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Rules & Guidelines

Last Updated: 11 August 2010
Reason: Added rules for status updates and shoutbox.

These rules apply to all areas of the board, except as noted. Please keep in mind that some sections of the forum have special rules that apply to that section of the forum and that section of of the forum only. Those special rules will be pinned at the top of the section.

1. No Spamming
-Reply to the topic. You may post off-topic stuff, like a side conversation, but you must include on-topic comments within that same post.
-No one word/picture posts. If you can't figure out anything legitimate to say, it's not worth posting.
-No mass bumping of threads or just bumping an old thread without a good reason.
-No posting in all caps, leetspeak, or replying only with memes or catch phrases (these can be included in a legit post, but cannot make up the entirety of the post). This applies to written and visual posting (words or pics).
-Do not post two or more times in a row. Use the "Edit" feature. You are allowed to double post when at least a day has passed since your last post and you have something legitimate to add to the thread, like new information pertaining to the topic, a new chapter in a story, and so on. Double-posting simply to bump the thread, because you forgot to quote someone, etc. is considered spam and is not allowed.
-Keep your signature and all pictures posted within the limits of the screen (don't stretch the board).
-All YouTube links in signatures will be linked with text or a single picture. Inserting YouTube clips in signatures is not allowed.
-Make sure your thread fits the theme of the board you're posting it on.
-Responding to a comment via several compound quotes, or quoting a comment with a large picture. The quote box is beneath the reply box when you hit "reply," so make sure you delete the excess.
*Special Spam Rules
-Some threads have a "NO PIC, NO POST" stipulation, which is listed in the title or subtitle. This means that all replies to this topic must contain a picture relevant to the topic. If you do not post a picture or link to a picture that is relevant to the topic, this is considered spam. Posting a one-picture post in these boards is allowed.
-The Spam Thread, Status Updates, Chaos Zone and Shoutbox allow a member to break all of the spam rules.

2. Respect the Community
-No Bashing/Insulting/Flaming Members or Staff Members. If you feel a moderator is not doing a good job, contact an administrator.
-No flame baiting. Flame baiting = posting to piss someone off and get them to start flaming you (aka, Trolling).
-No threadshitting. Threadshitting = insulting the thread or idea of the thread.
-No racist/sexist/homophobic remarks, or any other "ist" that you could possibly construe. This includes religions and political affiliations.
-No blatant lying about serious topics (i.e. saying someone has died, etc.).
-Do not insult Animexpansion inside or outside of Animexpansion. If you hate the forum so much as to do this, you are subject to ban to help your transition away from Animexpansion.
-Refrain from trolling other Zetaboards forums.
-Follow the rules given in subforums and stickies.
-Not Safe For Work (NSFW) material is any material that includes exposed nipples, penises, testicles, vaginas, anuses, sexual fluids (to include urine and bowel movements), or any number of the above that's thinly veiled by translucent material (to include but not limited to lace, plastic, mesh, netting). Fondling of another person or self-fondling, to include a hand underneath clothing, is also considered NSFW. Cleavage is acceptable, as are buttocks in blatantly non-sexual situations. This is a fetish site and NSFW material can be posted. However, it must be linked instead of directly inserted into a post, and that link must specifically say "NSFW" in there. To tell the difference between pornography or nudity and a more in-depth explanation of it, see the spoiler below:

-Posting threads/comments to discuss illegal material is prohibited, as is posting any form of copyright or pirated material for distribution on the forum will be strictly dealt with (up to and including ban).
*Illegal Material
Visual depiction of minors in sexual situations is illegal in many countries and Interpol has deemed it illegal to also center a picture around the genital areas of a child. Posting anything of this nature will result in an instant ban. Servers are very eager to kick people for this, and we do not want to risk it. If you're unsure, contact an administrator to see if it is legal. Always err on the side of caution. Any nude pictures that don't violate these must be linked and labeled NSFW just like any other nude picture.

3. Member Accounts
-If you are currently suspended, you are not allowed to ask another member to post on your behalf (proxy member will be suspended, currently suspended member will have an extend suspension).
-If your account has been banned but you would like to return, you must first contact an admin via email or AIM. The moderating team will then vote for or against your return. If approved, you must go by your former account name for two weeks and you will be subject to stricter enforcement of the rules (i.e. instead of a suspension/warning, you'll be banned).
-We will not delete accounts under any circumstances, so don't ask.
-Your emails/PM's are fair game when your status is being considered. If you do not wish to have them used, you must specify to the person you're talking to. If you accuse them of using it anyway, you must provide proof.

Concerning Name Changes: This forum allows you to change your name 3 times within 30 days. For those of you who made a completely new name when switching to the forum, this is now your new "base name." You can change your name all you want, but it still has to retain a portion of your first base name.
For example, my base name was strawberryshortcake. This means that any and all names in the future that I decide to use have to either include "strawberry" or "shortcake" in there. I cannot change my name from strawberryshortcake to bananashortcake and then to bananacream, for example.

Concerning Multiple Accounts: Multiple accounts are prohibited under normal circumstances, if you do not have explicit permission to have multiple accounts and are caught then all your accounts will be banned (not suspended).

Concerning Forum Competitions: all forum competitions must be approved by the staff.

Disciplinary System
3 Warnings: Each warning earns an 8-12 hour suspension (decided by the staff member at time of warning).

After 3 warnings you may well be banned, but prior to a ban you will be properly counseled... keep in mind that we *DO* reserve the right to ban members at any time (as is outlined in rule 3).

If you are given chances beyond your initial 3 warnings then your punishments will be increasingly worse:

3 day suspension (4th warning)
5 day suspension (5th warning)
7 day suspension (6th and final warning)
Permanent Ban (7th and final infraction) - This level is not negotiable, if you've been given this many chances, you've gotten more than most.

Note: Depending on the severity of your offense(s), the administration and moderating teams have the right to ban you even if it is your first violation of the rules. This is for the most extreme cases only.

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