"Eiken At It's Best"
a fanfic by Limequat

This story takes place in the world of Eiken, where fanservice comes before anything else, and the average girl has a bust size of H.
In this filthy world, there were two girls, Komoe and Kirika, who were now both in their second year of high school. Years ago, in the original Eiken story, Komoe’s breasts were considerably larger, but now, years later, they had both acquired a size I.
These two girls were in a club (the Eiken Club) with a boy called Densuke, his equally busty girlfriend Chiharu, and some other less important people.
Lately both Komoe and Kirika were feeling all fluttery and nervous when Densuke was around, and they soon realized that this strange sensation was a crush.

The next day, Komoe ran into Kirika at the drugstore.
“Hi Kirika. Umm, what’s that you’re holding?” But then she answered her own question. “Kirika, you’re not gonna start taking estrogens, are you?”
“I sure am!”
Kirika did not need estrogens. She was one of the most female females ever, with big breasts and curvy hips. There could only be one reason for Kirika taking estrogens, and that was…
“You’re gonna make your boobs even bigger so Densuke will like you!!!”
“DING-DING! We have a winner!”
“But, wouldn’t that really hurt your back?”
“I am willing to make a sacrifice for true love! The pluses outweigh the minuses!” Then she went away to pay for her pills.
Komoe looked around to make sure she wasn’t watching, then took some estrogens off the rack for herself. If Kirika knew she was going to also be competing for Densuke’s affections, who knows what could happen? She might suffocate her in her cleavage. She dreaded the thought of it.
She waited for Kirika to leave, then walked over to the checkout counter. She handed the little box to the cashier, who (obviously unable to stop himself) raised his eyebrows.

At school the following day, everyone was eating lunch in the cafeteria. Kirika was chatting with Miharu when Komoe walked in. Kirika seemed a little more voluptuous than the day before: mainly it was her breasts that seemed larger, but her butt was also a bit fuller. Another thing she noticed was her hair—it was even longer than before.
Komoe could feel her breasts bounce as she approached her purple-haired friend.
Kirika did not return her greeting. After a short pause, she said, “Are your boobs bigger?”
Komoe’s face grew hot. She was hoping she wouldn’t notice. “Uh…yeah. Yeah, I guess they are.”
Kirika gave her a look, then went back to talking to Miharu.

Later, in the hall, Densuke was rummaging in his locker. He was quite calm and content until he felt something soft plumped against either side of his head and heard an ominously familiar voice. “Hello, Densuke-Kun.”
“Er, hi, Kirika. Would you mind un-squashing my head?”
“Not at all.” She stood up, making her breasts brush against his face. Densuke’s nose started to drip. Kirika then took a few steps backward and outstretched her arms, as if preparing for a massively squishy hug. “Well?” she said. “What do you think?”
“My boobs! They’re bigger! How do you like them???”
Densuke studied her for a moment. “You’re right. They are a little bigger.”
“A LITTLE???!!!!!!?!!?! They went up a whole cup size since yesterday!! I’d say that’s pretty significant!!”
“Oh. Well, I guess since they were so big already, it was hard to tell.”
“But do you like them??!”
“I guess.” He went back to messing around in his locker.
“But-but do you really LIKE them??”
“Yes! Now will you shut up and leave me alone!?”
Kirika was stunned. She, the head of the Eiken club, was never told to shut up and go away. Maybe she could change Densuke’s mind.
She grabbed his head and performed her signature cleavage squash on it. The blood spewing from his nose was surely staining her shirt, but she couldn’t care less.
“Gah! What’re you doing!!?! I said to leave me alone!!!” Densuke yelled, pulling his head out. Then he took his stuff and marched down the hall, leaving Kirika to stand there, mouth agape, hardly believing her eyes.

She and Komoe took their pills again.

Komoe woke up. She rolled out of bed, breasts bouncing, and shuffled over to her dresser. She [Komoe slept naked] took out a fresh pair of panties. She stepped into one hole, then the other, and pulled them up, but she found some difficulty in getting them over her hips. She wiggled and sucked in her belly, at last succeeding in her attempts of getting them to fit like they had only a few days ago. Then she took out a bra. That, unlike the panties, refused to fit no matter how hard she tried. So she just decided to go braless that day.
Then on came the other clothes.

At lunch at school she came across Kirika looking more voluptuous than ever. Her boobs appeared to have grown at the same rate as her own, but her butt was much larger, even bigger than Teacher’s. Her hair almost touched the floor.
“Hello, Kirika. Can I sit with you?”
Komoe sat down on her soft butt. She opened her paper lunch bag and dumped out a peanut butter sandwich, a lemonade drink box, and some potato chips. “What did you get?” she asked.
“Oh, the usual,” her friend replied. Komoe looked and saw, indeed, she had brought the usual: a hot dog, a cheese stick, a banana, and a carrot.
They munched on their food until it was all gone. Kirika was just about to throw her banana peel away when Komoe got an idea. “Hey Kirika, can I see that?”
“Uh, okay.” She handed it to her.
Komoe, jumping with glee, ran out of the cafeteria with her massive jugs bouncing furiously.

She waited at her locker. Her locker was very close to Densuke’s, which meant that he would be coming down the hall at any minute. Quickly, she dropped the peel onto the floor.
Then, sure enough, came the boy of her dreams walking unsuspectingly in her general direction. Komoe knew that, since this was the world of Eiken, he would be guaranteed to fall for her trick. He stepped on the banana peel, and went flying through the air, straight into her chest, just as planned.
Komoe tried to look shocked and disgusted. “Um… uh… would you please get off me?”
She said in a perfect imitation of Chiharu’s voice during her and Densuke’s first awkward encounter.
“Er… I’m sorry. I apologize. I don’t know what happened…” he ended helplessly. Though he truly did look sorry for what he did, he also looked strangely delighted. His nose started to dribble. Blushing, he got off of Komoe, who made her eyes fill with tears.
She ran away emitting fake sobs.
Densuke felt miserable.

Later, it was time for gym class and everyone had to change their clothes. The usual stampede of students came in a cloud of dust and split up into two groups, male and female, and fought their way into their respective locker rooms.
Komoe stood outside, unnoticed. She looked quickly around to make sure no one was watching. There was no one in sight. Hastily, she switched the “boys” and “girls” signs hanging on the doors. She knew exactly what would happen.
She heard footsteps coming. She scrambled into what she knew was the girls’ room.
He emerged from around the corner.
Densuke, who was slow and unpopular, had (as usual) been trampled by the crowd. He staggered towards the doors. He was too groggy to notice that the locker rooms had moved, just as planned, so he simply went into the room marked “boys”.
He became alert when he realized what he had done.
Half the girls in the school were sitting before him, some bare-breasted, others completely naked. They stared at him like rabbits. Finally one of them piped up,
“GET OUT OF HERE YOU FILTHY PERVERT!!!!!” it was Yuriko. Behind her stood
Komoe, fully exposed, right from her squishy butt to her huge boobs. Densuke couldn’t help but look at her, she was so beautiful. And not just her boobs, the rest of her was too. Her slender ankles, her long pink hair, her delicate fingers. He paid no mind to her bushy eyebrows—they didn’t bother him one bit.
Densuke started. He had been completely entranced by Komoe’s beauty. “Er… I’m very sorry. This won’t happen again.” He slammed the door behind him.

The Eiken club was meeting behind Chiharu’s house. Unfortunately, she could not make it that day.
The Eiken club is famous for doing all sorts of random things, mostly involving bikinis. It was a fine day in spring, a day perfect for playing various outdoor games. Kirika, being the leader, felt she was entitled to choose.
“We’re gonna play the Hug Game!!”
“What’s the Hug Game?” Yuriko asked.
“Don’t you know anything!? It’s simple. Someone’s the announcer. They tell everybody else a number like ‘two’ or ‘five’ or something small like that. They try to form groups of people of whatever number by hugging each other. Whoever isn’t in a group by the end of the round is out. Now, who wants to be the announcer?”
“I will!” Kyoko cried at once.
“Okay then. You sit in that lawn chair there.” She pointed to a green plastic chair a few meters away. Kyoko obeyed.
“Alright!” Kirika exclaimed. “Everyone, spread out!”
They did so.
“Three!” said Kyoko.
Yuriko and Kirika dove toward Densuke, causing him to topple onto the ground. Kirika’s soft breasts were again plumped against his face. His nose started to bleed.
“What’s wrong, Densuke? Are these…” she rubbed them in his face some more. “…bothering you?”
“Uhm, no! No, no! Not at all!” he was feeling light-headed from the extreme loss of blood. He was afraid he might faint.
“Okay, next round!!” Kyoko called. The three if them stood up. There were two other bunches of hugging people: Teacher and Kuma, and Grace, Miharu .
“I think…” she went on, “FOUR!”
Yuriko, Kirika and Komoe immediately tackled Densuke. He was surrounded by breasts. He couldn’t take it anymore. His nose was spewing forth a fountain of blood that never seemed to stop. He felt like he was going to wet his pants. He was feeling wobbly and lightheaded and ready to topple over… and he did.
Suddenly the game stopped.
Teacher picked him up and took him into the house, the others following.
Keiko was making okonomiyaki when they came in. “Oh dear. What happened to him!?”
“We don’t know,” said Grace.
Teacher laid him on the couch. “Sweetie? Are you okay?” he did not respond.
Kirika barged in. “Step aside, lady! I know what to do!” she rubbed her breasts in his face. He still didn’t respond.

He was rushed to the hospital to have a blood transfusion. The Eiken club was told that he would be okay.
They were allowed to visit him.
He was conscious now.
Komoe and Kirika had again taken their estrogens. Their butts were so huge that they poked out from under their short skirts. That was a bad thing, since their panties didn’t fit anymore. Their breasts were huger than huge and gave them both nice Australian cleavages. Their nipples were very prominent.
“Okay, let’s cut to the chase,” said Kirika. “Who do you love?”
Densuke was silent for a moment. “Komoe,” he said. “Komoe is the one I love.”
She was shocked, furious and hurt all at the same time. “WHAT!!!?!!!? WHY!!?!!!!???! WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!!? I’M BEAUTIFUL!!!! WHAT THE #@(% IS WRONG WITH ME!!!?!!????!!!”
Densuke said nothing. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something about Komoe that he liked. No, not liked. Loved. He had recently found himself loving her even more than Chiharu. He didn’t want to love her more, but he couldn’t help it. But what was that quality that appealed to him so? After much pondering, he finally came up with the answer. “She’s like Chiharu with bigger boobs.”
“BUT-BUT WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!!???!!????!!!!”
“Nothing’s wrong with you. You’re just not my type.”

Densuke was checked out of the hospital. He dumped Chiharu and started going out with the voluptuous Komoe. He was happier than he had ever been.
As for Kirika… he did not know what happened to her. She just mysteriously disappeared one day and never came back. Not like he cared or anything.
Chiharu became the new leader of the Eiken club. She soon came to love her job, but did not get a swelled head like Kirika before her. She remained the same old sweet, ditzy Chiharu. Eventually she found a boy she liked as much as Densuke, and they started going out. Occasionally the two new couples would double-date.

No one in the filthy world of Eiken could have been happier.