Double L
"Of Jealousy And Junk Food" Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi WG
"The Hunger of the Piranais" Martin Mystery WG
"The Choker of Fattening" Xiaolin Showdown WG
"Revenge and Fattening" Lost Universe WG
"Disgaea Demon Christmas" Disgaea WG
"Fat Days" Midori Days WG
"Sooga FA": Pucca - Ching - Jing-Jing Pucca WG
"Santa's Delivery Girls" One Piece WG
"Extra Plush Love" One Piece WG
"Glutton Gourmet Girl" Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei WG
"Outwitting a Wide Wraith" Scooby Doo WG
"A Dangerous Chef" Sgt. Frog WG