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Video clips from site contributors:
Ouka BE .Hack//Legend of the Twilight BE

Weight Gain original WG
Hinata BE Naruto BE
Puyo WG Animexpansion WG
Christmas '08 original WG

Tiny Kong Donkey Kong WG

Video clips from anime series:
Girl's High
Eriko and Yuma in a ramen-eating contest Ep. 8: "Long Ago, We Were Young, Too... Back to "A Few Years Ago"! WG

Kamen no Maid Guy
Naeka imagines herself expanding Episode 2 WG

Negi inflates Asuna's breasts Ep. 4 "No Place is Like Home" BE

Omishi Magical Theater: Risky-Safety
Risky stuffed Ep. 1: "Happiness or Unhappiness: Death Angel" WG

Paniponi Dash
Ichijo as a balloon Ep. 16: "Adversity Makes a Man Wise" Inflation

Potemayo stuffed unknown episode WG

Mitzi gains a few rolls Episode "The Dart of War" WG

Inflation unknown epsiode Inflation

Video clips from toons and American animation:
Family Guy
Fat Girl Ep. 83: "Hell Comes To Quahog" Fat
Britney Spears and her dietitian Ep. 86: "Prick Up Your Ears" WG, Eating
Lois' boobs are inflated Ep. 110: "I Dream of Jesus" BE

Robot Chicken
Punky Brewster's breasts are enlarged by Glomer, per her request Ep. 69: "But Not In That Way" BE

The Boondocks
Woman with a big butt from "Soul Plane 2" trailer Ep. 16: "... Or Die Trying" Fat