"A Puyo Halloween"
by Mistystuffer

It was October 31. Puyo was at home, relaxing in bed. All of a sudden the phone rang. She picked it up.

"Hey, Puyo!" She recognized it as the voice of her best friend.

"Hey Mimi, what's up?"

"Have you decided what you're going to be for Halloween yet? I already got my costume!"

"I think so, but I gotta buy the costume soon, in time for Trick Or Treating tonight!"

"You're actually going to go Trick Or Treating?" Mimi asked, surprised. "Don't you think we're getting a bit old for that?"

"Aw, you can never be too old!" Puyo replied sternly. "Besides, think of all the free candy!!!"

"You would think of that. Anyway, wanna come with me to pick out pumpkins in a little bit?"



That afternoon, the two met up to go select some pumpkins. They went to the local town square, where vendors were selling them and other fall goodies.

Puyo sighed. "Pumpkins, the worst vegetable."

"Why's that?" Mimi asked.

"Well, it looks so big and delicious, but then you open it up..... Yuck!"

Mimi insepected a pumpkin. She gave it a few good whaps with her hand, and it made a thumping echo. "Hey Puyo, it sounds just like your stomach!"

"Not as big, though," Puyo observed. "And much harder!"

They continued along until they came across a crowd of people, at what seemed to be contest of some sort.

"Hey Puyo, look!" Mimi said. "It's a pumpkin-weighing contest. Farmers compete to see who's grown the largest---." She noticed Puyo was nowhere to be found.

"380!" someone yelled.

Mimi found Puyo, standing on a giant scale used for weighing pumpkins.

"Did I win?" Puyo asked.

"No," said the announcer, "This contest is for pumpkins only!"

"Stupid pumpkins! Always ruining my fun..."

Disappointed, Puyo rejoined Mimi and the continued on. Mimi had picked out a nice pumpkin she liked.

"The only kind of pumpkin I like is a pumpkin pie," said Puyo.

"Are you still on about that?" asked Mimi.

"Why is it we get all the pumpkins by Halloween, but we gotta wait till Thanksgiving for the pies? I want them now!"

On their way home, they passed a costume shop. "Hey, I need to get a costume!" Puyo said, remembering she didn't yet have one. And so she went in, and returned about ten minutes later. "Aww, the only thinng they had that fit me is this witch costume."

"I bet it'll look cute anyway," Mimi said to cheer her up.

Later on, it was getting dark, and the two met up once more for the festivities. Both had changed into their Halloween costumes. Puyo, of course was a witch, and Mimi was dressed as a devil. Puyo's outfit fit snugly, and she had modified it to allow her belly to hang out. She felt more comfortable that way.

"Yay, Trick or Treating!" shouted Puyo excitedly. She hurried to the first house and rang the doorbell.

A woman answered the door. "Aren't you a little big for Trick Or Treating?"

Puyo was offended. "What's the matter with being big?!" She slapped her belly to make her point.

"I don't mean that," the woman replied. "Your age!"

"Oh. I just like candy! Now, Trick or Treat! Got any?"

"Fine," the woman said, holding out a bucket. Puyo gleefully grabbed a large handful and trotted back down the walkway from the house.

Puyo proceeded to collect candy from every house. She wasn't always one for excessive physical activity, but going house to house for free food was something she could deal with! Eventually she'd hit about a hundred houses, and her candy bags were full.

"I know of a good Halloween party going on," Mimi suggested. "Maybe we could stop by there."

"Good idea," Puyo agreed.

They walked down the street, right to the house where the party was being held. Once inside, they looked for something to do.

"Look, apple-bobbing!" said Puyo, as she spotted a large tub. "I'm gonna try!" She stuck her head in the water-filled vat. She opened her mouth and began to intake the water. Within moments, it was all gone. She let out a large burp. "They're easier to find this way," Puyo said, picking up an apple and taking a bite out of it, as Mimi looked on, amazed. Puyo's belly was now much bigger, and notably sloshier, Every movement she made caused her over-saturated belly to wobble. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to use the restroom..."

After opening the floodgates, Puyo returned to the party. She plopped down in a seat to check out her candy bags. Without hesitation she dug in, gulping it down.

"Puyo, you're eating the candy awfully fast," he friend commented. "Are you even stopping to taste it?"

"Of course I can taste it," Puyo replied, "But the most important thing is getting it into my belly!"

After consuming about ten pounds of candy, Puyo was thirsty once again. She headed over to a table where there was a punch bowl, and picked it up. Putting it to her mouth, she began guzzling it down, even the ice. When finished, she let out another satisfied burp, and placed her hands on her belly, rubbing it.

"Candy corn!" she cried observantly, noticing a large bowl the treat at a nearby table. She waddle over and started consuming handfuls, as she allowed her growing belly to rest on the table.

"Puyo, we should probably get going," Mimi said. "The host of the party is getting a bit frustrated with your gluttony."

"Just a few more minutes," Puyo said in a muffled voice, mouth full. She crammed another delicious handful of candy corn in, right before Mimi took her hand and started leading her to the door. As they left, Mimi was carrying their candy, and Puyo was just thankful she'd successfully cleared the doorway without issue.

Stuffed and struggling to waddle, Puyo sighed. "I can barely walk... I don't think I can get all the way home."

"You can spend the night with me!" Mimi said "My house is just across the street!"

Barely making it insude, Puyo flopped down on Mimi's bed, her belly sloshing and gurgling. At that moment, her Halloween costume burst all over, leaving the girl scantically clad.

"Where's the candy?" Puyo asked.

"Right here."

Puyo opened her mouth and pointed to it.Mimi rolled her eyes, and started feeding Puyo. She fed her for a good ten minutes, before it was apparent she''d fallen into a deep sleep, digesting it all.

The next morning, Mimi was awoken by an excited Puyo.

"Hurry! We need to get going!"

"Where to?" Mimi asked, still groggy from sleep.

"All the stores are gonna have heavily-discounted Halloween candy! We need to get it before it's gone!" she cried, before quickly exiting the room.

"Alright, but at least get dressed first!!"