"Hinata Gets Huge"
a Naruto fanfic by Mistystuffer

It was seemingly just another average day in Konoha Village. Hinata Hyuga was walking down the street. It was pre-Shippuden, so this was the younger, cuter Hinata with the short hair, I just think she's a lot cuter! She began to pass the local ramen shop.

'I wish I could get Naruto to notice me,' she thought. It was then she heard the voice of the boy she loved, Naruto. It was coming from inside the shop. She walked up and thought she'd have a listen.

However, to get the full story, we need to rewind a few minutes, to Naruto and Jiraiya's conversation in the shop.

"I love ramen!" said Naruto, slurping down some noodles.

"So do I," Jiraiya replied, "But not as much as women! Give me one with some nice curves and I'll be happy."

"I think I'll stick with ramen, Pervy Sage."

"Well, what do you know, you're just a stupid kid. I can imagine her now, a woman with some nice big breasts....," Jiraiya illustrated his thoughts by doing a hefting motion with his hands. "A nice round butt--."

"In other words, a fatty," Naruto said.

"Not a 'fatty'!" Jiraiya exclaimed. "Just a perfectly voluptuous woman."

Now, back to the moment Hinata had walked up to the shop. Listening through a wall but not actually seeing the two, she listened, catching the very last of Jiraiya's remark.

"Well I suppose I agree in a sense, often bigger is better!" Naruto said, holding up one of the larger of the bowls of ramen he'd eaten.

'Bigger is better,' Hinata thought. 'Does Naruto like 'bigger' girls?'

"I like 'em big and hot," Naruto said, taking another steaming bowl of ramen. "I could easy go for one ten times the size of the average, how about you, Pervy Sage?"

"Eh, that would be just a bit too much for me."

'So would Naruto like me if I got much bigger for him?' Hinata thought, blushing at the thought.

And with that, I figure I'd been able to establish enough dialogue to make Hinata misbelieve Naruto really liked fat chicks.

After paying for their meals, Naruto and Jiraiya left the restaurant. Hinata then walked in with a plan. She timidly walked up to the counter.

"What'll it be, Miss?" asked the man at the counter.

"I'll have..." Hinata said quietly, "Ten bowls of ramen!"

"And how will you be paying?"

"Just put it on the Hyuga family's tab."

Ten bowls of ramen were served up, and Hinata had a seat. She went to work on them, slurping them all down. Once they were gone, Hinata felt full. But she knew her slightly bulging stomach wasn't enough.

'Naruto said he could go for a girl ten times my size,' she thought. 'Well I'm going to make that happen!'

With even more determination, Hinata went to order another ten bowls of ramen.... no, twenty! She gulped them down, her stomach straining her jacket.

But even then it was not enough. Hinata knew that these mere little bowls of ramen weren't going to do it.

"I need the biggest bowl of ramen you can make!" Hinata ordered.

Within moments she was served up the biggest bowl possible... It was a ten-gallon tub, and Hinata could barely see over the rim of it. And naturally, to go with such a big serving of ramen, it required an equally large amount of meat... The bowl was also filled with large hunks pork, poultry, you name it.

'Do it for Naruto!' she encouraged, and tipped the bowl toward her lips. She began sucking down the delicious noodles and the water as well, though she knew the water weight really wasn't going to help her weight gain.

Her belly bloated further and further outward, finally pushing up her jacket and making it clearly visible. Hinata stopped eating long enough to rub her full stomach. It hurt, but it was a good pain... she seemed to enjoy the feeling of being so big. And she was about to get bigger.

As Hinata continued her binge, she began to get fatter. Yeah, it usually doesn't happen THAT fast, but how else are we going to see her fat? She ate and ate, and continued to pack on the pounds. Eventually her jacket was strained to the breaking point, her zipper continually making it's way lower, exposing her cleavage and eventually her belly as well. As she finished the giant bowl, the inevitable happened: The zipper popped off, revealing her now-massive belly, considerably enlarged breasts. Fortunately for her, the kusari netting she wore obscured enough of her breasts to not make it an issue for her.

Her belly was now huge, sitting in her lap and starting to hang between her knees. Her breasts were bigger than ever, far exceeding even Tsunade's. She rubbed her stomach once more, which now had extra layers of flab, and she could hear the excessive sloshing on the inside.

But she STILL wasn't done. "I want a refill!" she demanded, referring to the large empty tub that sat before her. It was refilled, and Hinata plopped it down on her massive stomach and went back to work. As she ate, her pants got tighter as her legs and butt continued to expand.

The arms of her jacket began to split open as her limbs continued to grow, eventually leaving them in tatters, her blobby arms now free from their contraints. Her jacket now resembled more of a vest, if anything. The same was happening with her growing thighs as well, starting to strain her pants.

Hinata's Leaf Village headband, which she typically wore around her neck, was getting quite tight as well, as her neck and chins got thicker. Eventually it snapped and went flying off. She removed what was left of her restricting jacket, and continued her feast.

As she ate and ate, her arms began to get tired. 'I need some help,' she thought. Hinata struggled to get her arms around her breasts in order to form some hand signs.

"Clone jutsu!" she cried, barely managing the signs. Two clones of her former thin self appeared in a flash. For no particular reason, they were in bikinis.

"Feed me!" she demanded. The clones went into action, one starting to hand feed her, while the other started to rub her gigantic belly. For the sake of the story, the clones were tangible, not mere illusions.

As Hinata continued to grow and grow, she also somehow became greedier and greedier. While sucking down the ramen at an incredible pace, she started to take in the arms of one of the clones. Before she knew it, the entire clone was gone straight down her throat. Suprised at her own deliciousness, Hinata craved more. Catching another clone by surprise, Hinata grabbed her and began to swallow her as well.

Stuffed beyond belief, Hinata rubbed her stomach. But she still didn't feel she was big enough. She began to devour even more, until something happened she hadn't anticipated...

Suddenly, the clones in her stomach dissipated in large bursts of smoke. Overcome with an incredible sensation, Hinata let loose a forceful burp, followed by an equally powerful gaseous blast out of her enormous butt.

Following this, the few other patrons in the ramen shop had quickly cleared out. Hinata didn't want the remainder of their meals to go to waste, however. She managed to heave herself up onto her feet, and slowly waddled over to the tables, sucking down whatever leftovers the customers had left behind. She had grown so big, as she waddled along, her low-hanging belly was dragging along the floor. As she walked, the inevitable happened, her overpacked pants finally gave, shredding open, revealing her incredible legs. They jiggled with every brief step she took.

As she made short work of the leftovers, she also came across a weird frog-like wallet. Paying no mind to it she slipped it into one of her massive folds of fat, since her pockets, or what were left of them, were basically inaccessible. Hinata struggled to get back over to her original spot. She finally managed it, sweating and completely worn out, and started to sit back down on the bench. However, she heard a sudden and large "CRACK!". The bench gave way, and Hinata plopped down on the ground with a mighty thud. The force sent massive vibrations and ripples through her mounds of fat, and her big boobs thrust up and smacked her in the face.

Hinata was now practically immobilized, a gigantic pile of fat sitting on the floor. But suddenly, Hinata heard a loud snap and a tear. Considering what little clothes she still had on, she knew what it had to be. Her excessively-stretched out panties had hit their breaking point. Her massive butt spilled out on all sides, free from it's contraints. Hinata was just relieved her stomach was big enough to cover her front side...

'Am I finally big enough?' Hinata wondered. At that moment, someone entered the ramen shop. It was none other than Naruto.

"I forgot my Gama-chan," Naruto said, embarassed, referring to his wallet. "Have you seen it, Hinata?" He'd only gotten a glimpse of her face and hadn't yet fully taken in her new form.

Hinata blushed at the sight of Naruto. She didn't know how he would react to her new, flabby self, especially consdering she was so scantically clad.

"I... I think I have it, Naruto," she said, pulling the wallet she had found out of it's hiding place.

"Whoa!" Naruto exclaimed, getting a good look at the girl. "What happened to you, Hinata?! You're massive!"

"I know," Hinata said, blushing. "What do you think?"

"I think you might wanna consider laying off the fatty foods," said Naruto. "You're enormous! You might consider changing your name to Hinata Huge-a."

Hinata was devastated. She thought Naruto liked big girls! And yet here he is, suggesting she lose weight, and making horrible puns as well! Angered at his response, Hinata mustered up all of her courage.

"Here, Naruto, come and get your wallet," she said, stuffing it into the cleavage of her newly-enlarged breasts.

Naruto was uncertain, but knew he had to retrieve his wallet. And after all, he may not be into fat girls, but he could always appreciate a nice huge pair of breasts. He walked over and started to lean over Hinata's massive belly. As he began to reach into her cleavage, Hinata grabbed him and hugged him close. His body was now pressed into her waterbed-like body, and his head was being mashed between her massive mammaries.

"I really loved you, Naruto," Hinata said, starting to tear up. "Why couldn't you love me as well? I got so fat for you..."

Sweatdropping, Naruto replied, "Well, I really don't remember saying I ever liked--" Before he could finish, he found himself being heaved up and into Hinata's mighty maw. Before he knew it, down he went, through her throat and deep to the confines of her stomach.

"If this is the only way I can have you, then I'll have to settle for it," Hinata said, rubbing her now even bigger stomach. She then realized, there was no better way to celebrate her bittersweet victory than...

"What do you have for dessert?" Hinata asked the shop owner.

"All we have are cinnimon buns."

Hinata's eyes lit up. Those were her favorite! "Give me all you have!" she demanded. She started gobbling them down one by one, then two by two, sometimes barely even stopping to chew. Eventually the many dozens of buns were gone, and Hinata sat there, massive and completely incapacitated, barely able to move an inch. It was then that her kusari around her bust finally gave. Her massive breasts burst out from their contraints, flopping down to either side of her immense stomach. The vibrations it caused in both her belly and boobage felt wonderous to her. She sat there, a completely nude ball of fat, and though she was embarassed, there was not a thing she could do about it. She was truely immense; Far bigger than she had even hoped to get for Naruto. Her feet could barely touch the ground, and her arms were so think they could barely budge. Her belly had blown up so huge that her bellybutton was easily big and deep enough to take in a large grapefruit.

It wasn't long before Jiraiya walked back through the door as well. "Is Naruto here? He said he was going to find his wallet and he owes me some money!"

However, when he laid his eyes upon the feasting girl, he was stunned at her voluptuous beauty. "Perhaps Naruto was right, I DO like the fatties!"

Just finishing slurping down a strand of ramen, Hinata was surprised as she found herself being turned over onto her stomach. "Come on back to my place, sweetie!" Jiraiya said, starting to roll the enormous girl away.

"Why is this happening to me?!" Hinata barely squeaked out, though her voice was largely drowned out by her bloated cheeks and the extreme sloshing coming from her stomach.

And so Jiraiya rolled Hinata away to who knows where, destined for an eternity of feeding and expansion.