"Gardevoir's Massive Gain"
a Pokemon fanfic by Sogget and Jake Featherston

Chapter 1

As the sun rose on another beautiful day, Gardevoir looked out across the land and smiled. Now, normally, this would not be a particularly odd occurrence, but in this case, it was, due to the fact that she is the land. You see, our good friend Gardevoir has always been an incorrigible glutton, eating everything she could get her hands on and growing very, very fat. In time, she actually came to enjoy being fat; she loved how soft, warm, and jiggly her vast blubber became, and sought to grow even bigger. All of her Pokemon friends had no doubt in her mind that she would grow incredibly fat, but no one could have predicted what ended up happening; after what seemed like forever, Gardevoir eventually ate so much and grew so big that she reached a weight of over 1,000,000,000,000,000 (or one quadrillion) lbs., becoming a whole living continent unto herself!

Very proud of her enormous girth, the Psychic Pokemon actually invited her friends to live upon the vast, flabby landmass that was her body, and they quickly agreed. In time, others also came to live on her, Trainer and Pokemon alike, drawn by the happiness of her inhabitants. Soon enough, there was a whole, thriving population living upon her, colonizing as much of her fat as was still above water. Gardevoir absolutely loved this, basking in the attention of her tiny dwellers, a few of whom also tried to get fat in emulation of her (mostly female humans, as it were). However, as happy as she was, she still felt like she wanted more...to continue eating and growing, maybe even replacing the planet with her astronomically-huge body! But, that was still some ways off, for now, at least...

Presently, she was thinking about breakfast. A continent-sized Pokemon such as herself naturally required prodigious amounts of food per meal, and the rumbling of her immense stomach could be felt by all living on her body. 'Hm...I wonder what I could get to eat today...' she said in her telepathic voice, rubbing the huge expanse of her belly with one bloated green hand.

Chapter 2

"Hmm... I guess I'll move around until I find someplace with a alot of food to feed my giant self." Gardevoir said to herself (Hold on everyone! My flab is gonna start rocking soon!) Gardevoir telepathically said to all who lived on her expansive body to alert them of her movement. Due to the fact that Gardevoir's powers and abilities increased with her size, it was extremely easy for her to use her telekinetic ablities to move her quadrillion pound self across the sea of which she laid in. "Ah these, gentle ocean waves feel so good on my body." Gardevoir thought happily to herself as her vast, blubbery body was caressed by hundreds of waves all across her body, despite the fact that some of these gentle waves were considered tsunami waves!

After about an hour or so of moving the water to push herself around, Gardevoir's hunger had skyrocketed and she was getting impatient, on account she had yet to find any piece of land that had food on it for herself, and of course for the many residents living on the many fat folds scattered all over her hugmongous body. "Hmph, why is this taking so long? I should've found some food by now!" Gardevoir said puffing her cheeks up in slight anger over the situation, although considering how big her cheeks already were the change was hardly noticeable.  At that moment, something happenened...

Chapter 3

Soon enough, Gardevoir's increasingly-long search payed off, and a distant shoreline became visible on the horizon! Based on her knowledge of the waters where she floated, the continental-sized Pokemon determined that the shore belonged to Hoenn, her former homeland and the region closest to her. Though she was most assuredly huge, Gardevoir was actually a bit smaller than most of the naturally-formed continents; at her current size, she would still be able to set foot on most of the regions, though with great difficulty.

Of course, none of this was of any particular concern to her at the moment; she was far too excited about finding food! Charging up her psychic powers once more, the massive Pokemon propelled herself across the water as fast as she could, mentally telling her passengers, 'Hold on, everyone! We're going full speed ahead!'. As she skimmed along, her countless rolls of flab jiggled and shuddered the whole way, jostling her many little residents quite a bit. They held fast, though, as her vast, soft flesh was quite easy to grip onto. The people and Pokemon living between her folds didn't even need to hold on, as her overlapping blubber did a fine job of keeping them in place.

'Are we almost there, Mistress?' asked a young Abra living among Gardevoir's countless chins, speaking telepathically so that she could hear him. 'Yes, it won't be long now...and you don't have to call me that. I'm still your old friend Gardevoir, no matter how big I've gotten, hehe...' Within the next few minutes, she made her way up to the shores of Lilycove City, where the beachgoers and their Pokemon immediately spotted her immense girth approaching from the sea. Naturally, Gardevoir's size made her something of a celebrity, and those who saw her immediately recognised her, pointing and yelling, "Look! It's her!"

Blushing and giggling, Gardevoir waved one fat hand toward her admirers, saying, "Oh, my...how flattering! It's an honour to have your attention, really, hehe...but, if you don't mind, I was hoping I could possibly get some food?" The crowd immediately understood, clearing a huge space on the beach for her landing. Upon coming aground, Gardevoir planted her bloated, white feet on the ground for the first time in quite a while, using her immense psionic powers to drastically reduce the effects of gravity, allowing her to heft her enormous form across land with the greatest of ease.

Next, she used her powers to instantly cull all the fruit from the many trees surrounding the beach, before invoking her abilities once more to multiply them a thousandfold! Letting the enormous pile of accumulated fruits fall into her hand, Gardevoir brought them to her mouth and swallowed them all down. "Mm...that was good!" she exclaimed, rubbing her tummy in satisfaction. "But...I think I could still use some more...I'm still pretty hungry!" Unfortunately, spontaneously generating more food was not an option at the moment, as such an act quickly drained her powers. Now, she would need to find more food in another way...

Chapter 4

"Hey Gardevoir!" "Hmm?" the humongous physhic beauty looked down at to whoever shouted to her. "Yes?" she answered telepathically "Heres some food for ya!". The being saying all this was a small girl, about 8 years old, in her hands was an armful of snacks, ranging from pieces of choclate to cookies, and to some small cakes. "Oh why thank you little one, hehe" Gardevoir then "picked up" the food with her psychokinesis and put the snacks in her mouth. "Mmmh! Small but tasty! Thank you!" Gardevoir aid as she smacked her lips. "Aw your welcome! One day I hope I can get to be as big as you! "the little girl then puffed out her cheeks, chest and and belly in an attempt to make herself look bloated. "Haha! Well with my help little girl, you just might!" Gardevoir said to the 8 year old girl eager to get so fat. "gasp" Really?! Hey mommy guess what...!" The little girl then ran off to tell her mother of her exciting news.

"Well I best be going I've got go and find more food." As Gardevoir was turning around she heard a yelp from the Lilycove citizens. "Wait! Miss Gardevoir please stay a little longer, we'll give you all the food we can get." "Yeah we want to help you get bigger!" another person said. "Oh alright, how can I say no to a free meal and such kind people?" Gardevoir then sat her globular behind in the shores of lilicove's coast, making the shore rise up a few meters, as she waited for the people to get food for her.

*About two hours later* "Oh this all so good!" Gardevoir said as she had just finished off what probably was her 200th or so serving of food. She rubbed her now somewhat stuffed belly as she engorged herself on all the food the people of Lilycove had given. The people were so into it that even the pokemon were starting to help, increasing the input of food by a dozenfold! This included with the residents who were living atop Gardevoir's fat frame, she had teleported all of them off so they could go to the stores and buy food for her too. After about 45 more minutes of this feeding, Gardevoir had decided she was done and let out a massive belch. "BBBBBBUUUUUURRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAPPPPP!!!!!", Gardevoir's burp was so loud that it could be heard all the way from Rustboro Town, though everyone there knew who had caused it.

"Ah! that was fantastic!" Gardevoir said to everyone, humans and pokemon alike as she rubbed her now noticeably bigger midsection, "Thank you all so much for feeding me!" I wish i could do something to repay your kindness." "Oh no thats not needed Miss Gardevoir, we 're just glad you came to vist us!" the folks of Lilycove said to the gargantuan pokemon. "Well its time to leave come on everyone!" Gardevoir then teleported all her current residents to the many folds of fat throughout her body and left to travel the sea in her search to get as big as she could get.