"Surrogate Silliness"
a story by Bob-dude

Part 1

The heat was on me. Both my mom, Her, and dad, Grim Jr, were sitting across from me with stolid expressions on their faces, both of them in their supernatural, ‘normal’ forms. I was sitting in my own chair slinking away from them as best I could, not bothering to look them in the eye, transformed as well. My devil tail was slumped back devoid of all motion. Why did I have to touch that stupid orb? I thought miserably to myself. Why? Why? WHY?

“Rose,” my mother said steely, her ruby red eyes peering into my soul. “Do you know why both your father and I are annoyed with you right now? Why we are sitting down? And why YOU don’t seem to want to look us in the eye?”

I gave a small glance at my dad, hoping to see some bit of sympathy or feeling of understanding, no such luck. His fleshless face was hard, his eyeless sockets slightly narrowed into a ‘you’re out of luck kiddo’ look. For a moment there was nothing but silence between the three of us. You see my parents had put this orb thing off limits and I might have broken it, by accident mind you! And as you might have guessed when you have the son of death for a father and a powerful she-devil for a mom, let’s just say that they tend to find out about this sort of stuff pretty darn fast.

“Because I broke your crystal ball thing?” I answered in a meek voice, still not bothering to look either of them in the eye, or lack there of. Mom nodded sternly, her glaze not lessening in the slightest. Mom nodded, her face still hard as a rock. “Good Rose and can you guess WHY we might be upset over a ‘crystal ball thing’ being broken in the first place?”

“Because it was pretty?” That was apparently not the reply they had been looking for. My daddy sighed, “No Rose, not because ‘it was pretty’, your mother and I are mad at you because what you broke was a priceless artifact known as a Soul Prison, which was used to keep the soul of the Lord of Chaos known as Mordru from raging freely over the world. This powerful spirit of an immortal wizard had been sealed away many times in the past already. In the Rock of Eternity, multiple secret dimensions, vaults, amulets and so on, but he always somehow managed to escape. Soul Prison was the only magical object which could have kept him imprisoned for all eternity. basically what that means is-- in other words Rose, you just destroyed something that is not only irreplaceable but almost set lose a powerful spiritual beast king onto the Underworld.” As he said this dad crossed his bone arms together and his glare increased ten fold. I wanted to scream out “How the hell was I suppose to know that? It’s not like the thing had a sticky note on it saying, ‘do not touch. VERY POWERFUL GHOST THINGY INSIDE!!’ Something like that would have helped a TON. Sticky notes tend to do that from time to time.

Mind you I didn’t say that to their faces, I was already in enough trouble as it is and I didn’t want to jinx myself any more. Something however was still bothering me about this whole “all powerful crystal ball thingy braking into glass like dust by a simple poke of the index finger” situation. How something THAT fragile could be broken by someone as weak as me? That just did NOT add up. When I voiced this to my parents however were able to answer my question. When they had obtained the Soul Prison both mom and dad had put a special incantation so that only someone of D (myself) or E classes could brake it, the reason they had made it so that only someone weak could break it was that considering how heavily guarded the castle was and how powerful the rest of my family is they figured that the odds of the orb breaking then would be slim to none, but in the off chance that it would break they put on an alert charm that would transport them to the broken orb.

Now you might be thinking that my parents being angry at me is unfair, or unjust but the thing is they DID warn me about the orb(among many other things of not to touch) but it’s not my fault they didn’t bother to tell me what it looked like or where it was for that matter! Either way the point was that I was now in major trouble, my parents might have been able to banish Lord whatever his name was in the puppet dimension without too much difficulty but that didn’t stop them from being any less pissed off at me.

“You disobeyed us Rose.” Mom said flatly. “We gave you an oath, which you took on your word, and you STILL disobeyed us.”

I opened my mouth to protest but dad cut me off before I could even say one word. “Although we won’t deny that you didn’t break your word on purpose sweetheart you’re still going to have to be punished. You’re grounded. Three months.”

This time I did say something, “THREE MONTHS! YOU’RE KIDDING!?” Both mom and dad gave me “The Look”, neither one of them was kidding this time.

It was then that mom spoke up. “However Rose,” at this my pointed orange ears twitched a little, however HAD to be a good thing, I wouldn’t survive three months of being grounded at home, my real home of Vickson Ohio, let alone three months stuck in the Underworld. “Seeing as how it was an accident and the fact that you weren’t aware of what it was you were doing in the first place your father and I will be willing to let you off with only ONE month of grounding.” As she spoke the back of her lips twisted into a smirk, the kind that normally give me the creeps however I was still bowled over by what she had just said.

“Say what?” My face was stunned in an almost blank expression and my jaw bone was hanging open for all to see, closing it I looked over at dad to see if he was in on this any. He was giving my mom an quizzed look which told me that this idea(whatever it was) was all mom’s doing. Which figured in my book, if there was one thing I had learned since I had found out that my dad was all bones and my mom had horns and crab pinchers that she could morph her hands into is that if anyone was to come up with a plan, that would be my mom.

“You heard me Rose,” My mom said in an almost sly tone. “I’ll be willing to shorten your punishment to only one month but there is a catch.” Hearing this I frowned a little from disappointment. This so figured, if my mom was sent out to punish me and put me in my place she was in no way going to give up so easily. Suddenly my heart began to quicken a little, catches were almost never a good thing and when it was a form of punishment by my mom(whom might I add is the daughter of Townsvills evil of all evil!) then I KNEW it could only be something that I was going to suffer a ton from.

“The catch is this: We’ll be willing to shorten your grounding if you are willing to go along with a semi common form of punishment for girls your age.” I knew that by girls my age she really meant fellow she-devils. Inwardly I gave a small sigh of relief, how bad could it be? What would she make me do, spend time with the elderly, give food to the poor? I then remembered that this was the devil race I was thinking about here! With that in mind (and my major lack of knowledge of devil/she devil culture) there was no telling what the normal was for teenaged she-devils! Still, I thought. One month of being grounded and stuck here with no one but Melissa to keep my company(she’s my custom made slave for lack of a better term that my mom made for me when I had first met the rest of my family for the first time) as opposed to three… As you might guess I didn’t answer either of them right away, I really had to think this one out and weigh the pros vs. the cons.

After about five minutes I deiced to just wing it and take my mom up on her offer (ignoring the feeling in my gut that told me I was going to regret this big time) “I’ll do it mom.” I said.

This time she broke out into a legit, warmer smile. “Good Rose, good.”

“Are you sure about this dear?” my dad hissed trying to remain calm, but his tone of voice betrayed him. Even someone like me could tell that he was uneasy about what mom had in mind for me and hated being in the dark about something when it involved either my mom or I.

“I’m sure bonehead.” She answered coolly. “Think of this as a way for Rose to learn something about her heritage while still being punished for what she’s done.”

Dad sighed, knowing he was beaten, “Alright, just as long as it’s something that doesn’t endanger Rose’s life.”

“But of course.” With that mom lifted her right arm and began the incantation in Devilish, a thick hot pink mist began to form around her hand consuming view it from quickly, after a moment of chanting the mist then shot from her hand at my body in a gas like ball of fog. The mist ball hit my body and was instantly assimilated, vanishing with a light pink after mist that quickly faded into nothingness. I looked at Mom to see if that was it; the look on her face told me it was. I looked down at one of my hands, then the other. I felt perfectly normal. Well, about as normal as someone with horns, a tail and crab claws can feel. That was it? I couldn’t help but feel slightly relived but also a bit nervous.

Mom’s smile widened into a smirk. “Confused Rose?” she asked.

Both dad and I could only nod. “Well I should tell you that we won’t be going back home, we’ll be staying here for the night and maybe into the next night if we have to. Also Rose your grounding won’t start until the spell takes its effect, nor will you be heading to school so think of this as a sort of an extended weekend of sorts” She said. If? Why did she say if?

I was starting to get the feeling I REALLY should have listened to my gut at that moment. After that both my parents left my room and I was by myself, it was pretty late in the evening and we had already had dinner (by which I mean I attempted to take small bites of Underworld cuisine) and according to the slightly dated clock on my wall it was 9:30 PM. That meant it was as good as time as any to go to bed. I quickly got into my PJs, then went over to my closet and got out another Santa outfit for the morning. (Mom had made sure herself that my closet was stocked to the brim with these stupid outfits) I knew that there was little I could do about my punishment so a plopped my body on my queen size bed, got under the covers and went to sleep surprisingly quickly.

I woke up the next morning with a killer headache, but that wasn’t the oddest thing however. I felt tired, exhausted, like I had just run a five mile hike and back with weights on all my limbs. I also had this odd warning feeling that I wouldn’t be able to eat much without throwing it up back out my mouth, not to mention the fact that my stomach already queasy in the first place. I looked over at my clock again, this time it read 9: 15 AM. Both my parents were no doubt up.

I flung my covers off and leapt off the bed to get dressed, however when I started to walk I found myself stumbling a little bit from weakness, my legs felt like jelly. After taking a minute to get my legs strong enough to the point where they could allow me to walk I went over to where I had hug up my outfit and dressed myself for the day. As I walked to the banquet styled dinning room to greet my parents I made a mental note to ask them what was up with my body and why I felt so weak and tired.

After a good few minutes of walking I reached the end of the hallway to the massively wide dark wooden doors that connected the hallway to the dinning room. I pushed them open with a bang and looked down the balcony to see both my mom and dad having breakfast together. I rushed down the stairs, almost tripping over my own two wobbly feet in the process and greeted my parents. They greeted me back and I sat myself down to a very tasty and delicious first meal of the day. I could go on and say what I had but I’ll just skip that part if it’s OK with you.

“Mom,” I said as I cleaned my mouth with my napkin to get the syrup off it, having finished my meal eating twice the amount of food I normal would have.(I figured I was just a bit hungrier then normal) “When I woke up this morn-“ I then paused and put my hand to my mouth, my once queasy tummy was now in eruption mode, fighting back the urge to spew barf everywhere I quickly looked over at my mom with a desperate look on my face. “Bathroom is on any of the hallway doors Rose.” I gave her a small nod then rushed off to the nearest toilet as fast as my legs would carry me. After throwing up numerous times (which took me by surprise quite a bit) I found my way back to the room, both my parents still sitting where they were before I had ran off, the table had been cleared of our dishes and the two of them looked as if they had expected me to throw up at some point.

“You were saying Rose?” Mom asked as I sat myself back in between the two of them, her on my left and dad on my right. “I was saying that when I woke up this morning I had a really annoying headache, as well as the fact that I felt fatigued and just then I just odds are puked up most of my breakfast so I have to ask, is this part of my punishment? To put my body out of whack or something?”

“Your half right Rose,” Daddy answered as he opened the newspaper, the Underworld Underbelly and began to read it as if to say that this was something that I was supposed to talk about with mom. I looked over at her with a perplexed look, just what the hell was going on with me?

“So this is part of my punishment?” She nodded and gave me the sort of look she must have used as a child, some weird part of me could tell she was saying ‘Good, go on with it’. “But it’s NOT putting my body out of whack magically speaking?”

“Think Rose,” My mom said, her voice growing slightly annoyed as if I should have know from the start what was wrong with me instead of wasting her time like this, “What common symptoms go with lightheadedness, puking, and a feeling of fatigued? And I’ll give you and hint it’s NOT an illness.” It took me a moment to get what she was saying but I quickly figured it out. (Proof that I’m not completely dense.) My eyes widened in shock, fear and disbelief. My mom then nodded slowly as if to say ‘we have a winner!’ I scooted my chair back and stood up.

“No. Way.” I didn’t scream this to the point where Heaven would have heard, I said in softly as to add to the fact that I didn’t believe what I was thinking it was meaning.

“If you want poof honey take this.” My mom the tossed me a small white foreign object thingy which I just barley caught and almost dropped it when I did. At first I didn’t know what to make of it then the reason of the strange pure white thing became clear. I looked at mom as if she was crazy but she just smiled at me with her eyes closed. “Use it the next time you go to the bathroom dear.” She said. I then stormed out of the dinning room, partly out of my own anger partly due to the fact that I really did have to pee. I had drank a few glasses of SJ(Soul Juice, which isn’t made of REAL souls, it’s just an artificial substance used to replace them) and despite the fact that I had just been to the bathroom I really hadn’t thought to USE it, don’t ask me why it just didn’t occur to me.

I’ll spare you the details, partly because I REALLY don’t want to but also because bob-dude is a sick monster with a very questionable sanity! After I had relived my bladder I picked up the white strip with my left hand, shaking like a bowl of Jell-O as it moved. This was the moment of truth, this thing would tell me if this was all just a bad dream or if I really was… I can’t even say it. I narrowed my eyes for a moment to see what the results were, the moment I laid my eyes on that small, red plus sign I felt my body go cold. Griping the portable test I once again stormed out of a room and returned to dinning room, mom had her arms crossed and dad was still on the first page of his paper. No doubt he had finished it and was only feigning reading it took listen in but that didn’t matter to me. In an angry huff I sped walked right up to my mom and morphed my free hand into a crab pincer, grabbing her by the boa and then bring her face to face with my.

“Just what the FUCK are you trying to pull?” I growled as a glob of spit landed on her left face cheek. She didn’t answer right away, for a moment all she gave me for a reply was a look that said ‘just who the fuck do YOU think your talking too young lady?’ Normally a look like that would have intimated me a lot but at this point I was WAY too pissed off to care. Finally she spoke. “What I am trying Rose is to discipline you.” Her voice was blunt and simple, as if she was stating fact.

My eye brows narrowed in anger, I pulled her closer to the point where both our noses were touching. “Like. Hell. You. Are! I don’t know what you did to this thing but I know that you did something!”

“And just what would that something be Rose?” asked mom as she slowly pried my pincer off her boa. I morphed it back into a hand and then balled it tightly into a fist. “I don’t know!” I admitted. “But I do know that you did SOMEHTING to this thing.” I waved the test result in her face rapidly to prove my point.


“Because if it was then that would mean…That would mean I- That I WAS PREGNANT!!”

Part 2

“And just why would that be impossible Rose?” Mom asked. Now her expression was more relaxed and her lips curled into a simple smirk. Somehow I just knew that she was waiting for me to say that I was, somehow pregnant!

“Because,” I snapped, “To become pregnant I would either have to have had sex with a man who’s sperm was placed inside my vagina through vaginal intercourse or had someone’s sperm placed inside of me from a sperm donor, even then there’s no way I could gain the symptoms THAT fast and lastly I hardly have the type of body boys would want to knock up in the first place!” The last example wasn’t an insult to my looks; it was more or less of a fact. If you ever saw me undressed you’d know that I’m not exactly Play demon martial. (Which if you might have guessed is the Underworld equivalent of Play boy) Dad had set down his paper and looked at me with that hard expression of his he had given me last night.

“At least you’ve been paying attention in Health class, but I think you’re forgetting one explanation Rose,” he said. I shot him an annoyed look. “And just what would that be?” I asked dryly.

“The magical one Rose.” Mom answered. It then hit me that the spell that mom had casted on me must have been why the test had come up positive. But that didn’t make even the slightest bit of sense either! You can’t magical BECOME pregnant, I mean come on! The idea is just plain stupid! Still that was the only explanation at the moment that would account for the fact that a pregnancy test came up positive.

I sucked in a deep breath and sighed deeply. I was really starting to hate supernatural life right now. “Might I ask WHY you both felt the need to magically make me a life giving machine? I mean did you really want grandkids THAT badly or something?”

Mom gave me another one of her looks as if to say that I already knew the answer. I just glared back at her, still pissed at her for somehow (no matter how illogical it was) making me pregnant. I had enough problems going on in my life, the last thing I need was having extreme mood swings, weird ass cravings, and WORST of all becoming heavy in the gut region. My first thought was that Mom was doing this as some form of revenge but I had seen pictures of her when I was still a preverbal bun in her oven. My mom had been one of those types of women who even with a pot belly still managed to look attractive. So I knew that I could cross out that absurd idea.

“Remember what I said last night Rose?” Mom asked me shortly, I could tell that she was starting to reach her limit of the amount of back sass that she could take. “This IS in fact a somewhat common form of punishment for teenaged she-devils, it is meant to humiliate and embassies them as a form of moral lesion of sorts to get them to behave better. After it’s used the first time the mother normally doesn’t have to worry about their daughter acting up again.”

“Don’t moms care about a high teenage mother rate?” I augured, hoping that I could get her to take back the incantation. I’d rather put up with Will for three months then be an emotional fat wreck.

Mom gave me a perplexed look. “What on EARTH are you talking about Rose?” she asked.

“Hello? Bun in the oven, water brakes after nine months, screaming whiny brat pops out of my body. That’s what I’m talking about mom!”

She looked at me weird like before realizing what I was talking about. “Wait… you think that…” it was about then that she began laughing her ass off loudly. I could only stare in stun silence as tears of laughter began to stream down my mom’s orange face cheeks. Dad only looked at her worriedly. “It’s not that funny Her,” he said. “Rose didn’t know.”

Damn right I didn’t know. I thought as my mother continued to laugh her butt off at my so called ‘joke’. After five literal solid minutes of laughter my mom finally managed to catch her breath. “Oh god… Oh god… Jr, remind me to tell that one to the other ladies at the next Underworld Ball will you?” She asked my dad who only muttered in reply which I guess meant yes, she then turned to face me and this time wore a legit smile on her face. That didn’t do much to stop me from being annoyed with her.

“Rose, honey your not going to be giving birth. Your only 15 years old for the love of Satan!” Mentally I let out a HUGE sigh of relief; there was no way in hell that I would have made a good mom, let alone a teenaged one. So the fact that I was just going to become a fat emotional train wreck version of myself. Oh joy, I could just tell that I was going to have boat loads of fun for the next nine months or so. Not!

“Look, I’ll walk you though some of the basics of the spell.” Mom said. “For starters your pregnancy will be compressed into one solid month instead of nine, second along with the normal human symptoms you’ll experience others such as rapid horn growth, even stranger food cravings many of which would be deadly to a normal human, as well a cravings of certain sins such as lust or greedy act around humans to which you might feel tempted to twist with people around you just to get your fix Rose, it is VERY important that you keep those urges under control as much as you possibly can.”

“Well that’s not so bad,” I said, trying to stay as positive as I could given my current situation. At least I was going to miss a month of school for this so-called punishment! That was always a good thing in my book.

“You didn’t let me finish Rose,” Mom said irritated tone. “You also won’t be carrying just one ‘child’.”

“Well how many WILL I be lugging around in my belly?”

Mom hesitated for a moment, as if I was better of not knowing. “You shall be carrying 1001 ‘children’ Rose.” Oh yea, that counted as something I was DEFFENTLY better off not knowing about!

“I’LL BE WHAT!?” I screeched, my ruby red eyes bulging in shock. That couldn’t be right. There was no way in HELL someone’s body could HOLD that many brats within me with out my belly blowing up and me having to go the rest of my odds are immortal life with a metal stomach, which in itself would odds are kill any chance I would have at ever having any REAL kids of my own.

“That’s impossible! There’s NO WAY my body could handle 100 brats let alone 1001 snot eating buggers!”

“Non existing snot eating buggers Rose” Dad corrected.

“Doesn’t matter!” I snapped, “My gut would still explode at one point or another and then you’d have a stomach less daughter for the rest of your lives!”

“Actually Rose,” my mom interrupted, cutting my rant off before I could say another word. “Your body will be perfectly capable of holding all 1001 ‘children’ and the last thing that will happen to you will be your insides blowing up everywhere.”

“But, but.” I stammered. “I’ll be HUGE by then, HUGER then huge I’ll be a fucking sentient blob!”

Dad then put a bony hand on my shoulder, I glanced up at him and he finally gave me the sympathy filled look I was looking for. “Don’t feel too bad Rose, it will just be in the stomach region.” I then gave him a threatening glare, that's hardly what I wanted to hear dad!

“You are partly right Rose; your stomach WILL eventually reach a point where you will become unable to move, even with your Nergal powers and magic.”

“Wait, I have my Nergal powers in this story?” I asked, perplexed. “I thought this was canon?”

Mom shook her head, “It’s not, it’s only as canon as Bob-dude wants it to be.”

Oh that was going to help, taking into account of the fact that Bob-dude can’t keep his mind straight with one idea for more the five minutes tops at a time mom was basically saying that we could throw all canon out the window right now. For awhile none of us said anything. Then something occurred to me, something pretty important that I felt I should ask my parents now instead of later.

“If I become immobile by my own gut how the HELL am I suppose to go to the bathroom?” Both my parents grimaced, looked at each other and then said to me at the same time. “You don’t want to know!” This just meant that Bob-dude had yet to come up with a half way reasonable solution to that dilemma.

I sighed out loud, “It could be worse,” I said. “I could be forced to go though school while under this punishment right?” I gave both my parents an uneasy grin hoping that for once for a change of pace they would agree with me. They only greeted me with silence, and that was something I had learned quickly to NEVER be a good thing.

“Oh come on!” I cried. “How am I going to be able to go to school if I have a gut the size of a small swimming pool? I’m fairly sure that people are going to start staring when they notice a 15 year old brunet girl with a massive tummy with crazy ass mood swings starts coming to classes!”

“Don’t worry Rose, after talking with your father last night we cooked a fairly good story for your punishment. As for the bloating, that won’t take place for another few days or so. And as we said before, you have an extra day off so my advice to you sweetheart is take advantage of it.”

“But what should I do for the rest of the day?” I asked.

“Do what you normally would do Rose,” Dad replied. “Watch TV, do some homework, play with you’re ridiculously huge Sassy Cat collection, whatever.”

“Fine,” I sighed, lowering my shoulders down a little. “Just tell me that I’ll return to normal after the month is up.”

Mom’s smile became sickingly sweet. “Once your water breaks Rose you will return to normal.” A smiled inwardly, it was about time SOMEONE told me what I wanted to hear! “However,” Oh god, why did she have to say however? Why couldn’t mom have just told me EXACTLY what I wanted to hear for a change of pace? “Any weight that you WILL put on during your pregnancy will stay with you, but don’t worry your grandfather had an excellent work out training program that is guarantied to help you shed your weight easily.”

After hearing that I deiced that I had heard enough, while I wasn’t as mad at them I still wasn’t about to forgive either of my parents any time soon. Now I could tell you about the rest of my day, how aside from the occasional barf, or dizziness or other pregnancy symptoms I was able to watch quite a bit of TV (which just for the record when it comes to originality for TV shows in the Underworld they’re about as original as an episode of Family Guy, so mildly amusing but not by much)

That how even at dinner or lunch I didn’t even say one word to either my mom or dad. Or even where the hell the rest of my family members are for that matter. (Grandpa and Mandy are doing royalty stuff, Aunt Minnie and Uncle Edgar is on a third honey moon and Will… I don’t know, is burning stuff alive with hell fire?) But let’s be real here people, no one wants to hear about that stuff and besides we’ve wasted enough chapter space as it is.

When I woke up the next morning I had another headache, the good news was that it wasn’t as bad this time. Nor were my legs as weak. When I had finished dressing myself and had eaten breakfast with my parents like I had in the last chapter my parents then told me that we were going to my high school early in the morning back home to let my principle know of whatever half baked scheme my mom had thought up.

When we had got back we didn’t waste any time transforming into our human forms and quickly got dressed for our normal days. Dad a black golf shirt a pair of matching dress pants as well as a tie and even his good shoes, Mom a long simple but lovely Crimson red dress to match her eyes and myself? A bland blue tank top, very raged old slightly torn jeans, Sassy Cat sneakers, and a head band to keep my shoulder length hair in a ponytail and too keep it mostly out of my way. After which we piled into my dad’s car and drove out to my school, Vickson High school.

My principle Mr. Westforde was hardly someone you could call young, yet he didn’t quite fit in with the ‘hard ass old man cliché’ like you would see in so many sitcoms. He had a good number of wrinkles over his body and almost all of his hair was gray, still he’s an understanding person and rarely ever gets REALLY mad (Or so I’ve heard, I don’t get sent to the office very often) He wore an prune colored Italian suit and he had both his hands cupped together tightly, his wrinkles showing a lot in the process. His expression was a baffled one and personally I didn’t blame him. After the story my mom and dad had just given him I would have found it far fetched!

“Let me see if I understand this correctly,” his tone represented his perplexing feelings on what he had just been told. “You have signed your daughter up Mr. Smith for an experimental drug that Johan Tech brought the rights too that will allow teenage girls to go though fake one month pregnancy experience to show them examples of unsafe sex and that you signed your daughter up because the company is paying triple to the employs who have daughter to sign them up and you sign up your daughter because she broke a priceless family heirloom and that young Rosemary has taken this drug as punishment?”

“That is correct Mr. Westforde.” My father said with a nod. The three of us were sitting in his office, my dad on my left side and my mom on my right. Mom was next to speak up. “We should note that the drug still has a few… bugs to work out. Some will include simple symptoms such as mood swings, throwing up at numerous points, and the occasional light headedness. However some of the bugs are unpredictable and the only one that we can assure you on is that Rose will become heavy in the gut region.”

Mr. Westforde then gave us a ‘Well duh’ sort of look. “Larger then most pregnant women with triplets even.” My father added, this got Mr. Westforde’s eyes then widened a bit in disbelieve but said nothing.

For a moment no one said anything, the only sound was that annoying cat clock that just kept on tick and tocking. “Very well then Mr. and Misses. Smith I will inform Miss. Rosemary’s teachers of her… ordeal as soon as I can. Is there anything else I should know about?”

“Only that in about two weeks Rose will be out of school due to the fact that her ‘pregnancy’ will have transformed her body to the point where she will not be able to go to school without proving a distraction to the rest of the student body.”

Mr. Westforde nodded. “Thank you for telling me this,” he said. And with that my parents and I walked out, school was close to starting so both my mom and dad said good bye to me, hugged me and then kissed me each on a separate cheek(thank god no one was in the hallway at the moment!) and left.

The school day went normally, after each of my classes my teacher would pull me over and let me know that they were aware of my “condition” save for my PE teacher who shouted it out to the whole class, since then I’ve been stared at like some sort of zoo animal, thinking if only they knew what I supposedly really looked like. When it came time for lunch I didn’t waste one moment in hunting down Kat and Dan, we always sat in the same spot in the same table since the start of high school, middle, and grade school.

Dan with his straw colored hair, slightly taller height (I’m 5’1) and slightly natural build and Kat with her red hot color hair and mild pot belly sticking out of her sweat pants(today’s was orange). Both of them had queer looks on their faces and were dying to ask me if what had been going around the school was true. I myself was carrying TWO lunches, each tray filled as much as possible to the brim with food. My ‘pregnancy’ was apparently now in full swing and I was now starving more so then I ever was around lunch time. I sat myself down in front of my two best (and only) friends and was about to pick up a mannose drenched French fry when Dan stopped me.

“Is it true Rose?” He asked.

I nodded quickly, hoping I could now eat. I reached for the same fry again only to have Kat smack my hand causing me to dry the tasty deep fried potato once again. I glanced up at her only to see that she was glaring at me with her black eyes. “Well?” she said folding her arms under her breasts as she talked. “What’s the magic 411?”

“Who said this had anything to do with magic?”

“Rose,” Kat said in mock sweetness. “Both Dan and I have seen you naked at one point or another, the odds of ANYONE knocking you up is about as much as Biohazard ever has at ever getting truly laid!”

I shrugged. I then proceeded to tell them what had happen, my braking of the Soul Prison and everything else that had happened. For a moment neither of them said anything but Kat quickly broke the silence.

“Guess I’m not going to be the Blackhole for a month.” She said this with mock sadness, the Blackhole was the nickname both Dan and I called Kat simple due to the fact that she could really put away a good amount of food if she had too, once a fat girl always a fat girl.

“It’s not like gaining a blob for a gut is something I’m looking forward to Kat!”

Part 3

The blaring sound of my electric alarm clock woke me from my sleep with a start. You might think that I would say something lame like, ‘Oh thank god, it was just a dream’ and I might have done that if it wasn’t for the third day of my pregnancy punishment. As I sat up my swollen beer belly hung over my knees a little like a sagging water balloon.

I looked at it with a peeved off look but got out of my bed and once again got myself ready for the day. After I had finished dressing myself (I was wearing one of Kat’s old sweat pants, these were light blue in color. They matched my eyes nicely) I looked myself over with my bedroom mirror, my newly expanded belly easily could have given Kat a run for her money, although I think mine might be an inch or two longer but I'm not going to bother to check that out.

Since my grounding had taken place ever day after school Melissa would pick me up under the guise of my older cousin from out of town and take me back to the Underworld capital where I would spend the rest of the evening in my room(with nothing really worth doing) and eventually go to bed. I had only transformed once to see what I looked like in my she-devil form with a belly. More or less I looked like I usually did only for the ball sized belly that stuck out of my body like a sore thumb. The rest of the time I decided to stay human out of personal preference.

Neither mom nor dad would acknowledge that I even existed, the cold shoulder being added to my list of growing punishments. Which wasn’t too bad, I wasn’t angry with them any longer (or at least at mom seeing as how she was the one that put this stupid cruse on me in the first place!) but I still didn’t feel quite like talking to them just yet. As for the symptoms?

The emotional out brakes were starting to rise a little pre day but so far I hadn’t screwed myself beyond hope as far as school went, the barfing was somewhat embarrassing although no one talked about (mostly due to the fact that they were gossiping over the god knows how many rumors about my so called ‘pregnancy’, one of which was that I was harboring an alien spawn child of some sort, the normal stuff in other words) but the most annoying thing was my slowly growing gut.

Most of what I owned was either jeans or shorts, either of which did well to hold a beer belly. This was the reason why Kat had offered up some of her old sweats (her entire pants wardrobe was made of NOTHING but sweat pants, Kat’s reasoning was that she liked how they felt which I honestly couldn’t argue with her there) My Underworld bedroom was easily three times the size of the one I had back home, I could have requested a swimming pool to be built in and still would have had enough room left over for my stuff.

I felt that most of my room’s space was wasted on me, I didn’t need that big of a room(not that I didn’t love the walk in closet mind you) but there wasn’t much I could do about it. On the brown oak table where my alarm clock sat was a brown paper bag that held my first lunch (Although I was only halfway though my first child I was eating way more then I normally would, yet for whatever reason I hadn’t seen any major changes in my weight yet) that I had told Melissa to make me every night that I was to be going to school, the extra lunch not only helped my staving tummy but saved me some extra cash as well.

After doing everything else needed to get myself ready for school (which I’m not going to tell you about to save chapter time) I picked up Sassy, my scythe which I kept hidden in my closet for this story and opened a swirling green and white portal to my real home, Vickson, and walked in. The portal vanished behind me.

Later at school I found myself in my now least favorite classes of the day, and that’s including history, Physical Education. Much more commonly known as P.E. Why had P.E become my most hated of all my high school classes? It was because of my P.E. Teacher Miss. Hopton that the whole school learned about something that they weren’t suppose to know about for at least a whole day (odds are the student body would have figured it out in the end anyways, they aren’t THAT stupid), even with my condition she still made me work out (if she had her way then she’d have a cat of nine tails with her at all times to use) just as hard if not harder then everyone else yelling at me saying that if Silvermen (AKA Kat) could keep a relatively healthy body with an blob like beer bell(her words not mine) then so could I, drug or no drug.

And let me tell ya something, if you think P.E is hard try it with a medicine ball in your tummy and then see if you think doing a normal 45 minute class of simple exercises is hard! But you’re odds are not reading this story to hear about me bitching about how bad my P.E. class is, your odds are just here for the belly expansion. I have only one thing to say to that if you are. Get. A. Freaking. LIFE.

However I thankfully also had lunch to look forward too after P.E. which was something I was pretty thankful for at the moment, given the fact that I was hungry enough to eat at least two horses! For the third school day in a row I brought myself two lunches to go along with the bagged one that Melissa had made for me and sat down once again with Dan and Kat.

“So Blackhole,” Kat asked in an upbeat tone. “How’s it feel to be a mother of one so far?” I gave Kat a dirty glare but she just continued to look at me with a large smile across her face. I really didn’t like the nickname and as for her question Kat was clearing mocking me.

“Feels great!” I grumbled dryly. “I always wanted my own yoga ball for a gut!”

“Still,” Dan added “It could be much wost. Bob-dude could be portraying you completely out of character like 99 of females in sexual fetish related stories. And your gut is not that bi-“, at this a low gurgle sound emerged from my stomach and it sounded almost like that of a dying animal.

With a grunt I saw my yoga size gut almost double in size slowly right before my very eyes. The expansion odds are only took about thirty seconds but that didn’t stop my eyes from bugging out any less. I shot a fast look over to Kat and Dan who had similar expression of stun as mine, Kat’s jaw was wide open from shock. I took a quick look around to see if anyone had seen my gut growth, at least half the people in the lunch room had, the other half didn’t care thankfully.

I shot Dan daggers worth of a glare. “Dan,” I said, anger starting to bubble in my tone of voice. He started to look pretty freaked out at the moment.

“Y-Yea Rose?” he asked meekly.

“Please do me a favor and STOP GIVING BOB DUDE IDEAS!” This time I knew I had garnered the whole lunch rooms attention, even if this story wasn’t canon and no one would remember me being pregnant after this chapter that didn’t stop my face from turning as red as a sun sunburnt fire devil.

“… So how have the ‘other’ effects being treating ya Rose?”

“Not good, not totally suckish.” I replied with a sigh. “I think my horns have started to look like something a pack of Satanist might start to worship, my tail’s began to plump up just a little which is a bit annoying as you might guess but that’s not the worst of it! The worst of it are those stupid sin absorption urges I’ve been having for the past few days! Just this morning I nearly bit my tongue until it bled just to keep myself from transforming into my ‘costume’(AKA my she-devil body) and forcing half the school into rabid sexual intercourse with each other and the other half into a violent pack of mass murdering psychopaths! And”-

“Good grief Rose we get it!” Kat shouted, nowhere near loud enough to get anyone else’s attention. “No reason to go pregy on us just yet Rose, keep yourself together woman!” With that she then reached over to where I was sitting and smacked me one right in the face. For a moment I didn’t say a word, I just put my left hand where Kat hand just hit me moments ago. (A slap imprint was right across the right side of my face.

“What the crap was that for? I hissed at her once I had gotten over my shock.

Kat simply shrugged. “I thought that Bob dude had gotten to you or something.”

“So? That doesn’t mean you should have smacked me one!”

Dan coughed lightly, causing my head to turn and face his. “Um, Rose?”

“What is it?” I snapped, partly still mad at Kat part of it being the spell that was blowing my emotions out on control. “Well we have Kat’s answer but it’s also in the script.” At this he handed me a thin one page piece of slightly wrinkled paper. At the top if it in large font was the words ‘Smack Rose at some point in the third chapter’. Damn you Bob dude, I thought. Damn you to hell! I angrily began eating my lunch in silence, plotting just how the crude I was going to get my revenge on that 16 year old jerk!

A week later…

You know how before I said that my gut was about the size of Kats’? Well now my stomach had bloated to the point where I easily dwarfed her and made her pot belly look like a piker! I literally looked as if I had some how managed to down two medium sized yoga balls, hell my gut had grown to the point where I could barley see my own feet and the bouncing and jiggling. At this point I just have to shutter for a moment. I now was no longer walking, I was WADDLING. You heard me I was Fing waddling at this point. (And don’t even get me STARTED on the soreness feeling!)

Odds are I even looked a few months over due and I still had about three weeks left of the punishment to go through! The only few slightly good things was that my out bursts and sin cravings weren’t all that annoying so just about all of the time I just had to deal with an pain in the ass hunger and lugging a (I’d say) 50 pound gut around.

As for my breasts… They WERE bigger there was no denying that but not exactly in the sexy breast expansion sort of way as you might be thinking. They were more swollen in a not sexy type of way. Leave it to Bob dude to give me something that could put me in the ‘sexy’ category and make it so that I STILL look like a 5 out of ten on the looks scale!

Too make matters worse for me all of my classroom desks could no longer hold my massive tummy in comfort, I had to get a special movable desk to adjust (even then a bit of my gut still somehow managed to over lap my desk a little) and a small stool for the rest of my belly to rest on during classes. Needless to say I was more then a bit of a distraction, all of my teachers had moved me to a separate part of their class rooms in the back just so that people would pay attention better.

As you might have guessed given the fact that my school only had a little above 1500 people in it including the teachers my bulging belly and I had become THE biggest topic in school, pun intended. Some people were less then quite about what they thought of my predicament (I swear that I had heard most of the cheerleaders at one point or another cough or sneeze something that sounded a LOT like slut or whore or ‘she had it comin’) most when they looked at me (which was kinda hard not to do when you have a belly the size of a small TV) would just stare at the most prominent part of my body before looking away as fast as they could and whispering among themselves.

What I found a bit strange was that even though my hunger had more or less doubled (if not tripled) what it normally was no other part of my body seemed to really fatten up any (expect for my she-devil tail but that was plumping up naturaly as my mom had told me at one point), not even my gut grew that much if any from all the food I ate (and some if it wasn’t even stuff that normal humans COULD eat for that matter) it mostly just grew from all the multiplying non existing brats in my body. Mom had said that they weren’t that big (about half the size of a gallon of milk) and that odds are at this point I had around 75 to 100 babies’ growing inside me.

One of the few upshots to this whole stupid predicament of mine was that due to the fact that my tummy was FINALLY large enough to keep me from doing most of the stannous P.E. exercises and Miss. Hopton had been forced (gurglingly mind you) to teach us yoga. I didn’t really find it THAT relaxing (as did most of everyone else in my class, Miss Hopton included) but anything to prevent me from waddling more then a snails pace.

The rest of my day had gone normally enough (normally being the keyword here) and we were about 15 minutes from the end of the school when my gut started to groan once an again, this time louder and longer then ever before.

My sky blue eyes could only widen in shock as my belly began to expand once more like it had at lunch a few days ago but this time there didn’t seem to be any way of stopping it this time!

“Miss Smith will you be alright?” My history teacher Mr. Blade asked with a concerned look on his face, no doubt worried that one of his students was blowing up due to means beyond his control. I gave him an angry look, half of it genuine half of it being the ‘pregnancy’.

“No!” I grunted loudly, using both my hands AND arms to try and hold back the growing belly, with pathetic results. I heard the sound of light snickering and looked up over my ever fattening belly. Most of the rest of the class were staring at me with bug eyes although I could see a few in the front of the room over my expanding belly and breasts that were chatting among each other. With a loud rip my stressed out tank top ripped apart at the seams causing shreds of cloth to flutter around me. The only good thing about this whole thing was that my bra was covering my breasts perfectly.

For what seemed like an entirety I was powerless to do anything as my gut grew so much so that it looked as if I had somehow gotten a LOT of yoga balls in me, about odds are 15 or 20 top. When I had finally stopped growing my stomach was now larger then my whole body and the desk that was supporting me slid out under my supersized tummy and it hit the floor with a dull but loud WACK! My head then landed face first in my breasts and belly because of the weight that was proving too much of a pain to lift up, my knees wasted no time in buckling under me.

As you might have guessed the crash to the floor didn’t hurt any due to the buoyancy of my blubber belly. I strained myself to lift my head out my boobs and saw that this everyone was still staring at me like a freak show (which at this point I more or less was) and that I was now stuck on the floor face first in my own gut. I grabbed both sides of my bubble belly and heaved, grunting once more (what am I Bob? A pig?) As I tried to lift my heavy lead filled balloon gut off the dirty school tile.

No such luck, I was immobile at this point although with my Nergal powers and devil magic I just might be able to lift this stupid thing but in human form in front of my whole history class? Yea right! To make a long story shorts after school had ended Mr. Blade managed to round up a few “volunteers”.

By which I mean people who didn’t want to go anywhere near me (not that I blame them any) but were forced to when Mr. Blade started threatening with detentions. It took three people on each side just to get me into the van that Melissa used and even then by some miracle she then managed to strap a seat belt over my blobby belly with ease. Afterwards I was taken back to my second home where I awaited my parents to return, or just my mom she was the one I wanted to talk to anyways.

When she did get back I gave her quite an earful. “What the HELL!?” I screamed as I was now in my devil form, rested on my globe of a gut. “You said this immobility thing would only happen after two weeks.”

She looked at me with unflinching eyes. “One it differs from she-devil to she-devil Rose,” she stated keeping her voice focused and nonchalant. “And second it’s not MY fault that Bob dude wants to speed the story up and finish up this retarded plot within this chapter! Besides at least now that you’ve hit the immobility stage you no longer have to go to school for at least two weeks.”

“Mom I REALLY hate both you and Skyler at this point you do know that right?”

Almost two weeks later…

“Come on Miss. Smith!” Kat whined as she had her hands cupped together a begging position. Both she and Dan were outside the Smith house hold with an annoyed Her who was giving them annoyed glares. “It’s been two weeks since we’ve seen Rose!”

“For the last time Kat, NO!” Her screamed, stomping her foot on the ground as she did this.

“Don’t you owe your ONLY daughter at least a chance to see her friends while she’s still grounded?” asked Dan.

“No,” the she-devil replied, “I don’t.”

“Well to bad, the script says others wise.” Dan then handed Her the single sheet of paper. She quickly scanned the sheet and sighed heavily. “Fine but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” With that the three vanished from the town of Vickson Ohio in a plume of pink mist, appearing moments latter outside the door to Rose’s room.

“Like I said before, don’t say that I didn’t warn you because I did.” With that the raven haired spawn of darkness walked off leaving the two teenagers alone. Dan then looked at Kat. “Ladies first?” he offered.

She shrugged, “Why not?” and with that the two friends of Rose swung the door open and the moment they saw what was behind the wooden door did the two of them nearly faint on spot.

“Oh God! Oh God, it burns!” Dan cried, covering his eyes with the palm of his hand as he cringed in pain. “This is SO going to replace that sexual raping-my-body Tom Cruise in my mostly conservative centered nightmares!” Kat screamed. What lay before them was what LOOKED like a absurdly large brightly orange water balloon, however water balloons didn’t have belly button the size of hubcaps nor did the rise and fall in an even breathing! The massive mound of flesh took up the entire space of Rose’s room and both Dan and Kat couldn’t quite see if it even had a top or end for that matter. The two sides of the gut were squished against the sides of the room, compressed due to the lack of space. The two almost believed that Rose had LITERALLY turned into a giant sentient blob, however a very familiar voice rang down too the two of them that told them otherwise.

“Kat? Dan? Is that you guys?” Rose voice asked from blob of a belly, it took both of them a moment to realize where Rose’s question had come from. The rest of her must have been up at the top!

“We’re here Rose!” Kat yelled back, her hands cupped around her mouth. “Are you OK though?”

“Wha- Yea, I’m fine, here I’ll help you two up!” With that two fatten Nergal tentacles slithered down in a sloth like fashion and slowly wrapped themselves to their mistress’s best friends and began to heave them up the mountain of a gut, both Kat and Dan being bounced back and forth on the surprisingly taunt yet-soft-enough-to-still-have-bouncy tummy. In seconds they had both reached the top and were given a powerful flung where the rest of Rose lay.

“Hey guys!” I said, grinning as the two fat snake like tentacles I had used to bring them up my blimp of a gut snaked their way back into my body, I saw my two best and only friends land faces first on my gut and bounced once before they were able to stand up. Kat and Dan could only stare in stun silence at me no doubt wondering who this person who had taken their best friends body and voice was! In front of me were both of my hands morphed into crab claws, each of them greedily munching away at two very large bags of butter and salted popcorn with their teeth, a extra large pizza with EVERYTHING on it that two(different) Nergal were feasting on sat right in front of me, right next to the claws. Both of them were now fighting over a slice like a pair of hungry dogs, snapping and biting at each other and whatnot. Near my face resting of my pillow like orange boobs was a large T bone stake on a golden plate that I was using another pair of two lime green snake thingies to use a knife and fork to take apart the mouth watering piece of meat to eat bite by bite.

As for their stunned looks I didn’t blame them, I had gone though a good few physical changes since I had last seen them. My face had plumped up a little, causing my face cheeks to fatten and puff up a bit as if I was holding my breath, expect I really wasn’t. I was even starting to border on a second chin of fat! And the rest of me hadn’t been spared any either, while I had hardly been the thin and sexy type (really I was scrawny if anything else) the new me was plump, and in some places like my gut for example, fat in every part of my body! My arms had gained a bit of chub around them and my gut had grown to the point where Dan, Kat and I only had about five feet of ceiling left before I’d run out of growing room. Heck, we had so much space the three of us could camp out up here!

My hips had widened and become love handles (not lovely love handles more like the kind you see on a fat person after they’ve been in water for a long time) and my legs had become small barrel like in shape and my toes had turned into fat little sausages. As for what I was wearing was my Santa outfit, albeit boa, belt, and sleeveless and the fact that it was now a two piece design that my mom had made for me to allow my gut to grow, it was now stretching to accommodate my ever fattening body and parts of it were even starting to tear a little at the seams.

“Want something to eat?” I asked happily. “I can get Melissa to whip up whatever you two want.”

“We’re good” Kat said meekly, still taken back by my transformation. I then motioned for the both of them to sit down which they did after hesitating a little.

“Just so we get this out on the open we’re sitting on you right Rose?” Dan asked.

“Sure is!” I answered dreamily as I took my claws out of the two buckets of popcorn (they were empty anyways) and turned them back into my pudgy little digits and began to rub around my breasts slowly and in circular motions. “This is all Rosemary!”

“Are you feeling OK?” Kat asked in an concurred tone as she adjusted her butt to find a decent place to sit.

“Never felt better!” I laughed, burping somewhat loudly half way but not bothering to say ‘excuse me.’ “I shoulda given up my mobility years ago, this is the life!” I paused once more to belch again this time causing both Dan and Kat to shutter in disgust.

“B-But how much do you even weight!?” Kat sputtered trying to hide the her fear in her voice.

“Over a ton.” I said simply, still grinning with pride.

“Oh God,” Dan muttered, his eyes watering. “We’ve lost her, Bob dude somehow managed to brainwash Rose into a- a fat girl!”

“She was so young!” Kat said solemnly as if I had died before their eyes.

They both looked at me with looks of pity and sadness until they heard my snorting; afterwards I hastily began to laugh my head off. It took the two of them a moment to get over what had just happen and figure out that I was pulling their legs. Both of them quickly joined in with my own mirth filled laughter. After a moment of two of laughing we managed to stop and wiping a fat tear off of my equally fat face I said. “I sure had you guys going didn’t I?”

“Yea you did Rose.” Dan admitted holding back a few extra snorts.

“I thought I had lost my best friend to a living gut!” Kat exclaimed happily putting her hands behind her hair. “So how is life without mobility anyways?”

“Terrible!” I sighed miserably. “I’ve been BORED OUT OF MY FREAKING SKULL! All I’ve had to do for the two weeks is either do my homework, stuff my face-which I’m doing almost every waking AND sleeping moment because this stupid blob belly of mine can’t ever seem to be full-or watching TV!”

“That last one doesn’t sound so bad.”

“Dan, its UNDERWORLD television! Want to know what that means? Over 1000 channels every single one of them has rip offs or parodies of shows or cartoons from earth. NONE of them even good parodies, it’s like spoofing Star wars! It’s cute the first time or two but after a while it just gets annoying!”

“Let’s try to stay positive Rose.” Kat said with a shrug.

“How?” I asked my eyes narrowing in anger “How the HELL am I suppose to STAY POSITIVE WHEN I’M THE SIZE OF THE GOOD YEAR BLIMB!? And I’ve done the math, I really am bigger then it!”

“If you ever had to fight the Shadow and Psychopuffs then all you would have to do is get on top of them and you’d win!”

Dan then raised his hand, as if he was in school and had a question. “Alright question Kat. One wouldn’t Blood and the others just FLY out of Rose way before she could land on them, and two even if by some fluke she did manage to what would stop them from lifting Rose up and squishing us and, third how would we even get Rose high enough in the air when her gut weighs a freaking ton and how the HELL would we even get to their universe aside from an zany and/or retarded crossover of stupidly even when Bob has more then enough stuff on his plates at the moment? So just how the crap would Rose besting a handful of child like Suesish beings work?”

Kat smirked; I knew she had her answers planed out. “First off smartguy we’d use Rose’s scythe to go to their universe and then use it again to charm her giant gut so anything that would be trapped under it would negate any and all above human powers making said Powder puff girls as powerful as a blocks of solid frozen pudding, then we would use her scythe and blast them, keeping them in one spot. After which we use her scythe once more to lift Rose off, after which we would drop our one tone of fun friend on their annoying little underaged butts, crushing them as the slowly run out of air and die. While both you and I pull out our X ray specs and watch the fun.”

At this point I couldn’t help but began once more laughing my head off, I just couldn’t help myself when Kat and Dan argued over anything(which happened more then you’d think) I found myself laughing at one point or another and this? This was comic GOLD, what Kat was suggesting was so absurdly stupid it sounded as if those guys who made South Park had come up with it!

“Man I almost forgot what an hoot you two were,” I said as I once again wiped tears from my chubby face. “I swear me fighting the Shadow and Psychopuffs, and as an fat blob no less, good one Kat!”

Kat just looked at me, “Right… ‘Good one’”

For a good while none of us said a thing, enjoying each other’s company too much to bother to ruin it with talk.

“So,” said Kat. “Any idea when the chapter is going to end?”

“Well we’ve already gone WAY past what he originally wanted.” Dan stated as he folded his arms together. “And judging by the fact that he’ll want to get to the next chapter of Reformation ASAP I’d say”- At this my ruby red eyes widened in shock. Under my titanic tummy I could feel it becoming wetter and wetter by each passing second, and unfortunately it WASN’T yellow water I could tell that much instantly. “Oh Shi-“

My cruse was cut off as I felt my gut go from blimp to beer belly as fast as it took for a water balloon to pop, and it felt something similar to that effect. In a moment my stone room was now flooded and Dan, Kat and I were treaded water for our lifes! I was having a bit of problem seeing as how I hadn’t moved much in the past few weeks and was not quite use to having a movable gut again(I still had all my chubbiness on my body). Both of my friends helped me stay afloat by supporting me under my armpits but we didn’t have long to wait. My door was opened and every bit of body fluid that had been slowly causing me to become an immobile blob for the past month rushed out of my room like a waterfall.

The three of us were also forced out and went right smack into the hallway wall, thankfully we didn’t brake anything on impact. We slowly picked our soaking wet bodies off the floor and turned around to see my mom, leaning on my ajar door.

She looked at my friends with an know-it-all smirk. “I told you so.”

“So now that I’ve returned to normal does that mean that we can end the chapter now?” I asked.

Mom then looked and smirked at me differently, eviler then what she had given Dan and Kat. “Not quite yet Rose.”

“Come on ladies feel the burn!” The head workout lady yelled in a peppy tone as she effortlessly did rapid leg crunches. Both mom and I were in aerobic exercise outfits with thick red sweatbands on our heads both of us were sweating up a storm but I was suffering far worst then mom, who just keep her attention on the plasma TV doing whatever thing my granddad Him’s old workout taps said to do.

“Mom!” I whined loudly, panting for breath as I tried to catch my breath. So far I had only managed to shed up to 10 pounds after doing this for a week so far and still had a bit of my cubby appearance about me but that was quickly starting to become just a hellish nightmare. “Can we PLEASE take a brake, five SECONDS that’s all I ask!”

Mom just gave me ‘The glare’. “Shut up and double your efforts Rose or I’m putting you though that punishment for THREE months!” I quickly obeyed knowing I had no choice. “Damn you Bob Dude” I thought loudly, “DAMN YOU TO ALL LEVELS OF HELL! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!”

The end