Naka-Kon 2009
a report by Ryan Clark ("Mistystuffer")

On March 13, 2009 I attended my third Naka-Kon, which was also my third anime con overall. I arrived around 3pm to register. Apparently not pre-registering was a good idea, and the regular line appeared to be a lot shorter than the one for pre-registrants. After that, I headed to the Vendor's Room to see if I could find any good deals. I managed to grab a few items I'd been looking for, primarily the figure of Ena Ayase and a number of Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star buttons and pins. I also got an early copy of the Lucky Star DVD vol. 6. Following that, I attended the Opening Ceremonies.

A portion of the Vendor's Room.

Soon after, I met up with two guys I was going to be sharing a room with. After getting past a complication involving the room's lock not working correctly, I left my stuff in the room and headed off to do more stuff. In one of the video rooms, I watched a few episodes of The Slayers, and the first episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (promotional posters were available for Kamen Rider as well; I took a few). At midnight I attended a screening of AMV Hell 2, 0, Divide by 0, and CE. As someone who has never seen any of the AMV Hells before, I found it to be utterly hilarious. Soon after it was over I headed to bed.

The next morning I was back to the Vendor's Room once more where I shopped around till noon, when the voice actor autograph signings would begin. The guests this year were Chuck Huber, Chris Patton, Brina Palencia, and Leah Clark. I had them sign a number of DVD covers featuring characters they played. After going back to the room and having lunch, I headed out for more fun. I eventually went to the screening of the first 5 or so episodes of Love Hina, beginning at 3:45. Following that at 6pm, I went to the screening of AMV Hell 1, 3, and 4. As with the previous night, I found the show to be a riot and highly addictive.

Voice actors (left to right) Leah Clark, Brina Palencia, Chuck Huber, and Chris Patton sign autographs.

I then attended a panel titled Sentai: Why Girls Love Japanese Power Rangers. However, as I'd predicted, it was primarily about the apprently-attractive guys in the show, and less about the genre in general. Nonetheless it was entertaining, I got to meet a few knowledgeable fans and got to see some Sentai and Kamen Rider stuff I'd never seen before. After eating dinner, I bumped into TheGuy from Animexpansion. We had a good conversation, and don't worry, I told him to do new art! We'll just have to wait and see... Later on I went to Anime Name That Tune, where the audience listens to random anime themes and try to be the first one to figure out what it's from. I got it right at least four times. At 2:45, I attended a late night screening of Karin. Following that, Azumanga Daioh was screened, although I couldn't hold up any longer than through two episodes, before going back to the room for sleep.

The next morning, I went back around to the various areas of the conto get pictures, and to the Vendor's Room for a last-minute buy (this, if you're curious). Later on I attended the So You Want To Be A Voice Actor panel, headed by the aforementioned voice actors (It might be worth mentioning, I asked Brina Palencia if there was talk of adapting any of the Shin-chan movies, and she said not right now as talks about season three were even still up in the air). Afterwards, I went to the main Exhibit Hall to watch the remainder of the AMV and Do Your Own Dub showings. Following that were the Closing Ceremonies (see pic below). And after that, well, the con was mostly over. I headed on home, and that's my story.

The next Naka-Kon is planned for February 19-21, 2010, and I definately plan to attend. You should come too! Also be sure to check out Anime Fan Zone, they had great prices but also gave me a little discount, so they're cool!