Naka-Kon 2008
a report by Ryan Clark ("Mistystuffer")

On the weekend of February 8-10, 2008, I attended Naka-Kon, the second anime con I've ever been to (following last year's Naka-Kon, which was reviewed here). After arriving at the hotel, checking in at the con registration desk, and getting my hotel room, I was off to one of the video rooms, where the first volume of Paniponi Dash was being screened. I was disappointed there wasn't much of an audience, but the con has barely just begun, which was understandable.

Myself and my newly-bought 20" Godzilla plush.

My 4:00pm I was waiting outside the Dealer's Room for it to open. I was quickly found by forum member Zilla Tatsushin, and we talked a bit before the room opened. Once inside, I quickly picked up a nice figure of Ana Coppola from Strawberry Marshmallow, and soon after, equally nice figures of Yotsuba and Fuka from Yotsuba&! At 6:00pm a attended the Opening Ceremonies. After having dinner and much time hanging around the halls and lobbies with other otaku, I went to the panel Anime Singled Out, and then a 10:30pm screening of the anime Dokuro-chan. I had never seen this anime before, and I found it quite enjoyable, I hope to see it licensed at some point in the future.

A shot of the Dealer's Room before it opened.

The next morning, I was back to the Dealer's Room to buy more stuff. I bought two nice Godzilla plushes: a beautiful, 20" one of Godzilla, and a smaller one of Biollante. Together they set me back about $115. Speaking of plushes, I also got one of Asuna from Negima. At Noon, I went to one of the screening rooms for volume 1 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It's always entertaining to watch comedy anime with an audience. I stuck around for two or so episodes before heading off to wander some more. Later at 6:00pm, I attended the screening of School Rumble vol. 1, and I watched all five episodes, though I'd seen them all before. While watching I had some Pocky and Ramune for the first time ever, great stuff! After more wandering, and dinner, I went to part of the Naruto Fan Panel. There seemed to be no real organization to this panel, just a bunch of inane chatter loosely tied together by commentary from the hostess, dressed as Rock Lee. I dunno, maybe I'm just a bit soured over the whole thing because I try bringing up the subject of Naruto expansion art, just to get the opinion of regular Naruto fans, only to get a "Do we really want to talk about this?" in return. Later at 11:00pm, I attended the Do Your Own Hentai Dub panel, which was quite amusing, and it continued into the regular hentai panel.

Voice actress Kari Wahlgren, signing autographs.

The next morning, it was back to the Dealer's Room once more. Later on I met up with my cousin, and we attended the autograph signing. The guests there for signings included Christopher Bevins, Emily DeJesus, Taliesin Jaffe, Christopher Sabat, Sonny Strait, and Kari Wahlgren. I was primarily interested in Kari Wahlgren, since she played Misora and Chinami in Mao-chan, and Chika in Ai Yori Aoshi. I had her sign DVD covers from each series. A while later, my cousin and I went on a potentially-unfortunate walking trip in the city to find a place to eat but I don't want to talk about that so let's get get back to the con... We attended the Closing Ceremonies, then afterwards, hung around the lobbies for a while, before leaving the con. Overall, a great weekend was had. I'm definately going next year!

My DVDs signed by Kari Wahlgren.