"Curiosity’s Curves"
By: Dr-Black-Jack
Based on the original characters of: ThePervertWithin

It was a cold, moon lit night when Tori Rocher started running. Weaving and ducking through the back alleys of the darkened cityscape, the dog girl’s athletic thighs pumped hard against the worn pavement. A mad dash such as this could last anywhere from ten minutes to around two hours without her even feeling the slightest bit fatigued. It was a known fact that dog girls excelled at endurance events, though skinnier ones only proved to be even better.

Weighing in at a mere 98 pounds and standing only 5’7’’, she was extremely slender by all accounts. Her belly was flatter than a table top, her long thighs and firm calves built to put even the most fervent track athletes to shame, and her chest was…humble to say the least. Whatever the case, it was that lean build which had served as the core component to Tori’s survival and was the one gift given to her as a result of her rough and tumble upbringing. It gave her an edge on sneaking up on her prey and helped her stay one step ahead of the predators that lurked within the shadows of a concrete jungle.

“Gotta hurry! Gotta hurry!...Damn it, not again!”

She silently cursed beneath her breath as she trode through a sea of broken beer bottles. It was a glimmering garden of garbage, so often seen that it had become her city’s unofficial national flower. Those dangerous shards had further scuffed her dirty red and white sneakers, nearly penetrating the flimsy rubber soles. Bits of chewed up bubble gum carelessly stuck to the side of buildings occasionally got caught in the jet black lengths of her flowing, bushy tail as she rounded the next corner. Her ebony hair and tanned skin were matted with pollution and dust.

“Ugh…as soon as I pawn these off, maybe then I can have enough money for a bubble bath at the public bath houses next time…”

Yet another tear appeared upon her tattered coal jacket and jeans as she slid beneath fences and jumped over dumpsters, exposing more of her dark chocolate skin to the cooling night breeze. The last nineteen years on the streets had taught her there wasn’t any real point to continuous grooming beyond maintaining one’s figure in a city wide obstacle course. Such minor inconveniences only slowed her down, further thwarting her attempts to get away clean with her newly acquired prizes.

“Stop that guy! He’s a pervert and a panty thief!”

“What the hell is wrong with you?! How many times do I have to tell you, I’m a WOMAN!”

“Quick, there he is!”

“Me and my big mouth…”

The wail of squad car sirens was closing in from all sides like a banshee’s cry, assimilating with the equally fervent cries for capture which echoed through the night. Purposely tipping over cans of garbage, Tori desperately hoped it would help delay her pursuers for even a precious few seconds. She had made some dangerous enemies that day, the worst kind any girl like her could ever offend. These guys had guns.

Though it might have been easier to outrun a bunch of murderous criminals and corrupted police officers without the big sack of XL women’s panties strapped across her back, Tori was a woman on a mission. To relinquish those hard-earned knickers would have meant aborting ‘operation: Grand Theft Undies’ and plunge the city deeper into the stranglehold of corruption and despair. Well, not really, but all of that careful planning would have most certainly gone to waste.

“Damn it! How the hell was I supposed to know that the Kitsune Klan were hanging their laundry today! I thought I’d stop them from flying their colors to take ‘em down a peg but never something like this,” Tori huffed as she gracefully leapt over yet another chain link fence. “I mean, these panties are so huge I thought they were flags…they even had the Klan symbols and everything!”

Reaching into the wobbling fabric sack, she hooked her fingers around one of her ‘trophies’ to take a better look. The soft fragrance of lilies and lavender filled her sensitive canine-girl nose as she held the outstretched lingerie before her whilst sprinting along the concrete dividers. Though life on the street had sharpened both her senses and her physique, and instilled within her a great sense of balance, it was nearly impossible for Tori to see where she was going with those oversized panties billowing out before her like a galleon sail.

“Now, THAT is a big fat ass! It must take more than 400 pounds of butt blubber to fill this one alone. Those stuck-up fox princesses will have a hell of a hard time replacing these! In the mean time, those rich bitches’ll just have to go bare beneath!”

The idea of her most hated rivals, the Kitsune Klan women, cowering inside their estates as they clutched their naked privates brought a delicious smirk to Tori’s face. Those initial thoughts of sweet revenge eventually turned to more steamy imagery of fox-eared mafia girls in sweaty sauna rooms, rubbing their juicy, plump bodies against one another in a sticky mass of girlish flesh. Boobs upon boobs, constantly rubbing, plumping, caressing and spilling onto their plus-sized folds, somehow their fat bodies made that mental rendition seem only sweeter. It was a scene so enticing that it might just cause any straight woman to consider lusting after her own sex for at least a couple of seconds.

“I’ve really got to stop thinking about things like that…otherwise people really WILL think that I’m a guy…curse my nearly non-existent chest…”

Wrenching her mind free from a gutter of breasts and bellies, Tori refocused on her main concerns. Those sirens and angry voices were drawing ever closer. At least, things sounded that way now that she had escaped the bustling cacophony of the inner suburbs. Aside from the occasional irate curse word, everything suddenly seemed so much quieter.

Tori had run far from the concrete jungle which she called home, much further than she would usually dare to tread. The towering sky scrapers, smouldering sewer lids and whirlwinds of loose garbage had made way for neatly spaced pine trees, finely sculpted fountains and row after row of trimmed, square hedges. She had stumbled into Varsity Drive, a new residential development where the average tenant had a minimal income baring a six digit sum. This was where the illustriously wealthy called home.

“Cops to the left of me, angry klansmen to the right, and all of these panties still strapped to my back. I’ve got no choice but to cut through. Look out rich people! Here comes Tori Rocher!”

“Nyan~…the moon is full tonight. Now would be a good opportunity to test out my latest theory!”

With that thought in mind, Lindt Kirsa undid her bikini top and rolled onto her tremendous side. It was just far too beautiful an evening NOT to be lying out on the lawn in little more than a spaghetti-strap two-piece. Blades of grass caused her furry, feline ears to twitch just a little as her lengthy silver locks fell gracefully along the endless rolls and folds of her fat. Several seconds would pass before her 200+ pound of flab would finally settle and allow her to sink into the softness of her ponderous paunch.

She was a young and wealthy cat girl, a fat girl beyond the shadow of a doubt. The rich life had treated her well over the last seventeen years and she wore her weight with pride.

“Whoops! Silly me, I’d better apply some lotion just in case I get moon burn. I wouldn’t want my white-chocolate complexion to get too toasty!”

Forcing herself back up with a little difficulty, the curvaceous cat-girl pumped a few squirts of oily sunscreen into the palms of her pudgy hands. Starting with her chunky legs, Lindt’s lotion glided on so smoothly against her soft-as-velvet skin. Those plump fingers, which had never worked a day in their life, sunk deep into her creamy calves as she started to rub herself up and down and all around in a wave of motion. Those jiggling tremors carried right up the fullness of her fat-laden thighs.

“NYAN~~~!!! Oh my, that feels good…”

What had started off as a basic exercise in skin preservation, quickly devolved into a sensual session of self-play. Lindt loved the feel of her fat, that delightful tingling she got when she caressed her folds. Chewing her bottom lip nervously, those dainty hands of hers steadily rose higher and higher, as though she had lost all control. Upon clutching her body’s ‘piece de resistance,’ her actions became deliberate. She was more than happy to mould the great folds of her mighty stomach rolls.

“Ah~ so good…mhmmmm I love it…”

For the daughter of an affluent family, image is everything. ‘The fatter the child, the more prosperous the family’s reputation,’ that’s just the way things had always been. Lindt’s parents were more than proud to have raised a fine daughter of such prodigious girth, the pale folds of her fish-belly white stomach overflowing the top of her lacy, black swimsuit. At least 40 inches around when standing, 43 when sitting or kneeling, that tremendous belly reflected her as the very picture of good health and very big money. Aside from keeping up appearances, her titanic tummy also served as a fine shelf for the full to bursting milk-tanks which flopped graciously over her flabby forefront.

“Tee-hee, I think my breasts have grown bigger again! I’ll ask Victoria if she’d like to come with me to go bra shopping tomorrow,” Lindt giggled as she squeezed her boobs between her elbows and upper arms. “Oooh, I shouldn’t squeeze theme too much since they’re so sensitive for their size…but I’m just curious to see how much fatter they’ve become!”

The shining moon beams cut through the stillness of night, lighting up the oil-slicked mammaries of her bust line’s curvaceous stage. A deep valley of plunging cleavage was the star of that evening’s performance, surging between the gaps of her grabby fingers as she continued to fondle. 30 inches of glorious chest fat and all of it was naturally hers. The contours of her thighs and belly held no sway over the pleasure she extracted from touching her bare breasts. She thumbed her pink areola carefully with her long and polished pink nails.

“Nngn~ Ah!....I-I can’t hold back any more! I-I’ve gotten too excited! Nya-ah-ah-AH-~ I-I think I’m going to…I think I’m going to…going…to…c-c-c-*CACHU*!”

A short, sharp sneeze sent a ripple through her fleshy folds, just strong enough to detach her loosely bound top. To make matters worse, a sudden midnight gust had decided to pick up at that precise moment to blow her two-piece far beyond her arm’s reach. Allowing her melons to fall from the support her arms’ cradle, Lindt immediately took off after the rogue garment. Her entire body jiggled as she sprint-waddled through the night, her heaving chest bouncing heavily all the way.

“Wah!...This isn’t good! Come back bikini! I still need you!”

As far as cat-girls go, Lind was not the agile type. She was the kind of cat girl who preferred to avoid too much exertion wherever and whenever possible. Physical Education, otherwise written as ‘Physical Extermination’ in her timetable, was the only class in school that she truly despised. Fortunately, she discovered at an early age that everybody had their price and that poorly paid gym teachers were no exception to that rule. Paying her way to get out of class and to forge perfect grades seemed like a good idea at the time, but it did leave her with a relatively low tolerance for activities such as running. She collapsed near a grassy hedge after a mere twenty seconds.

“*Huff*…*Huff*…It doesn’t…*Huff*…matter…I’ll just…*Puff*…buy a new pair….*Huff*…Awwww…*Huff*…but I really liked that one…*Puff*…”

Lying on the cushion of her back fat, less than a meter away from her loose bikini top, the winded cat girl turned her attention the myriad of stars twinkling across the night sky. Her unbound breasts drooped slightly to either side of her body, the edge of her sensitive nipples just brushing past long blades of grass. She smiled. Just because she was born into a rich family, didn’t mean that she was unable to appreciate some of life’s simple pleasures. Lindt closed her eyes and listened for the soft rustling of pine trees.


Pine trees didn’t sound like that. In fact, Lind was pretty sure that pine trees didn’t speak at all. She considered the theory once in the past, when asked whether nor not a tree made a noise when it fell if no one was around to hear it, but she was almost certain that they had no concept of declaring their names. Could she have had it wrong for all of those years? A deluge of curious thoughts swept through her mind, forcing Lindt to open her eyes. What she saw was definitely not a pine tree.


A pair of pink panties hovered over Lindt’s head. Those cherry colored undergarments had been propelled by a pair of athletic thighs, spread wide to leap over the hedge she had been lying against. Bushy lengths of a dog’s tail followed shortly after, supporting a large white sack with its length. The curious cat-girl watched with open awe as the panties, legs and tail came down neatly along the far side of the hedge to land upon her loose top. Her cat-like mouth opened even wider as she watched the panties, legs and tail slip upon landing on the bikini top to send the entire mysterious stranger crashing butt first onto her family’s back lawn.

“GAH! Now there’s my butt in a crack…Damn it that hurt! Who the hell leaves a bikini top lying around like that anyway?!”

“Ah…Nihao~nya…did you come from the pine tree?”

Ignoring her question, the panties, legs and tail brushed itself off and rearranged the sack tied across its back. Lindt was more than surprised to find herself face to face with a scruffy looking dog person wearing a pair of torn jeans and a loose fitting coal black jacket. Having only been accustomed to the designer outfits worn by those in her social circle, she had never before had she encountered someone with such a bizarre sense of dress. Surely she just had to find out more critical research information about this new and exciting visitor.

“Um, excuse me for asking, but are you a boy or a girl?”

A withered look soon spread across the dog person’s face as she eyed the fat cat girl with a silent death-glare. That was the kind of look that let Lindt know that this was a person who had been asked a certain question countless times.

“Oh for gawd’s sake, I’m a GIRL! You know, the kind with two X chromosomes and a VAGINA! My hair might be a little short, but not everyone has time to maintain long locks like yours! It’s supposed to make me look tough! WHAT IS IT ABOUT ME THAT MAKES PEOPLE CONSTANTLY QUESTION MY GENDER?!”

“You’ve got no boobs.”

The self-proclaimed dog-girl immediately face faulted. Lindt’s blunt accusation had pierced right through to the very heart of her deepest insecurity. Filled with a combination of rage and embarrassment which only the flattest of flat-chests could know, the dog girl marched over to where the cat girl was standing and stared her down. There was no way she would allow that tubby tabby to have the last word.

“W-Well…You…YOU’RE FAT!” the dog girl retorted weakly, still trying to recover from that stinging verbal shot at her breasts. Needless to say, witty comebacks had never been her strong point. Rather than try harder to match intellectual fortitude with her opponent, she decided to deliver a sharp jab to Lindt’s flabby belly in order to drive home her point. “Yeah, how do you like…w-wha-?”

Surprised, she looked down just in time to watch her accusing fore-finger sink into the folds of the cat girl’s bloated gut. The dog girl’s thin fingers were enveloped to the first knuckle and then to the second as she unintentionally probed the depths of a cavernous navel. Astonishing as it was to have come into contact with so much vast amounts female flab for the first time, what amazed the dog girl even more was that Lindt did not look even the slightest bit phased by her ‘pride crippling’ comment. In fact, being told she was fat only seemed to make her happier.

“Why thank you, I’m proud to say that I’m the biggest girl in this entire neighbourhood! Thanks for noticing!” Lindt replied cheerily, a fat cat-girl smile spreading across her chubby cheeks. “Oh, and forgive me for not introducing myself sooner, but my name is Lindt Kirsa. What’s yours?”

The oversized feline femme unfolded her chubby arms to extend a friendly hand, allowing her equally friendly naked breasts to jiggle wildly as they bounced over her stomach’s pudge. It took a good few seconds before those titanic mounds of wobbling chest finally came to a stop, sagging ever so slightly either side of her belly’s butterball dome. Still staring at the hypnotic motion of those full, fat-girl breasts, the dog girl shakily extended her own hand.

“M-my name is Tori…Tori Rocher….P-please cover yourself up!” Tori mumbled, blushing a radioactive crimson as she handed Lindt her loose bikini top. “W-what the hell are you doing out here wearing such a skimpy outfit anyway?”

“Ha-nya? I’m out here seeing if I can get a moon tan. I read that the sun reflects its rays off of the moon to make it visible to us so maybe it could work if I stayed out long enough. I also brought some lotion in case I got burnt…I think I’ve got some here if you want to--whoops!”

Reaching around to the side of her bikini strap, Lindt had lifted her lowermost fold in search of a sample of her suntan lotion. Forgetting that the container had become super slippery after coming into contact with her oil-slicked skin, it slipped out of her hand like a wet fish. The bottle rocketed over her bumpy love handles, numbering three in total, to lodge itself directly in the gap of her deep cleavage.

“Ah…Tori, could you please get that for me? My hands seem to be tangled in my bikini strap…”

“W-WHAT?! Um…I mean…yeah s-sure…Nothing wrong with that! ‘cuz were both girls…yeah…eh-heh…”

The dog girl inwardly gulped. She had never actually talked to another woman bustier than her, let alone touched another girl’s breasts. All of her friends were usually male street punks or flat-chested tomboys like herself. Tori’s hands grew sweatier, her heart pounding even faster, as they drew closer to their chunky targets. Unable to fully cope with the magnitude of the supple situation, she closed her eyes and decided to plunge straight in.

“MYAH! N-not so hard!” Lindt gasped as she chewed her upper lip. Tori’s hands had completely disappeared into her greasy pillows, writhing around like a slippery eel as she searched for the small bottle. “N-nyah~…you’re mashing them together…if you keep that up…I just might…I just might…AAAHHHHHH!!!”

All that unintentional groping had forced both halves of Lind’s white-chocolate breasts against one another, putting pressure on the bottle trapped within. The flimsy plastic container could no longer bear the weight of the fleshy prison which surrounded it.


Tori had squeezed too hard. With a resounding *POP*, the lid had opened, sending a warm geyser of sticky white fluid high into the darkened sky. Needless to say, it did not stay there for very long. The bottle’s contents eventually came down with a might “SPLAT”, leaving thick white ropes all over both girls’ hair and faces. Most of it had been caught in the bowl-like crux of Lindt’s exposed breasts and belly to reflect a slightly yellowish tinge against the cat girl’s flawlessly white skin.

“Uwahhh~ that’s the second time that’s happened to me today…I can’t see and my breasts feel all slimy…I need to take a bath…”

Completely forgetting that she had another girl’s arm lodged between the profound valley of her pendulous pillows, Lindt immediately set off for the main mansion. Tori, still stunned from that pseudo-erotic display and also coated in a thick layer of suggestive white cream, was simply dragged behind the ponderous pussycat as she sprint-waddled away. Her arm was entangled in a greasy, E-cup bikini top.

“Ah! Much better~…Warm baths at night are the best don’t you think?”

Warm cream lapped at the edge of Lindt’s enormous bathtub, easily dwarfing the Jacuzzi-spas found in most five-star hotels. Having heard that bathing in full cream helped to whiten skin, thereby helping to preserve a girl’s youthful looks, the prosperous, plump pussy had attempted to replicate the experiment flawlessly by ordering all bath water pipes to be connected to her family’s creamery. Only two days in and already she was delighted with the results.

“Oh! Oh! Tori! Tori! Want me to scrub your back! Maybe if I scrub hard enough, it’ll remove all that dirt on your skin.”

“I’m naturally deep tanned, thank you very much! Just because I’m a street punk doesn’t mean that I don’t bathe regularly!”

The two girls sat at either end of the milk-filled tub, carefully lathering themselves with an array of fancy, edible soaps. It was Lindt’s idea to have Tori bathe with her, forgetting completely that they had only met a few minutes prior. She had wanted to apologise for causing the dog girl such an inconvenience with the bikini top and body lotion, wishing to make amends as a good hostess should. Scrubbing her new friend down was the very least she could do.

“Oh come on, Nyah~. It’ll be fun! Besides, I need you to help me scrub mine after we’re done…I can’t really reach all the way around…Anyway, I’ll just do you first!”

Thick rivers of flowing white dairy bubbled and splashed as the corpulent cat-girl waded to Tori’s side. She was absolutely immense. Milk dribbled down the gaps of her naked flesh, pouring through the contours of her uncensored breasts and down the compacted curves of her love handles, glistening like a myriad of miniature diamonds. It was like watching the hull of an ocean liner parting the creamy bath waters on a collision course for the dog-girl’s naked form. Icebergs looked like snow cones in the shadow of Lindt’s titanic ass and thighs.

“I-I really need to get going…” Tori gingerly replied, racking her brain for a plausible excuse to avoid coming into close contact with those soapy boobs. The sight of a rotund rear-end as it swayed to and fro reminded her of her primary mission. “You see, before I came here, I was being chased by a lot of really dangerous guys. I took some rather important things from them and they’ll probably never stop hunting me until they find them.”

“Ohhhh how exciting! What did you take? Was it something valuable? Is that what was in the bag? Are you some kind of master thief? Actually, what do you do anyway? Won’t you tell me please?!” Lindt inquired, her voice pitching higher with each question as her overly curious nature set in.

“Um…it’s nothing for you to be concerned about…Thanks very much for the bath and don’t trouble yourself getting up. I’ll just find the door on my own…”

Crestfallen and a little hurt at the flatness of the mysterious dog-girl’s reply, Lindt had finally reached the other side of the tub just in time to see that Tori was already stepping out. The saturated dog-girl gave herself a quick shake in the usual fashion, her cream soaked hair and tail swishing wildly to either side.

As soon as she finished towelling off and dressing, Lindt knew that she would be gone forever along with the answers to her numerous burning questions. She was not the type to let the solution to conundrum slip by so easily.

“W-wait! I think that I can help you! You said you were being chased right? Maybe you could hide here for a while?”

Without hesitating for a second, Tori continued to zip up her tattered jeans.

“Heh…That’s very kind of you, but it’s my personal belief not to drag others into fights which don’t concern them. Besides, they’ve already seen my face, meaning that I could never set foot outside of this house again if I were to stay. I’m just not the kind of girl who likes to stay cooped up in one place for long.”

“B-but what if I said that I could give you a different image? That way, when you leave, the people who are chasing you won’t recognize who you are. It’s safer much safer for the both of us that way!”

“You mean like a disguise?” Tori paused, her dog-like ears pricking up at the sound of the suggestion. “I-I suppose that would come in handy…Are you sure it’s not too much trouble?”

“Nyah-trouble, *ahem* No trouble at all!” Lindt smiled warmly as she lifted a chunky thigh out of the milk pool to towel off. “I’ve got plenty of old stuff that I don’t use so you can have it instead!”

“Well…if you’re sure you don’t mind…Okay, I guess I could stay a little bit longer…Thanks very much for helping me out like thiiiiiiiiii----!”

Knocking over a shelf full of neatly folded towels and various body lotions, the half dressed dog-girl immediately backed up as fast as she possibly could against the bathroom wall. Try as she might to stay calm, her body just wasn’t listening to her brain. She was more than a little shocked at what she saw.

“Boobs…knockers…fun bags…milk jugs…”

Lindt’s chest was beyond stunning. So pert, round and perky, each meaty boob overflowed the skin tight confines of her skimpy bath towel. Droplets of fresh cream rolled down each globular mass of quivering breast flesh, filling centre of her cleavage like a miniature shot glass.

“Um, are you okay? You act like you’ve never seen another naked girl before,”

“Y-y-your chest has…has…has…” Tori spluttered as she covered her eyes with one hand and pointed a shaky finger towards Lindt with the other.

“Oh! Yeah, the best part of bathing in cream is that it’s all drinkable. The rate of flow in matches the rate of flow out so at any point in time the cream is 100% pure despite how much we bathe. I was curious, so I looked up the plans,” Lindt replied as she tightened her bath towel around her belly. “If you don’t believe me, I’ll even show you that it’s safe!”

Tori could only stare in silent disbelief as the cat girl mashed her wobbling tits together, raising the curvaceous cup to her lips and lapping up the delectable dairy within. Lindt’s rough tongue ran over the tops of her obese boobs, the occasional flicker of vivid pink darting against her pasty white skin. Not a single drop would escape that all consuming maw as she licked around the edges of her delicate apricot areola.

“Nyan! Ith (It’s)…*slurp*…bewwy (very)…*schlock*….tasthty (tasty)…”schlock”….,” Lindt continued as she continued to tongue herself dry. “Wanna…*lick*…twayy (try)…*sip*”

That was just way too much stimulation for Tori to handle. She needed to get away from that naïvely sexy cat girl before her nose bled itself dry. Stuffing sheet after sheet of balled up tissues into each nostril just to be safe, the distressed dog-girl quickly threw on her oversized jacket and immediately sprinted out the bathroom door with her panty sack in tow. Lindt could only manage a distant cry as she too started to hastily dress before giving chase.

“W-wait for me! The mansion is a big place and you’ll get lost if you’re all alone! Don’t make me run after you! I’m not good at cross-country!”

“W-what the hell is this place!”

Tori had spent the last ten minutes journeying through row after row of endless hallways, opening random doors to dead ends in a fruitless attempt to navigate her way out. The Kirsa mansion was just simply beyond massive. It wasn’t any help that each of the four wings leading away from the main building of the estate were identical to one another from the inside, with the only difference coming from the vastly different themed rooms within. It was like she was trapped in an enormous fun house.

“Okay, let me think…I passed one set of crystal staircases in one room filled with carbon dated chicken and egg fossils…, and that room which was filled with a ton of bricks and a ton of feathers to see which weighed more....and then there was that room filled with carpets and that note about whether or not you could generate enough static electricity to electrocute someone by shuffling your feet long enough….How the hell does she come up with this stuff?!”

Puffed from her non-stop running, Tori leaned against one of the many wooden doors and rested her weight against the door handle. She must have made some good distance between herself and that strange cat-girl by now so it was probably safe to take a short break.

“Alright…that’s it…I’ll try this last door before I make camp for the night…” Tori soliloquised. “If this one doesn’t lead out…I’ll try for the exit again in the morning…”

With a weary turn of the knob, she let herself in. A long flight of spiral stairs awaited her unprepared feet through the gloom of the darkened room. Tripping only on the first step, but catching her balance on the banister just in time, Tori descended through the uncharacteristic cobblestone labyrinth in a mansion where everything so far had been of post-modern design. The base of the steps lead to an enormous iron re-enforced room, a secret warehouse if there ever was one.

On second thought, maybe an underground laboratory would have suited the description better as Tori made her way through the dimly lit opening. A variety of mechanical contraptions and all sorts of interesting looking gadgets lined the walls around her, beakers and bottles bubbling away at all sides. At the very heart of the chamber there sat a familiar cat girl in a white lab coat, tinkering away with one of the devices. Lind had been waiting for her to arrive.

“Ah! Nihao-Nyah!~ You finally made it! I knew that you would eventually find the trail of cookies that I left for you!”

“Y-you again! B-but how did you…where did you…I didn’t see any cookies!”

The curvaceous cat-girl tapped her head lightly as she stuck out a playful tongue. Her untoned belly, sandwiched between the black leather boob-tube and mini-skirt combination she was wearing underneath, jiggled ever so slightly as she parted the flaps of her lab coat. That fine roll of feminine flesh jiggled A LOT more as she delivered a couple of light pats to its surface.

“Oh yeah...I got tired of waiting so I kind of ate them all…But that’s okay! You’ve still managed to come to the right place! I got here faster since I know all the secret passageways. This was where I was going to take you in order to fit you for your disguise. Here, try on some of these!”

Before Tori could even attempt to protest, Lindt reached into her breast pocket to extract a small device with a single red button. She pushed it. There was a puff of steam, the clicking of gears and the whirring of cogs. A series of cylindrical wardrobes rose up from the floor around them to reveal an impressive array of designer clothes within their metal racks. Rich people really knew how to make even the most mundane presentations seem incredibly exciting.

“This is some of my old stuff. Nothing here fits me anymore, but I’m really not good at throwing things out. My head maid, Victoria, says that hording is a bad habit but I just like to have some spares around just in case. Why not pick out something that you’d like to take with you.”

The dog-girl was absolutely stunned. For hand-me downs, everything inside still looked so expensive and new. Even if she was a little eccentric, Lind was certainly true to her word and extremely generous. No one would recognize her as a punk form the streets if she were to wrap herself in all that cashmere and velvet. Taking off her sack of panties, Tori tried on a dusty brown spaghetti-strap top, a matching black skirt and a pair of brown leather boots to complete her new ensemble.

“Ah that’s a good choice, makes you look like a real female super spy! I used to love wearing that when I was still a scrawny size 8. Now I’m a nice and healthy size 22, and only getting bigger!” Lindt laughed as her untamed breasts and belly wobbled to the vibrations of her unseasonally jolly voice.

“Um…not to sound ungrateful or anything…but it’s a little, er…big for me? I’m only a size 5 so I don’t think I can get out of here without tripping or catching myself on something with these loose sleeves. Maybe if I tie it around my waist instead, it should hold when I’m running.”

“Not necessary!” Lindt declared as she padded her way around the clothing cylinders to yet another strange looking device. “That particular combination you’ve got on is meant to be body hugging, particularly around the breasts and waist. With this new invention I had rigged up, we’ll have them fitting you perfectly in no time!”

There was yet another click as Lindt depressed a button. The machine she was standing by quickly roared to life in a haze of smoke which was followed by the whir of unseen cogs and gears. It looked somewhere between an automated carwash designed specifically for a fleet of limos and a waterslide which twisted and twirled along a curved path. Legions of gloved, mechanical arms immediately shot out from a multitude of secret compartments to ensnare the still-dazed Tori and raise her several feet off the ground. They then began to strip off her clothes.

“Wait…what are you….? H-hey!”

Those overflowing garments proved far easier to slip off the dainty dog-girl than they were to put on. All the machine had to do was squeeze her arms and legs together, immediately allowing them to slide off her gaunt physique like the falling leaves of a sickly tree. Lindt could not help but rudely stare at the dog-girl’s seemingly malnourished frame as the machine handed her back the spare clothes for scanning.

“Wow…she’s awfully thin, nyah~…I-I didn’t realize how skinny her body really was with all that bath milk around. I can even see her ribcage beneath her flat chest! It must be hard living on the streets…But maybe it was my fate to help her in this way!”

Despite curious cat girl’s good intention, the now naked Tori was far more reluctant to receive further aid. She constantly writhed and struggled beneath those hands and coils as they strapped her into the machine’s central chair. A series of metallic locks quickly came down with a sharp CLACK to keep her arms and legs in place as she felt the floor beneath the chair start to move. She did not like where this was going.


Halfway down the conveyer belt terminal, the chair had come to a sudden halt. A metallic bit had been pushed into Tori’s mouth both to keep it open and prevent her from further voicing her concerns. The dog girl’s eyes grew steadily wider as she watched the silvery lengths of a metallic hose slither down from an overhead compartment to lock in place with the metallic ring-gag.

“Oh my God! This girl is insane! I’ve been caught by some kind of mad scientist! What is she going to do to me?! What’s all this equipment for...and what is that delicious taste?”

To her great surprise, a creamy white paste immediately surged through the tube and into Tori’s gaping maw. She barely had time to swallow. She barely had time to think. More and more of the sticky substance was pouring directly into her empty gut. It was cold, like frozen yoghurt, but not chilly enough to give her a brain freeze which made it easy to gulp down. That heavenly flavour filled her senses and started to dampen her inhibitions.

“Tastes like…vanilla ice cream? Wow! I haven’t had that since I was a little pup…Wait! What am I thinking?! I need to get out of here right now!”

Struggling to block the frosty flow with her tongue only caused her cheeks to puff out wider with unrelenting, delectable cream. She could only hold it so long before being forced to swallow, hitting her with a larger than average serving of vanilla every time she tried. Her once slight stomach started to bulge as it started to fill with more of the tasty treat, slowly swelling rounder with each passing second.

“*Urf*…Alright, I think that’s about my limit…I don’t think I can eat anymore…I need to...get myself…free…”

Packed fuller and fuller with each passing second, the dog girl’s unconditioned stomach strained wider and wider to accommodate her seemingly endless meal. It had already been a good three minutes and she was only growing larger. The curved bulge of her full-to bursting forefront overflowed her relatively slender thighs to give her body an overall ‘psudo-pregnant’ appearance. It felt as though she had swallowed a prize-winning watermelon whole.

“So full…So full! Please…no more…Any more ice cream and I swear that I’ll burst!”

Tori would not burst. Lindt’s uber-technology was far too advanced to allow that to happen. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than the safety mechanism came into play. Another series of gloved, mechanical hands descended from the ceiling, gently removing the tube from her mouth as the conveyer belt started up once more. The hands followed the bloated dog girl along the winding path, each rubbery fingertip making contact with her distended and sensitive stomach.

Mixed feelings of both pain and pleasure wracked Tori’s body as she felt her tummy being moulded, caressed by a mass of inhuman hands. Those overwrought feelings of initial fullness were slowly beginning to subside as the inner contents of her cream-filled stomach were repositioned and squeezed about gently within her bulging gut.

“Oh man that feels good…m-maybe this isn’t so bad after all…My stomach feels so tight and stretched, but at least I’m still alive…The pain’s starting to subside as well…Kind of feels a bit numb….”

Walking just beyond the glass barrier which separated the ice-cream stuffing contraption from the rest of the laboratory, Lindt kept in pace to track her progress. After watching Tori’s unrequited feeding session, she too was spurred to seek out her on serving of frosted milk-treat to quell her developed hunger pangs.

“Sorry about that, Tori!” Lindt announced into her lab coat microphone between spoonfuls of her own small serving of ice-cream. “I guess the process is a little rough on those who don’t eat so much. This product is designed to help stretch bellies out with a new synthetic dairy sweetener with an anaesthetic agent to help big eaters, such as myself, cope better with larger portions. But don’t worry! You’ve successfully passed the first phase of the transformation sequence! I can’t wait to see what happens to you in the next one!”
“W-wait! Le’me off this thing! I don’t want to eat any more!”

“It’s ok! You won’t be! I hope you aren’t one of those girls who are afraid of the doctors!”

“Doctors? Wait a---“

The jolt of the conveyer belt beneath her grinding to a halt cut her off in mid sentence. Her chair bindings were released with a gentle click, before another set of mechanical manacles swept in to take over. Before long, the dazed dog-girl was immediately hoisted upside-down by her feet, leaving her arms to dangle about freely at one end as her bulbous belly sloshed precariously over her non-existent chest. Remembering that she was still stark naked, she tried her best to cover up her exposed sex with the end of her furred tail.

“KYAAAHHH!!! Whadaya think you’re doing you perverted feline! You’re not going to fill me up with ice-cream down there too are you?!”

“Oh good-heavens no! That’s completely unsanitary! I’m just going to plump your butt up a little. Trust me~Nyah! After consuming so much dairy sweetener, I assure you that you’ll hardly feel a thing!”

Unable to see over the ridge of her unyielding stomach, the frightened dog-girl could do no more than hang miserably, suspended a few feet in the air. From the reflection of the metallic seat below her, she could see a pair of hypodermic needles so comedically enormous, that they had to be Lindt’s form of a practical joke. The realism of those implements was soon proven as they injected a cold gel-like substance onto the surface of her exposed derriere rather than into it.


Shivers wracked the Tori’s hanging form and resonated through the spherical bulge of her stomach. The swinging dog-girl hugged her belly as close as she could for comfort as it jostled precariously atop her naked chest. The needles were tracing intricate patterns of strange smelling goo over the tops of her cheeks as though they were attempting to ice a cake. Once both syringes were empty, the wave of hands came by a gain to pat down the intricately lotion patterns, before smoothing them over like a brick-layer’s trowel. Each pass seemed more pleasurable than the last, forcing the dog-girl’s eyes to roll back into her head slightly as her tongue lolled out the side of her upside-down mouth.

“Feels good doesn’t it? That’s just a small stimulant to help out with the next phase. This butter-milk gel was originally designed as a suntan lotion when we were curious to see whether or not eggs actually cooked on the sidewalk on hot days. Unfortunately, we never did find out if that was possible because of the lotion’s…er…side effects.”

“Side effects?!” was Tori’s immediate thought as she reluctantly snapped from her near orgasmic bliss. “First she stuffs me like a thanksgiving turkey and now she makes me her guinea pig! W-what’s going to happen to me?!”

“Oooh! I think it’s starting to begin! Don’t worry Tori, I assure you that it’s nothing bad. You can even watch what happens on these mirrors if you like”

Setting down her half-finished bowl of ice cream atop the machine control panel, Lindt watched the upside-down Tori’s struggles slowly begin to lessen as the lotion took effect. Not wanting to miss an instant of what was sure to be a tantalizing transformation, she pressed a button to focus all the laboratory cameras on the dog girl’s dainty derriere. This was definitely something to watch for later.

It started off slow at first, as the pale regions of condensed lotion completed their absorption into their target’s behind. Each athletically sculpted hip started to tingle as Tori felt the flesh which framed her hips begin to grow tighter and tighter, swelling to match the protruding gut which dangled in front of her. Who knew that growing big might have been so pleasurable.

“M-my ass…I can actually feel it growing beneath me…and it feels…wonderful!”

Lost to the pleasure of her rapidly widening hips and cheeks, the dangling dog girl could only watch with a sense of uncontrollable satisfaction as she began to grow more bottom-heavy by the second. The 200 pound mark would come and go as her broadening ass began to develop a noticeable overlap where her inverted legs and buttocks now gently melted, leaving a thinning crack as her cheeks began to flow over. No cellulite would emerge however as the elasticity of the lotion against her dark chocolate skin proved more amazing than she had ever thought possible.

“*Ah~!* L-lind p-please! L-let me down from here! I-I’ll go crazy if my butt gets any bigger! It’ll burst!”

“Just a bit longer Nyah~! You’re nearly finished! And don’t worry about the size of your buns, the lotion will take care of those too.”

She was growing immense. The dog girl’s athletic slimness was becoming little more than a faint memory as her inverted body began to adopt an extreme pear shape from the influence of her rapidly swelling rear-end. Tori chewed on her bottom lip anxiously as she reached behind her stuffed forefront only to have her palms sink into the rippling valley of her ballooning mountains.

Space was running out quickly around her lower half as her inner thighs were pressed tighter than twin tubes of toothpaste. The once perfectly rounded belly she bore was quickly being padded by creeping layers of cushiony fat, causing her already sizable stomach to plumpen up even more. The combined pressure from her hips and waist would soon force her tail free from its position across her naked crotch as the bottom-heavy beauty rocketed towards the 250 pound range….and beyond!

“Ooooh she’s starting to get pretty big now, all belly and butt. Who knows, she might even grow bigger than me! Though I really wanna see if that could happen, there’s something else that I really wanna know. Let’s take a look inside Tori’s baggie and see what she’s been hiding from little ol’ me!”

With the dog girl’s steady metamorphosis from slender-track star figure to that of one that looked to belong to a woman who spend almost every waking minute of the day eating being safely recorded, Lindt was finally free to fulfil the first of her alternate motives. That curious white sack which Tori had brought with her was unguarded at last, much to the pleasure of the cat girl’s curious hands.

“Easy…easy…mama-Lindt’s just gonna take a quick look….stupid knots…why the heck did she have to tie them so tightly!” echoed Lindt’s frustrated thoughts as her fat fingers fumbled with the tight bow at the top. “Whatever’s in here must be super secret if she’s got this much security! Nyahhhh~ secrets like this always send shivers down my spine.”

Lindt loved mysteries. The more mysterious they were the better. So too did her passion reflect throughout her globular form. Inches of giddy flesh rippled with delight as the first knot came undone, reaching from her pudgy fingers right down to the base of her bloated forearm. The quivering sensation met at her broad shoulders before travelling through the expansiveness of her torso, riding up and down the curves of her creamy white breasts and belly like a run-away rollercoaster. Each arc traversed across her soft flesh only causing it to build up speed.

Her rhythmic jiggling was only amplified even more as the tingling sensation finally reached the junction between her tail and her thighs. As one set of impulses traversed the thunderous plains of her rump’s continuous girth before terminating at the tips of her curled toes, the other send a happy wagging motion down the length of her red-ribboned tail. It was then when Lindt heard the noise.



There was indeed a clink. As video surveillance would reveal later on, the psudo-scientist cat-girl had completely forgotten the two most important factors in her pursuit of irrelevant knowledge. The first being, ‘Always finish your bowl of ice-cream before leaving it on top of expensive consoles’, and the second being ‘Mind your tail’. If both were disregarded under any circumstances, the resulting consequences tended to be dire. This just so happened to be one of those times.


A sharp crackle of an electrical current tore through the keyboard consol of the gaining machine as a narrow trickle of melted strawberry and vanilla blend mingled with the wires and cables beneath. Though Lindt had considered the thought of ice-cream based liquid cooling for her computers to work in theory, this wasn’t entirely what she had in mind. Needless to say, she soon discovered that there are some doors which science was never meant to open.

“W-what’s happening now?! Lindt! LINDT! ANSWER ME!”

The bag of mysteries would have to wait as Lindt rushed towards the fried consol and then towards the thick plating which separated her from her new friend. The folds of her rotund belly squashed up against the glass, flattening and stretching her belly-button like a grandma tugging at a child’s swollen cheek, as she watched in silent awe. The machine was powering through into the final phase without her commands. Her fingers fumbled for the intercom as she hurriedly explained what was about to happen.

“Nyah~oh! Uh…right…ok…L-listen Tori, it appears that we’re having a bit of a malfunction here! It was only supposed to make you gain to the same size as me but it’s going ahead into the final proto-type phase without my authorization! We’ve never tested what happens at this stage before! There are so many factors to consider, like what you’ve been eating, and your genetic make–up, and—“

“Lindt please!” Tori pleaded as her fattened calves struggled in their leg manacles. “Just tell me what’s going on?!”

“I-I don’t know what’s going to happen to you exactly…but I hope you have money for a new set of bras…”

Those were the last words Tori heard before she was violently yanked through the air by the mechanical hands, still swaying about wildly despite her newly added weight. She could feel the ice-cream within her loop the loop as the platform she was strung from darted erratically about before unceremoniously dropping her into the restraints of what looked to be a reclining armchair on wheels. The contraption raced ahead without giving her sizable stomach a chance to catch up.

“OOOF! W-where is this thing taking me?! I-I wanna get off!”

The helpless dog-girl worriedly looked over her shoulder towards Lindt’s control box, drawing comfort from the sight of the flabby feline attempting to fix her machine. That feeling of reassurance was made less when Tori noted that her ‘calm and collected’ methodologies resembled little more than a mashing an assortment of buttons with her chubby palms. The feelings had completely dissolved when she felt a pair of hands descend from the ceiling and strap to her chest a pair of clear, plastic cones.

“No…don’t tell me…This isn’t what I th---“

The steady sound of a rumble of machinery drawing ever closer silenced her inner monologue as she felt pressure beginning to build along the lines of the tubing from the cones. Something was coming towards her, A LOT of something.

“Lindt! LINDT! You’d better hurry up in there!”

“I’m trying Tori! I’m trying! Just hold on for a couple of minutes!”

“I don’t think I even have a couple of seconds! Hurry! It’s coming!”

Tori spied a hint of golden cream-colored liquid swirling down the length of tubing in the distance like milk down a child’s swirly straw. Scratch that, it was more like a frothy bullet racing towards her exposed, soft-pink nipples now hard with fear atop her flat chest. Should so much liquid come straight at her so quickly, whatever changes this machine would make to her body, were sure to be drastic. She shut her eyes and screamed.


“Nyah~Nyah~NYAH! Almost got it! Almost got it!....Gotta hurry!”

She was all out of ideas. Lindt had tried pleading with it, she had tried singing to it and she even offered it the exclusive privilege of having those mechanical hands caress her weighty knockers whilst giving her a belly rub and feeding session. Her 6 foot thick patience had finally been worn down to a nub. If a fat cat-girl fight it wanted, a fat cat-girl fight it would get.

“Stupid machine! Why won’t you work like I want you to? I’m gonna teach you a lesson you’ll never forget!”

With her lab coat sleeves rolled halfway up her chunky arms, the fuming, fatty-feline charged towards the machine control panel. There was no plan; there was no afterthought, only several hundred pounds of wobbling breast, belly and butt all jiggling in synchronized motion. Lindt’s puffy cheeks puffed out even more with her pent up frustration as she blindly charged at her target, completely unaware that the bag she had been trying to open was lying between her and her target.


Lindt had slipped. The bags contents had spilt during her scuffle with the unresponsive consol and now lay in a heap across the waxed, laboratory floor. One false move atop the nearest pair of lavender scented lingerie was all it took to get the curvaceous kitty-girl airborne.

She was flying. A rush of adrenaline filled her squishy form as she seamlessly sailed through the airspace of the room. Her weight and shaped proved to be quite aerodynamic as Lindt felt the tickle of the slipstream passing over her multitude of squishy curves. The brief gust generated by her body in motion fluttered her lab coat and miniskirt to expose the pink panties she wore beneath. Her voluptuous thighs and hips bulged forward like the nose of a Boeing-747, dipping just slightly as she began her speedy decent.

As often happens during such situations, time slowed to a crawl as she hurtled toward the computer console. A 280 pound blimp of a cat girl was on a collision course. With no way to stop herself, all Lindt could do was take final note of what had caused her brief aerial sojourn before feeling the chill of the station’s metal tower giving way like a cardboard shack. Such was the force of sheer destructive softness that came in the form of her cushiony rump.

“Nyah? Are those…panti--?!”

A miniature explosion rocked the main control room, sending shockwaves across the laboratory walls. Tori’s closed eyes immediately shot open as she attempted to look behind to see what had become of the eccentric cat-girl. Unable to completely turn as the result of her armchair cuffs, she could only stare stupidly ahead as she was quickly reminded that the torrent of liquid entered the final stretch of tubing. It was still coming, it was still making a beeline right towards her chest and it was…slowing down?

Ten inches to go, and the cream was still coming down at a fairly speedy rate. Tori’s pert, pink areola tingled with a mixed sense of anticipation and dread as the tubing leading towards them grew stiff from the force of the mixture. The frothy bubbles at the head of the tube ware starting to drag behind as the viscous fluid within applied more and more pressure in the opposite direction.


Five inches to go, and the thickness of the cream was made only more apparent. Tori could see that what she had initially believed to be a watery solution was in fact quite gelatinous in appearance as it diverged down two separate paths of clear plastic. The torrent had become a trickle but it still continued to still push towards the top the dome of her ice-cream filled belly.

“Gotta get out! Gotta get out! I want to go home!!!”

Three inches still to go, sending Tori’s mind raced a mile a minute. She watched with bated breath as the torrent entered the shielded length of piping leading up to the plunger-like cups over her humble AAs. The gelatinous goo within the tube had become a thick paste, hardening faster than quick-dry concrete. She hoped in silent prayer that it would not leak.

“It won’t slow down fast enough! It’s going to touch! It’s going to touch! W-what’s it going to do to me?!”

One inch to go, Tori’s struggles for freedom had reached breaking point as she tried to pull herself free. The condensed custard filling squeezed itself out of the tube like a frosting, pouring out as a congealed, tooth-paste style mass. Millimetre by painful millimetre, she whimpered softly in slim hopes that she would be saved.

The tiniest dollops of warm cream, not even enough to fill a bottle cap lightly brushed upon her erect nipples before the tubing was yanked away by a familiar, flabby hand.

“Lindt! You’re alive!”

Slightly charred but otherwise in one piece, the cat-girl’s perfect pale skin was now comparably darker to delighted dog girl’s own. Her long silvery hair had splotches of black soot on it, but still somehow managed to regally flow down to conceal the exposed regions of her tattered clothing. One chubby breast, protected by her scorched boob-tube top, flopped over the top of her bulging belly. Its single exposed nipple bounced in tempo to the rhythm of Lindt’s exhausted breathing.

“Tori…*hah*…how much of that stuff…*ah*…touched your breasts?”

“Um…about three drops worth maybe? W-why do you ask?”

“It’s very important that you tell me…*pah*…Do you feel anything…*nyah~n*…different?”

“I-I don’t think so…M-my chest feels a little itchy from being cupped…but otherwise I—Ooohhhhh~”

The tingling sensation intensified as Tori felt her chest starting to grow hot. She looked down to inspect her humble mounds only to be completely taken aback by what she saw. Where once lay pair of undersized As, now sat a bountiful duo of plump and perfect B cups.

“My chest…it’s getting…bigger?!”

The dollop of cream which had come into contact with had been completely absorbed in only a matter of seconds, sucked away like a pool of water by a thirsty plant. Her puffy areola started to enlarge and stretch, steadily plumping up until they had reached the size of the average soft-ball. They weren’t overly huge, but at least enough to fill the palms of her hands which was a lot more than she could have ever asked for. Fear was quickly replaced with jubilance as a broad smile crossed the dog girl’s face. She inwardly squealed with glee.

“B-breasts! I-I can’t believe it! They’re a good size too! I might have gained a lot of weight in the process, but it was definitely worth it for these babies!”

The growth didn’t stop there. Tori moaned in ecstasy as she felt her chest continue to rise, continue to fatten and plump. Her old insecurities began to quickly melt away, lost beneath added centimetres to her once flat bust. Passing the C range and into the Ds, the delighted dog girl had quickly forgotten all about her traumatic experience on Lindt’s machine, only asking the soot-covered cat-girl to untie her arm bindings so that she might better take a look at her curvaceous cups.

“Look Lindt! Look at them bounce!” Tori squealed as rose to her feet. “This is the happiest day of my life!”

“Nyah~ You’re not mad at me for what I did are you?” Lindt gingerly inquired.

“Not at all! I’ve always wished that I could have knockers like these and now I finally do! As for the weight to my belly and butt, I’m sure that I could run that off in time. It’s no big deal really.”

“Oh it’s good to hear you like having big boobs because they’re certainly not going to stop filling out there!”

“W-what do you mean?”

“Ah-nyah…It’s a super concentrated dose of my own breast milk, the key ingredient to all of my family’s products.” Lindt sheepishly began as she pressed her index fingers together in a small arch. “When combined, it acts as a chemical catalyst for a number of reactions, but in its purest form it’s the most fattening substance around. I’ve never actually seen what happens before when it’s exposed directly to another person, but only 1/100th of the dosage is required in our breast enhancement cream...”

“S-so I’m not done yet?!”

“To put it in as few words as possible…not even close nyah~”

No sooner had the words left Lindt’s mouth than the familiar heat began to surge through Tori’s chest once more. Pressure was building behind her mounting mammaries, speedily pushing her through the ranks of D, DD and finally into the EE range. Desperately trying to contain her inflating bosoms, she tried to fold her arms in a merger attempt to force them back. That explosive growth simply forced her ponderous pillows over the top and around the sides of her meaty arms.

“This isn’t filling out! This is overflowing!”

“All three chemicals are interacting with each other to balance out the weight on your body,” Lindt continued as she continued to watch Tori struggle against her titanic twins. “You should start to notice some changes…down there…as well nyah!”

And what changes they would be. Like flames to a wheat field, the building heat within her chest rolled across her body’s meaty build. The effect of Lindt’s milk was truly phenomenal, causing her to plump up even faster on all fronts. Everything about her was getting softer…wider…fatter….


Tori looked down and moaned. Her breasts continued to round out and swell, rapidly inflating like a pair of car airbags filled with fat. Rather than elongating into a pair of floppy torpedoes, they instead remained full and pert, vying for dominance over the top of her distending tummy line. Enclosing on the G cup range, she could no longer contain them with folded arms, let alone her smallish palms.

Her already blubbery rear was the next to feel her growth, swelling and stretching with equal gusto to match her engorged milk-jugs. The tops of her cheeks were exposed with butt flesh, causing her already developing ass shelf to slide further from her back. That rotund rump now exceeded the width of her shoulders without developing a single stretch mark as the lotion within kept her skin supple and smooth. They were but two inflated balloons, striking each other at the half way point before melding gently together down the thinning sliver of her crack. A total of ten inches would mark the distance between their widest point and overlapping folds which stacked on her back.

Not one, not two, but three immense rolls of fatness had quickly formed to take the place her once proud bulge of a stomach. Tori could feel her sense of fullness begin to dissipate as the ice-cream within was being speedily metabolised into more and more layers of cushiony female fat. Enclosing on the 350 pound mark, and without any clothes to restraint it, her flesh began to shift where it wanted to be. The enlargement of her belly began had caused it to sag, wobbling heavily as it settled atop her crotch. It now resembled more like the a melted chocolate egg, the stretching surface of her stomach alternating between a tight and pregnant look before melting into a blubbery mush when her stretching skin finally managed to catch up.

“Oh my gawd…I’m growing bigger than Lindt…bigger than those fox girls…as big as a house?! When will I stop growing?!”

Various comparisons crossed Tori’s mind as she watched continued to watch her once athletic figure become buried beneath added layers of lusty saturation and boundless excess. Her crotch had all but disappeared beneath her billowing apron as she crested the 440 pound mark, swallowed up by the deep bulges which had began to obscure the view of her feet. Her flabby biceps were now wide and soft, now much wider than even her thighs had been back when she was so much thinner only hours before. The flesh from her now watermelon-sized breasts was running out of places to go as another crease of fat appeared to pad just beneath the underside of her cleavage.

Initially stiff with shock as pound after permanent pound tore pumped through her once perfectly lean body, Tori somehow managed to break out of her stupefied trance just long enough to regain use of her arms. Violently separating them from the rest of her swollen form, ripples rolled through the liquid-like fat from her developing double chins right down to her blubber-laden thighs. Her hands began to travel down the sloping valleys of her sides, her fingers disappearing to the first knuckle as she prodded and mashed her new found flesh.

After a good few minutes, her explosive gain finally began to show signs of waning, slowing to a crawl and then a complete stop. The timing couldn’t have been better as the dog girl’s immense body began to groan, her skin not used to containing so much extra flesh. Tori closed her eyes and envisioned herself as a balloon near bursting point, with all of her weight focused on her breasts and belly.

A cold sweat began to form around her swollen body, dampening across her eyebrows which she instinctively mopped up with the back of a chubby arm. She could feel the drops jumping from one roll of back fat to the other as she laboriously waddled in a tight circle to face the soot-blackened Lindt.

“H-how much…how much…am I?”

“Only a single drop is required to fatten a girl up, but always stops at a standard safety weight just in case accidental exposure occurs. You might find it hard to believe Tori, but you now weigh around 580 pounds. Nyah~”

Tori’s short and scruffy black hair stood on ends as her immense shoulders began to tremble. She could hardly believe her ears. Convinced that she had probably fallen asleep in Lindt’s tub at some point and would awaken from this nightmare at any given second, she motioned to pinch herself on the top of her right butt cheek. The sweep of her upper arm fat against the surface of her giant belly was all that it took to prove her otherwise.

“F-Five hundred and e-eighty?!” Tori exclaimed as she forcefully slapped her hands against a mid-thigh length belly apron. “W-what am I supposed to do now?! I mean look at me! I’m so huge I can hardly even get out the door! I can’t live like this!”

“Wait! Wait~Nyah~! I can still fix this! All I need to do is reverse the process of the machine! At least I think I know how to…Come on! It’ll be an experiment in the name of science! I promise you it’ll be fun!”

The dog girl’s eyes narrowed in annoyance at the sound of Lindt’s suggestion.

“I think you’ve done quite enough! You’re the reason why I’m like this! You’re the reason why I can’t ever show myself in public again, y-you…you…fat loving freak!” Tori spat, fuming at the thoughts of her ruined, naked figure. “I’m leaving this madhouse and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!”

With thighs bulging to the sides, she forced her 25 inches of thighs forward. Her inner thighs were now far too wide for her to separate, causing the layers of bulky flesh she had accumulated against each other with a somewhat sticky ‘SCHLOCK’ing sound. That mid-thigh length apron shifted and folded in time with the regular compressing and expanding of her tri-rolls of fat in time with her lumbering gait. Her 70 inch belly, now comparable to the circumference of a regular oil tank, wobbled energetically from side to side as she slowly made her way towards the laboratory steps.

“W-wait! I’m sorry Tori! I didn’t mean for you to get so big! I-I just wanted to help you out! At least let me help you climb the stairs.”


The banner was slick with sweat as the colossal dog girl laboriously heaved her bulk up the narrow passage. From her love handles to her thighs, Tori could feel the sides of her swollen form scrape along the sides of the cobblestone walling to leave a steady trail of perspiration like a living water-bed that had sprung a couple of leaks. The twin bloated oblong-shaped cheeks of her fleshy rear consumed the entire passageway, leaving Lindt to converse with her blubber-filled buttocks as she carefully stepped a bit at a time.

“Come on Tori! Please talk to me! It’s not really bad being so fat now is it? You can eat all you want and not have to worry about diets or anything! Say, why don’t we go get cleaned up and clothed and go out to dinner together to make up for all this. My treat nyah~”

“You…just don’t…get it…” Tori groaned as she shifted her valley of folds around the final corner. “I’d…*urgh*…NEVER…*hah-hah*…want anyone…*ah*…to see me…*gah*…like this…All of this fat…my body’s so…so….DISGUSTING!”

Now finally standing at the top of the stairway, Tori leaned exhausted against the wooden door leading back outside. What remained still visible of her mighty thighs beneath the sluggish rolls of her vast belly shuddered mightily as they scraped the walls

“Wanting to be fat…what the hell is wrong with you! Big tits or not, mobility is everything for a girl from the streets like me! You used me as your science experiment just because you were bored and then try to tell me that food will make it all better just like that?!”


“I’m sorry Lindt, but not everyone you know can be bought off just like that. This is why rich people can’t be trusted…they only ever think of themselves…”

“Uh, Tori…”

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go grab my clothes and go back home. Maybe if I waddle everyday for a few months I’ll regain the ability to walk normally at least…”



A thunderous CRRRRRRAAAAACCCCCCCKKKKK of splintering wood had caught the king-sized dog-girl completely off guard despite Lindt’s attempted warnings. The flimsy door which she had been using for support had shattered underneath the force of her body’s bulk, sending Tori hurtling backwards like a naked boulder of female-flesh. Pound after pound of soft, oozing fat would cushion the obese canine fall as she slid across the mansion’s polished marble floor. Her massive calves lay spread in the air before her, with only her buttery cocoa thighs to shield her sex long enough before her belly balloon came back down to shield her from view. Adding injury to insult, the weighty endowments of her jiggling chest had been catapulted just far enough to gently slap her across the face. This was definitely not her day.

“Great…fan-freakin’-tastic…Like anything else could go wrong…”

“Ach’…Pardun meh for intrudin’ but are yuu bah any chance…a Miss Lindt Kirsa?”

Tori looked up. An upside-down, police officer with pricked wolf-ears was standing before her, staring at her inquisitively with a pen and note-pad in hand. From that thick Scottish accent and rust-coloured hair, she immediately recognized him as one of the detectives who had been tailing her for most of the evening. To make matters worse, an aurora of red and blue flickering lights reflecting off of his upside-down, shining gold badge had also let her know that the house was now completely surrounded. The panty thief was about to literally get caught with her own panties down.

“CRAP! I’m screwed! I can’t move, I can’t run, I can barely lift my own weight! What do I do?! What do I do?!”

Frozen with fear, and several hundred pounds weighing her to the ground, Tori said naught. Completely aware that she was star-fishing in the nude in front of a police officer, the nearly 600 pound dog-girl started to fret even more as she thought of the city judge adding ‘indecent exposure’ to her already long list of violations. She had one more chance, as declared during her last court hearing, before she would have to start doing some hard time. Though her thinner self might have survived the big house by the skin of her tail, jail was just no place for a fat girl of her new size.

“Well, are ye’?” the officer pressed, jabbing the rubbery end of his pencil lightly into the bulk of Tori’s paunch.


“Nyah? Actually, that’s me,” interrupted Lindt as she raised a flabby arm from behind the shadow of Tori’s quivering belly. “Is there something wrong officer?”

“*Ahem* We didn’ wan-ta be botherin’ ye at this late hour, boot we’ve be’n recevin’ sum calls regardin’ a noise disturbance. Jus’ checkin’ that everythin’s okeh. You lasses be havin’ a wee parteh or somethin’?”

“Party? Nope, nothing like that going on here,” Lindt continued as she attempted to clamber across the dog-girl road block. “We were just--*Ooofff*.”

A misjudged step from a raised foot had caught on the squishy surface of the multitude of rolls before her, sending Lindt crashing down on top of the immobilized dog-girl. Their twin breasts came together with a meaty-slap, compressing from their combined weight before gently rolling over Tori’s face. Every effort to lift herself off was thwarted as the overweight cat-girl’s hands sunk ever deeper into the seemingly endless mass of tremendous belly and ass beneath. For a few moments, it seemed as though their sizable bodies were locked in an unintentional, close embrace.


“Nyah! Sorry sweetie…” Lindt apologised, immediately understanding the dog girl’s muffled words despite having a mouth stuffed full of swollen tit-flesh.

“Ah see, we all came ata ratha ‘private’ time for ye’…” the officer hurriedly continued. He coughed a little before quickly turning away to hide the look of embarrassment upon his face after witnessing that psudo-erotic display. “Varreh sorry for the intruuusion, ah best ye be lettin’ ye carryin’ on…”

Her beyond-buxom bosom would heave a sigh of relief. Dropping the cat girl who lay upon them by around half an inch and allowing her dangling hands and feet to reach the floor once more, Tori silently watched those upside-down boots steadily clop away. Lindt’s contact with a harder surface was a short lived experience as she felt herself elevated once more as the officer suddenly hesitated. It was as though he had been reminded of something important.

“Oh...an’ one marrr thin’, ye lasses wouldn’ta seen ah girl wit’ a sack-o pantehs on her back bah any chance would ye? Me an’ the boys out front ‘ave been lookin’ fuur a panteh thief who ran inta this area sometime this evenin’. Yur friend here looks a little familiar if you don’ mind me sayin...”

Tori’s blood immediately ran cold as the color began to drain from her face. Lindt wouldn’t really sell her out would she? She wasn’t that cold hearted right? The silent dog girl immediately reflected over the harsh words exchanged between the two of them on the steps and regretted doing so. Her fate rested in the chubby palms currently latched onto her gelatinous love-handles.

“It’s alright…keep calm…Lindt’s not the kind of girl to hold a grudge...”

“Nyah, she does? Maybe if you tell me what she looks like, maybe I can identify the girl you’re looking for” came Lindt’s immediate, smiling reply as she rolled off of Tori’s waterbed body proportions.


“Weell,” the officer began as he pulled out a note book at his side. “the lass we be lookin’ fur would be--”

“Did she have full, thick thighs like this?” interrupted Lindt as she squeezed a handful of Tori’s bloated upper thigh, easily the width of a large throw cushion.

“Weell, actually she’s—”

“She’s got a big, sexy belly like this?” Lindt continued as she fondled handful after handful of Tori’s abundant rolls, their dark-chocolate texture melting between her chubby palms.

“Actually no, but she does have—”

“Have a great big ass like this, nyah~” Lindt emphasised as she rolled Tori onto her side in order to show off the great folds of her wobbling butt-cheeks, sending them into a river of motion as Lindt gave them a hearty slap.

“Miss Lindt, wouldn’tcha please just allow meh to finish!” the officer forcefully interjected, allowing his professional composure to slip a little upon viewing that brief tour of female flesh. “Ahem, as ah was sayin’, the onleh distinguishin’ feature the lass we’re lookin fur has is a tattoo of a heart atop her right breast.”

A soft ‘oh’ shape escaped Lindt’s mouth as a knowing look appeared upon her face. Gone was the scatter-brained, personality, replaced completely by that of a sexy femme fatale. Tori could hardly believe the near instantaneous change which had come over the pale cat-girl as she sensually cupped each bloated sphere of breast meat and tweak her shot-glass-sized nipples.

“Oh, so you’re a breast man are you? Well, feel free to look all you like. My Victoria’s all natural/ I’ll have you know that there’s nothing artificial about these puppies. I’m sure she’ll let you have a feel…if you promise to be gentle…”

“What’s gotten into her? It’s as though she’s become totally different! And…when did I become ‘Victoria’?”

Trying hard not to let Lindt’s lusty imagery get in the way of duty, the officer gulped hard before cautiously gazing into the floor-bound dog girl’s jiggling rolls of chest fat. There was indeed a tattoo upon this girl’s right breast, but it was nowhere near the heart-shape which the reports had described. This girl’s tattoo was clearly that of a distorted peach, no doubt stretched out from the years it took her to put on all that weight.

“Err, it seems as though ah was mistaken. This lass clearly isn’t who we’re lookin fur,” the officer bashfully replied, reluctantly tearing his gaze away from those oversized milk tanks. “Once again, so sorry to trouble ye. H-Have a gooood neight then Miss Lindt and Miss Victoria.”

And with that, the wolf-eared detective immediately took his leave leaving the two girls alone once more at the centre of the hall. Through a bit of effort, and a helping hand, Lindt eventually lifted Tori back to her flabby feet, allowing her belly to sag over her privates once more.

“T-that was amazing! Where did you learn to act like that?”

“Learn? It’s just some common sense nyah~! Now that you’ve got breasts, hips and a belly there are plenty of new perks and possibilities for you to gain if you just flaunt your body a little nyah~ It’s one of the finer points of being overweight!”

“I suppose…but from where I come from, that stuff never works if you’ve got a serious gut like this. I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do when I get back….” Tori lamented as she squeezed the pounds of her paunch. “Thanks again for not turning me in though…I guess rich people aren’t so bad after all.”

“No, wait! Don’t go nyah~”

A second set of hands embraced her from behind, helping to give her curves a hearty squeeze. Lindt played with Tori’s fat, massaging it, folding it and even giving it a final firm shake for good measure as though it were a magic 8 ball. The feel of her probing fingertips being swallowed by the deep gorges of that growing gut had given the curious cat girl an idea.

“Tell you what Tori, why don’t you stay with me for a while whilst I get the machine fixed. If you really don’t like being so fat, I can have you back to your old skinny self in a few weeks time. In the mean time, you need a place to stay for a while that will accommodate your size after all and my mansion is the best place to do it! I’ll teach you everything there is to know about the rules of being big if you help me out with a few experiments I had in mind.”

“Experiments? Like what?” inquired Tori as she watched Lindt pull out a mobile phone from the tattered piece of lab coat pocket still caught beneath her lower most belly fold and hit the first button on her speed-dial.

“Like how much pizza a couple of big girls like us can eat in one night nyah~! All of this talk of weight has really given me an appetite!”