morph artist Nintendork has submitted one of Maple from Legend of Zelda. Also, Wandaba Style vol. 2 will be released to DVD tomorrow, containing the WG episode!

03/11/05- A new pic of May by Fez 4, and two pics by Revolver of Zelda and Dead or Alive are up.

03/07/05- New author Shadow Seeker1994 has sent in an Inuyasha story!

03/04/05- Added a pic of Chii from Chobits by Xyxtlin, and a new Azumanga Daioh morph by Jabedin.

02/28/05- Foxfire and Slimfat both have new Love Hina pics, in addition to two of Anzu by Slimfat.

02/25/05- Added new artwork by Slimfat: Naru, Anzu, and part of a Naru comic.

02/23/05- Doctor Moo has submitted a great new May pic!

02/21/05- Added two Zelda girl pics by Revolver, Temari of Naruto by new artist Doctor Moo, and art by Slimfat of Bulma, Sailor Moon, two of Anzu, and a new part to the Anzu comic.

02/19/05- A new pic by Revolver of Pokemon's Green has been added!

02/18/05- Six new Yugioh pics by Slimfat are up.

02/14/05- Feel the love with the sequel to Jos Gibbons past Valentines story, "The Valentine II", and a pic based on said holiday of Misty by new artist Psycho Flame.

02/12/05- A new inflation pic by CattyN of Azumanga Daioh, and 12, count em, twelve morphs by Jabedin!

02/11/05- Jabedin has three excellent new morphs, and Slimfat has sent in pics of the Shaman King girls, Misty, Kagome, and three Yugioh pics.

02/07/05- PAWG's expert media-hunter Vachidra has uncovered for us screencaps from Photon! A huge thanks goes out to him and his tireless endeavors. Also, five new morphs by Jabedin are up.

02/05/05- Jabedin brings us a great Kagome pic, and five excellent new morphs!

02/04/05- Fez 4 has sent in a great Misty pic. Jabedin has a Misty morph, and Slimfat has three new Love Hina pics and another Anzu comic!

01/31/05- Xyxtlin has for us the last of his elaborate Komugi Christmas sequence, and Slimfat has sent in a new Love Hina pic, as well as three of Anzu and Part 5 to the Anzu Adventure comic.

01/28/05- Three new pics by Slimfat have been added, of Naru and Kitsune, and two of Anzu.

01/25/05- Jabedin sends us another great morph, this time of Kagome and Inuyasha, and a link has been set to the Female Inflation Realm forum.

01/24/05- MxBot has for us a pic of Sailor Mercury, Komoe of Eiken, and all of the main Azumanga Daioh girls (a few colored by myself).

01/23/05- Part 4 to Xyxtlin's Komugi Xmas series is up, as well as a pic of Kagome by Jabedin, proving he's as good at drawing pics than he is at morphing them.

01/22/05- Morph artist Jabedin has sent in three great morphs of Kagome from Inuyasha!

01/20/05- Anzu & Shizuka and Anzu Perfect by Slimfat are up.

01/19/05- Slimfat has a 4-page Anzu Adventure comic up!

01/18/05- Added a pic of Madoka from KoR by Revolver, and pics of Lunch, Dark Magician Girl, and Princess Peach by Slimfat.

01/17/05- Added Xyxtlin's next Komugi Xmas pic, as well as Natsuki Kuga from Mai-HiME by Revolver.

01/16/05- Revolver has created a very wonderful Misty pic for the site!!! Many thanks to him for doing this request! Also up are Michelle Caputo's new Yugioh pic, and Estreledge has contributed his pic of Kisato from Gundam Seed: Astray!!

01/15/05- New artist Amanda-Chan has sent in a pic of Usagi, and I did a long-overdue addition of Xyxtlin's Motoko Ronin 15 pic.

01/14/05- Added Revolver's Sailor Saturn and a new pic by Slimfat of the Yugioh girls.

01/13/05- A pic by Revolver of Shihna Fujiyashi from Tales of Symphonia is up, as well as many pics by Slimfat, including two of Naru, Chi-Chi, Sakura, and Dark Magician Girl!

01/12/05- Thanks for over 500,000 hits!!! In celebration, I have screencaps from the anime Sensei no Ojikan, which is well worth a look for its imaginary WG sequence! Many thanks to the contributor who would wish to remain annonymous! Kawaii Debu has come up with a great pic of Komoe from Eiken, and also new pics by Slimfat are up of ChiChi and Yugioh characters Anzu and Shizuka!

01/11/05- Added Sailor Mercury by Revolver, and three pics by new artist Slimfat of Misty and Mai & Anzu from Yugioh! Also trying out a slightly new format for the Misty, Yugioh, and Sailor Moon pages.

01/10/05- Added two new pics by Revolver of Harvest Moon and Mai Tokiha of Mai-HiME, and did a mutual link to forum member Clearwater's site.

01/09/05- Uploaded a story by new author Fuzzy Necromancer, based on Teen Titans.

01/07/05- Xyxtlin has two new Komugi pics up, and I created a gallery for the series!

01/06/05- Double L has submitted a Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi story!

01/05/05- Kawaii Debu's great Chiharu pic and Vader's Luna Vs. Mizuki pic from Gavion has been added! A reminder, any artist who has pics they'd like to submit, please do so!

01/04/05- Part three to "Anna Gets Big" has been uploaded!

01/03/05- A very "cushy" and excellent Misty pic by Raicat has been added!

01/02/05- Four new pics by Revolver! Dead or Alive Extreme WG Volleyball, Sarah of Love Hina, another of Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura, and Vanilla from the excellent anime Galaxy Angel!

01/01/05- Added two new pics, one of Magical Maid Koyori from Nurse Witch Komugi from Xyxtlin, and one of Zelda by new artist to the site Raicat!

12/31/04- I recently found this while digging through the files, reflect upon the past year 2004 with Inf's great New Years pic!

12/30/04- The second part to Blu Rose's story "Anna Gets Big" is up!

12/28/04- Four new pics of Chiharu by MxBot on the Eiken page, and colored by me! The same goes for a new Anzu pic on the Yugioh page!

12/27/04- Two new pics by Michelle Caputo of the remaining Sensational Sisters have been added, as well as a wonderful one of Misty!

12/25/04- A double dose of Christmas cheer, with an unplanned update! MxBot brings us a Christmas-themed wallpaper, and all his pics on the Cardcaptor Sakura page as new as well! Merry Christmas!

12/24/04- A Christmas Eve update! Stories by new authors Frank Castle and Blu Rose, and two returning authors, KungHoop and Jos Gibbons, who has a third installment of his Nightmare of Christmas series! Fez 4 brings us three new pics, one Christmas-related, of May and two of the girl from the new games, dubbed "Green". KungHoop also has a special Christmas pic. Also, don't forget these other great Christmas pics and stories:
Supersized Santa Misty
Christmas Shinobu by Izlude
The Nightmare of Christmas
The Nightmare of Christmas, Part 2: Kate's Revenge
The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Ash Stuffing Misty with Frosting

12/19/04- Two pics by new artist Michelle Caputo, to galleries which for a long time haven't been updated! See Joy and Lily!

12/16/04- Mr. Big Mac strikes back, with another great Sailor Moon pic, this one of the title heroine herself!

12/12/04- A Christmas-themed Anzu pic is now up, which really puts the "mass" in Christmas!

12/11/04- KungHoop 1988 brings to us a new story, and what is in fact the very first song ever on the site. A clever parody of the original Pokemon theme, this could easily be the theme to the site itself!

12/08/04- Seven pics by new artist to the site Zang-Diddy, in the Inuyasha, Love Hina, Delia, Excel Saga, and Slayers sections. A pic of May by Gouly, and one of Misty by Vader are also up.

12/04/04- Five new pics up by Asthenia, in the Misty and Jessie sections.

11/29/04- Four pics by new artist Asthenia in the Cardcaptors, Eiken, Sailor Moon, and Inuyasha sections. A pic by other new artist Hitobesity in the Yugioh section.

11/27/04- A new story by Superweightanzu has been added.

11/25/04- Thanksgiving update! First part to a story by new author Superweightanzu. Be ready for anything in this story, it's quite wild. Also up is a new Thanksgiving Anzu pic. It's not great, as I only drew it today, but hope you enjoy.

11/22/04- Yay! An update! I've got over three dozen new pics this time. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to mark them "new" but I'm sure repeat visitors should be able to find the new pics easily. Most pages have undergone a slight makeover, and changes to the Screencaps and Stories pages (as well as additions) will follow sometime soon. Also, there is one new chapter in the Pokemon Advance comic, with several more in the works. There are two new galleries, for the anime Azumanga Daioh and Eiken. Also, please see the new FAQ page for additional important details concerning the site. Also, for people not interested in viewing Inflation pics, all inflation pics are not marked with (I) to identify them. If you find any incorrect links, etc. with site site, don't hesitate to email me.

03/20/04- Three pics of May by MajinZ are up, as well as pics of Kanako and Kagome by Xyxtlin.

03/13/04- Pokemon Advance Part 15 is up! Sorry, I haven't yet used any ideas you've e-mailed to me, but thanks for the many responses! I got tons, and several good ideas. Also up are two first chapters to stories by author Shinogami (my apologies to him for the terrible Yu-Gi-Oh title, he asked me to name it). Also we've got a great pic by MajinZ of Misty, and several new pics by Foxfire!!!

03/06/04- Updated with a new part to Pokemon Advance. As the comic states, I'm really running out of ideas. If you got any, send em to me at mistystuffer@yahoo.com. Also on the site are a few new pics, including one of Misty by new artist BBlack24. Also if you're wondering about the pic of May by MxBot on the main page, for some reason I just wanted to use it. I'll have a new occasion-themed drawing up soon in it's place.

02/28/04- Three Duel Masters pics and Part 13 of Pokemon Advance.

02/14/04- Happy Valentine's Day! Got a new part to the Pokemon Advance comic, as well as a ton of pics by MxBot, and a few others by myself and L Mitchell. Ooh... Power Rangers DinoThunder premieres today... Gotta go!

01/03/04- First update of the new year! As some of you may know, my scanner isn't working correctly with my own computer so its really hard to get scans nowadays. This update includes 2 new pics of Shinobu, a random pic of May, and a new part to Pokemon Advance. I did the comic in pen and I also drew it in my lap, so don't eJabedin anything great. I'm not sure when I'll have part 12 out.

12/24/03- Merry Christmas! I made a nice little Christmas pic for the site on the main page. Also, Xyxtlin did a great pic of Aoi Sakuraba, which I've placed in the new Ai Yori Aoshi page. Also of note is a wonderful new pic Satsuro did for me of Misty supersized. Below are direct links to all Christmas-related pics and stories, as well as a Santa version of Satsuro's new pic!
Supersized Santa Misty
Christmas Shinobu by Izlude
The Nightmare of Christmas
The Nightmare of Christmas, Part 2: Kate's Revenge
The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Ash Stuffing Misty with Frosting

12/04/03- Part 11 to Pokemon Advance is up as well as a pic of Misty by Kawaii Debu. New Christmas pics (along with the old ones) should be up soon. For now, just continue to enjoy the Thanksgiving one.

11/28/03- Part 10 to Pokemon Advance is up.

11/26/03- Happy Thanksgiving! I've uploaded a few more pics of Random Nintendo Geek's, found in the the Digimon and Misc. sections. I also have up two new pics by me in the Yugioh section, of Dark Magician Girl and a huge Anzu. Also, Part 9 to Pokemon Advance is up.

11/23/03- Site moved to an entirely new host! Huge thanks to Vr4tr for hosting us! Several new pics by me, and some other scattered goodies.

10/12/03- Thanks to Vachidra and Xyxtlin, we now have tons of screencaps from Wandaba Style!!! Please, if possible, save them to your own hard drive rather than repeatedly viewing them. This will allow more people to be able to enjoy them, because I'm certain this will drag down the bandwidth more than before. Also i've added a few more pics by RNG, and TWO more parts to my Pokemon comic. Enjoy.

09/17/03- A bunch of new pics up, 2 even by me. In the Love Hina, Misc. Pokemon, Screencaps, and Excel Saga sections. Also a new gallery has been created for Inuyasha with 4 new pics by Xyxtlin.

11/22/02- Again, not much of an update. A few screenshots, a few new pics by me, and the first 7 chapters of my story redone.

10/25/02- Not much of an update. Many screenshots from a Sailor Moon episode where Serena stuffs herself like crazy, and a bunch from Hand Maid May episode 11. Only one new pic by me, of Misty's susposed replacement. Also take a look below at my new Sailor Moon animation, I'd like feedback on it. BTW, give it some time to load.

09/22/02- The long-awaited update. Most of my pics are of the usual characters, Misty, Joy, Jenny, etc. I got a few from the shows Fighting Foodons, Transformers Armada, and Hand Maid May. I may have pics of Kagome from Inuyasha sometime in the future. All of my current chapters to my story are uploaded, BUT I will be rewriting little bits of the story soon to have it make more sense, so you can read it if you want, but you may want to reread it later in the future. My next update hopefully will be within the first couple weeks of October.

07/28/02- Following ABC Family's rerun of the Totally Spies episode "Passion Patties", comes an update full of screenshots from that episode! I waited a long time for them to show it to get these pics! Enjoy!

07/23/02- Updated with several new pics by me as well as other artists. New screenshots. Morphs page created! Note to anyone that knows how to do this: I need help on how to upload my stories right. I don't like the way they currently are (you know, how you have to scroll far to the right side to read the whole lines), Help would really be appreciated! Also thanks for being patient with the update. Sorry there's no stories this time but there was a problem preventing me from uploading any other chapters.

06/22/02- Various new pics, including Zoids, Hamtaro, Yu-Gi-Oh, Harvest Moon, and some others. Screenshots and Stories pages created!

05/26/02- I've altered the site in many ways. The links go directly to the pic files rather than web pages. The character/show pic selection is moved to another page. Some news pics are in there too.

12/15/01- Pics of Sakura and Sakura and her sisters now up!

11/26/01- Joy and Jenny swimuit pics replaced with colored ones, as well as Jenny Eating Donuts! Morph of Sailor Saturn; Feedback appreciated!

11/24/01- Fixed-up computer-colored versions of Misty in Swimsuit/Shirt and Prima replacing the old ones!

11/17/01- Pics of Jenny in a Swimsuit and Eating Donuts added to the Officer Jenny page! New pic of Joy in a swimsuit added to the Nurse Joy page! New pic of Misty wearing a T-shirt and swimsuit added to the Misty page! New pic of Gary's Cheerleaders added to the Misc. page!

11/11/01- New pics of Officer Jenny and Jenny with a bike mishap added to the Officer Jenny page! New Sailor Neptune pic added to the Sailor Moon page! New pic of that buff Joy from the Orange Islands added to the Nurse Joy page! New pic of Erika on the Misc. pics page!

11/06/01- New Delia pic added to the Misc. page! New Molly pic added to the Misc. page also!

11/05/01- New Prima pic added to the Misc. page! New Cissy pic added to the Misc. Page also!

11/03/01- Sailor Venus by Satsuro added to the Sailor Moon pics page!

10/29/01- New pic of Kari and Angewomon by Satsuro added to the Digimon page!

10/24/01- New Sailor MiniMoon pic added to the Sailor Moon page!

10/14/01- Pic of Rockna from Mon Colle Knights added to the Misc. page!

10/11/01- Jessie pic by Scott5907 added to the Jessie page. New pic of Sailor Saturn by Satsuro added to the Sailor Moon page!