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  1. That Magica Hat Anime Expansion

    01 December 2017 - 01:30 AM
    A montage of both episodes scenes of the characters expanding
  2. Mazinger Z Infinity Pregnancy

    16 November 2017 - 08:09 AM

    According to AnimeNewsNetwork in the upcoming Mazinger Z movie (set a decade after they beat the bad guys) Jun Hono is married to Terry Tetsuya and is pregnant with his kid.
    See news links in this page for more
  3. Yugioh Bone a licious

    12 October 2017 - 04:50 AM

    Another bad pairing. One night I was laying in bed and thinking of bad pairings. Yugi and Dark Magician, Yugi and Summoned Skull. Then thought; Tea and Summoned Skull! Its meant for fun but once again I didn't care how it sounded and just wrote what I wanted. I paid attention to spelling to make it good for once. Enjoy and maybe spread it to your friends who like this stuff(or maybe just a good laugh). Btw I'm kind of a fan of the Archfiend cards and even made a deck about em I use at some tournaments.

    Yugioh Bone a licious

    By Rei-fan

    6 years after Yugi and his homies graduated from high school, Tea was a popular dancer in New York.

    After Yugi had invented Spherium and it became a big hit, he invited his homies over for a reunion for the 1 year anniversary after his game's release.

    They met at Yugi's castle as Kaiba had made a deal with Yugi to get a piece of the pie from Spherium and both Yugi and Kaiba got rich(Kaiba richer).

    At Yugi's castle was a humble get together with snacks and and games set up (even a Sega Genesis with the 4 player Yu Yu Hakusho game by Treasure)

    Tristin and Joey were running late so it was just Yugi and Tea for the next 20 mins.

    They decided to kill the time by making out

    Jk. Really they were playing Duel Monsters.

    They played in Kaiba's Battle Box. Tea used girly Elf and Faerie cards while Yugi used his usual D&D stuff of Knights, Daemons and Mages

    During the duel Yugi played the Summoned Skull in atack mode.

    Tea; Every time you play that card i get the creeps.

    Yugi; Whats wrong with it?

    Tea; Its gross! Its all muscle and bone and claws.

    Yugi; Its supposed to look fierce. Its a powerful Daemon.

    Tea; I know but its still gross. Why do you think i use these girly Faeries and Elves??

    Yugi; Maybe you shouldn't be badmouthing the cards. They have heart to em.

    Tea; Its cardboard Yugi. It doesn't have feelings. I know Atem had a bond with them but its just ink on paper.

    Epic voice(Think Daisuke Gouri as Uyghur fro Fist of the North Star); I am more than ink on paper!!

    Tea; Who said that?!

    A black Ki flows out of Yugi's Summoned Skull card and fills up the Battle Box up to Tea and Yugi's armpits. Out of the mist covering the table rises the Summoned Skull

    Btw Yugi was wearing Neon purple Leather pants, silver arm bands wirth blood red spikes on em and a black leather tank top with zippers all over it. Tea was wearing a neon lime green bikini top, a hot pink microskirt, knee high bright orange pleather high heel boots with pink hearts on the kneecaps and bright blue pleather gloves that went up to her elbows.

    Summoned Skull(The Epic voice); I have heard enough shameful words about my forme in this dimension! I shall show you punishment beyond what you thought possible!

    Summoned Skull grabs Tea's arm and they both were sucked into his card with the black ki.

    Yugi; Tea! Noooooooo!!

    Tea awoke in an orangey/yellow sulfur looking realm

    Tea; uhhhh, where am I??

    Summoned Skull; You are in the Archfiend world! A part of the World of Duel Monsters where Fiends reside.

    Tea; Why did you bring me here??

    Summoned Skull; To show you we are more than "ink on paper". Now come with me!

    Summoned Skull moves his claw and Tea is raised up on invisible forces ands floats behind him

    In the world are various Yugioh cards like The End Of Anubis, Scrap Archfiend, Chaos King Archfiend, Dark Balter The Terrible, and Megumi Amano from Urotsukidoji in an 80s aerobics outfit for fun.

    The area is full of twisted shapes and weird buildings like The Golem (1920 horror film) or Tim Burton

    Summoned Skull; This is my world. Each Type of Duel Monster has its own area suited to them. We exist in here and our avatar's are trading cards in your world. We feel, Eat, Sleep and Love just as any human can.

    Tea; I get it! Cards are people too! Now can I please go home??

    Summoned Skull; No. There is an other reason i brought you here...

    Hugs her

    Tea; Ahhh!

    Summoned Skull; I've had a crush on you since I 1st saw you at Duelist Kingdom when I was used to beat Weevil!

    Tea; Huh?!

    Summoned Skull; I missed you since you left Yugi and have been watching you from trading cards all over the world. When Yugi summoned me in the Battle box I knew this was my last chance!

    Tea; Nooooo! I don't wanna be your butt buddy!

    Summoned Skull; I had a feeling you'd say that. So I came prepared!

    A door opens to show a room of Green slime spheres

    Summoned Skull; I'm going to win you over! The fastest way there is! Through your Stomach!!

    Tea; Is this the punishment you talked about?!

    Summoned Skull; That was just cover so Yugi wouldn't know I got "Da Hots" for you. Now open wide! Its FEEDING time!!

    Summoned Skull's eyes glowed and the slime spheres floated up 1 by 1 and started going into Tea's mouth! Tea tried to resist but it was too much power for her to keep out. Plus it tasted really good

    Summoned Skull; This is Archfiend food. One of the most delicious things in the World of Duel Monsters.

    Tea; (groans with delight as she has a mouth full of the slime spheres. Then she swallows them.)

    Tea; Ohhhhhhhhh! That was the most delicious thing I've ever had in my mouth!!

    Summoned Skull; You want more???

    Tea; Yes!! I NEED it!!

    Tea jumped out of Summoned Skull's forces and ran to the pile of slime spheres. She began stuffing her face with them! It was like Marshmallow but liquid when it was inside her. She stuffed more and more into her mouth! Gorging on them as fast as she could. And then, she blacked out!

    Tea woke up in a bed with a spikey twisted boney frame. She had gained over 120lbs!

    Her once slender midriff had become a potbelly with a muffin top overflowing on her microskirt.

    Her toned legs were now thick and tubby with engorged thunder thighs and her hips were almost doubled in width

    Her arms had become chubby and had become thick and fatty between the shoulder and elbow.

    her breasts had more than tripled in size and her top looked much smaller on her now massive udders.

    Her face and neck had swollen up with thick chubby cheeks, a double chin and thick neck.

    Tea; Uwaaaaaa! What happened to me!?

    Summoned Skull(sitting on a chain next to the bed drinking out of an opened up ape skull); Its the Archfiend food. Its really delicious but ultra high calorie.

    Tea; Why didn't you tell me it would make me fat?!

    Summoned Skull; I didn't think it mattered. I want you at ANY size!

    Tea; But I couldn't have eaten more than my body weight in slime spheres!

    Summoned Skull: The magic in it allows more calories in a smaller space and boosts absorption by the body.

    Tea; Noooo! I'm a huge fatty! (grabs her gut with both hands and shakes it with frustration)

    Summoned Skull: Don't worry butter babe. You look hot! (puts his big boney arm around her back and gives a 1 armed hug)

    Tea; You... Still like me like this??

    Summoned Skull: I'd love you even at 1200lbs!

    Tea; (Thinking) Maybe this guy isn't so bad. His boney arm feels kinda cool as in temperature. And he's the only way i can get more of that delicious food.

    Tea; Ohhhhhhhh! (hugs her gut with both arms) I hunger!!

    Summoned Skull; Yeah that Archfiend food can be pretty addictive.

    Tea; I NEEED it!!

    Summoned Skull; No problem Butter Udders!

    His eyes Glow and more sphere slimes float in. Tea opens her mouth and they go down her throat one by one. After Tea has had them filling her for a while she blacks out again.

    She woke up in bed again, only now she was over 400lbs.

    Her bust was a K cup and her hips had doubled again.

    She had thick tubby arms full of chub and her thighs were enormous and soft.

    Her get was bulging out and looked like she was over 9 months pregnant and her face had fattened so much she had no neck and her cheeks were bulging.

    Also she had a heavy double chin and fatty hands and fingers.

    Her outfit was stretched out pretty far and was sinking into her tonnage like a piece of ham at the store

    Tea: Ohhhh! I'm HUUUUUUUUUGE!! I gotta stop gorging! on that food! But its soooooooooo gooooooood!!

    Summoned Skull; Hows it going chubbs?

    Tea; Look at me! I'm a blimp! How do you think its going?!

    Summoned Skull; I think you look HOT! (puts his boney claw hand on her bulging gut and poked it. It jiggled like a waterbed)

    Tea; Ahhh! That feels weird! I'm all wobbly and soft!

    Summoned Skull; you want more food lardo?

    Tea; I... I... I don't wanna be fat!!

    Summoned Skull; Well you're gonna be if you keep gorging.

    Tea; Ohhh! I feel the hunger! Its coming back!!

    Summoned Skull; Yeah it does that.

    Tea; I... I... Want MORE!!

    Summoned Skull; Here it comes!

    Eyes glow and more spheres come in. They float in front of her and she tries to resist. She starts shaking and is getting sweaty. She cant take it and opens her mouth and leans in but covers it with her hands and falls back on the bed

    Tea; I cant eat anymore! It's gonna make me a blob!! But i WANT it SOOOO BAAAAAAD!

    Summoned Skull; Theres another way!

    Eyes glow and the spheres start going into her bellybutton

    Tea; Ohhhhhhh! I FEEL it!! its MERGING with my body!! Ahhhhh! Its sooo GOOD!!!

    the slimes are filling her up and she starts swelling bigger and bigger all over!

    Her bust swelled to S cups

    Her hips and buns engorged larger and larger until her microskirt disappeared

    Her thighs became enormous and looked like stuffed garbage bags of jello.

    Her arms fattened until they were hanging flabs

    Her belly swelled up to look like a small bean bag chair

    Her face was bloated up fatty until she looked more fat than face

    She was over 800lbs and her outfit was stretched to the max

    She almost blacked out but hung on in a daze

    Tea; Ohhhhh! That was the best! i love it!

    Summoned Skull; How about me?

    Tea; Ok. You did it. You won me over. I'm yours now. That was too good a feeling to give up.

    Summoned Skull; I knew i could win your love! But 1st, I want your friends to see you.

    Tea; Huh? Why?

    Summoned Skull; I want you to say bye to em b4 you become by woman.

    Tea; Sounds good. (tries to get up) unnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg!! I cant get up! I'm too huge!

    Summoned Skull; No problem!

    Eyes glow and she floats. The black ki pours out of Summoned Skull's armpits and fills up the room. When it disperses they are in the Battle Box. Yugi Joey and Tristin are in the room playing Sega

    Yugi; (sees her) Tea?! What happened to you?! You were gone 45 minutes!!

    Tea; What?! It cant be that long!!

    Summoned Skull; Actually it was. You were only blacked out for a few minutes each time.

    Yugi; What did you do to her?!

    Tea; Its ok Yugi. I'm happy now. He proved his love to me by feeding me. Its such a good feeling. I cant liv3e without it.

    Yugi. So you're gonna live with him in the Duel Monsters World and let him enfatten you forever?!

    Summoned Skull; Her body has reached its limit. She cant get any fatter. She's just gonna sweat out the Archfiend food now.

    Tea; I'll visit when I can Yugi. But I'm his woman now and he loves me as I am.

    Yugi; Ok Tea. I waited 6 years to meet you again. It wont be as bad waiting a few months.

    Tea; Bye Yugi. I'm gonna get fed by my boney butt buddy.

    Summoned Skull; I love this fat chick!

    Kisses her chubby cheek with his boney face. Then she kisses his fangy mouth with her lips and he wraps his arm around her fat body. They start making out and feeling each others bodies.

    Joey; C'mon Yoog! Get back in the game! We wanna unpause!!

    The End

    Oh and Joey and Tristin were dressed like Mad Max/Fist of the North Star bikers and they were in tournament mode of Yu Yu Hakusho on Sega.
  4. Law and Order SVU fat chicks

    22 June 2017 - 02:32 PM

    In episode 58 (season 3 ep 15) "Execution" around 20ish mins in with commercials, this high school teacher ms mason is a fat blonde whos kind of a butter face but has nice hair and is kinda big
  5. Garlic Bread

    17 June 2017 - 05:22 PM

    K so years ago, around 1/2 through Yugioh 5Ds I was talking with a guy about how 5D don't have Yaoi like GX. He showed me a list of all the couples up to that point. most were pedo, necro, necro/pedo, gay, same family, the characters never met, the characters hate each other, involve 3 or 5 ways, or involve trading cards. After reading of a shipping of Yusei/Jack/Stardust Dragon I thought its kinda funny as its 2 straight guys suddenly going gay for each other and a trading card they both shared. Its not even a humanoid card like Dark Magician Girl or Gemini Elf. Its a huge cosmic reptile! So one day I came up with the worst pairing, Pan/Garlic Jr. It kinda makes sense as Piccolo was Goku's nemesis and he loved Gohan. So it continues. I wrote this for fun and didn't care if it was bad. So its pretty random and bad. I just threw in what I liked kinda like Koichi Ohata doing MD Geist. Enjy and spread it.

    Garlic Bread

    By Rei-Fan

    It had been a bit over 2 years since the defeat of omega shenron. the earth was recovering but there had been a flux in the dimensional barriers due to the afterlife gate opening and the negative ki from the dragonballs going bad. Taking advantage of this weakness, Garlic Jr. slipped through a crack in the dead zone barrier and escaped.

    Without the Makyo Star, his powers were the same as they were in the dead zone movie(lower that goku when he fought raditz) and sensing how high the Z Warriors had become he realized he had no chance. Especially without his black water mist and knowing the dead zone gate would be useless as they'd just punch him back into it again.

    He went to a mcdonalds to think about what to do. and there he saw her, a cutie in tight cut off grey jeans and a red belly showing tank top with an orange head thing. he went up to her and they started talking and found they had similar interests like martial arts.

    She had 8 double burgers and he had an apple pie.

    Garlic jr; wow, you sure can eat!

    Pan; yeah, i get it from my dads side.

    Garlic jr; (thinking) she must have great metabolism to stay so thin. I'd better... give her a boost...

    while she was gorging on her burgers, he used his magic to fire a small beam out his finger at her. she glowed a bit.

    Pan; huh? did you feel something warm just now?

    Garlic jr; nope. want some more burgers?

    Pan; sure. that 1st course as pretty good

    Garlic jr; 1st course??

    Pan; yeah. I kinda eat a lot. Hope you dont mind

    Garlic jr; On the contrary. I love girls who can eat!

    Pan: Thats a huge relief! Most guys get weirded out when i pig out!(gorges on burgers)

    after the 5 courses of burgers, pan's get looked like she was pregnant with twins.

    pan; ahhhh! that was great. oooh! my gut is stuffed!

    Garlic jr; want me to give you a belly rub?

    pan; sure! i could use it after all those root beer refills!

    garlic jr rubs her tight belly and as he rubs it, it gets softer and doughier

    pan; mmmm! dat feels good! you got magic hands!

    garlic jr; (thinking) youre more right than you know... ehehehe

    when pan and garlic jr got back to her rents place she had a full spare tire that was jiggly.

    pan; is there something on my tummy g boy?

    garlic jr; nope, nothing ON your tummy.

    pan; huh, it feels weird. but im not sure how. just...different...

    after walking out of the city they flew to Gohan/Videls house next to Chichi's place. By then Pan had put on gotten a full gut which was pouring over her belt and low rise jeans and had a nice muffin top going

    they opened the door and Videl was drinking from a 2L bottle of pop while watching Ki Me Ra.

    Pan; hi mom. still watching that yaoi?

    Videl; its not yaoi, shes a hermaphrodite.

    pan; whatever. this is my new boy friend, garlic jr

    videl; boyfriend? how long have you known him?

    pan; we just met but i feel like we belong together

    videl turns away from the tv and sees them.

    videl; uwaaa! hes a midget!!

    pan; so? 18 likes krillin

    videl; 18 isnt my daughter. and (looks at pan) uwaaa what happened to you?!

    pan; what do you mean?

    videl; your all tubby!

    pan looks down and notices her gut is huge and her breasts have gone to a H cup but stayed in her tight tank top(which is more of a bikini top)

    pan; waoh! what happened?! i'm huge!!

    garlic jr; i dont mind panny! (hugs her gut and sinks into it a bit)

    pan; waaaa?! you like fat chix?!

    garlic jr; who doesnt? on my planet they're the best. that is, while i still had a planet...

    pan; wait, what happened??

    garlic jr; this warrior i fought blew it up and trapped me in a void for years. but now i'm back and until i find some way to get stronger, i'm gonna take a break for romance

    videl; how awful! when earth was destroyed by the black star dragon balls i thought there was no hope. now that the dragon balls are gone i wish there was a way to help.

    pan; poor little guy. dont worry. i'll stay fat for you. you need some good in your life

    garlic jr; aww thanks P! (squishes against her gut)

    pan; h-hey! that tickles! haha!

    door opens and gohan comes in

    gohan; what a day. imma go to my room for some rest and (sees garlic jr) garlic jr!!

    garlic jr; yes. have we met?

    gohan; its me! gohan!

    goes super saiyan 2

    Garlic jr: what?! he went blonde?!

    Gohan; its more than that! ahhh!

    starts beating on garlic jr with big fist dents in his small body

    Pan: daaad! nooooo!

    gohan is beating on garlic jr but garlic jr uses a ki flash at gohans face and blinds him

    Garlic jr; uhhhh! hes so much stronger! and without the makyo star i cant stop him! but i can still try! (thinking) after all, he cant kill me

    goes into his hulking super mode and bursts out of his outfit with only pants and shoes on

    pan: oooh! (blushes)

    videl; now THATS how a man SHOULD look!

    Gohan recovers from his eye flash, screams, and starts beating on garlic jr! huge fist dents are pounded deep into his hulking body! Gohan is punching wrist deep into garlic jr and leaving craters all over him!

    Pan; noooo... noooooooo! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!


    her chest shows breast meat but no nips. her pants are more of a miniskirt and shes both buff and fat depending on the area. her orange head thing came off and her hair is milky white and spiked to da max and goes down her back and over her shoulders

    she's gained more fat and now is around 400lbs but extra thick with plump thighs, a huge butt, K cups, her white fur covered her skin like a skimpy bikini top and she had a tail, her arms were fatty with some beef, her belly was pretty tubby with a spare tire and beer gut. her face was plush and chubby with a nice jolly double chin and juicy cheeks

    Gohan; huh? Pan?!

    Pan; I wont let you kill my boyfriend! Its bad enough you couldnt beat omega shenron and grampa had to leave, but i wont let you ruin anything else for me!

    Gohan; i didnt let him win, he was too strong for me.

    Pan; krillin told me you had cell where he couldnt stop you and toyed with him so he almost wiped out the solar system. and when he came back you gave up until grampa talked you into trying to save us.

    videl; you gave up against cell?!

    gohan; it looked bad! i didnt know i could do it!

    videl; that does it! thats it! im done with you gohan! its bad enough you were cheating on me with piccolo! but you were gonna let us all die cuz you were too much of a wiener to try?!

    Gohan; how did you know i was with piccolo?!

    Videl; all that time you spent "training" with him after goku went to train uub and you never got stronger. thats how!

    gohan; nooo! my family hates me! its your fault garlic jr!! i'll end you!!

    pan; i wont let you!!

    pan slugs out gohan! gohan recovers only to get slugged in the gut! pan wails on him with punches and his clothes shred off from the impact! soon his in just videls leather undies and a shriveled piece of piccolo falls out of where his pants were.

    pan; what?! whats that dried out thing?!

    gohan; its the last piece of piccolo i saved! i still use it to remember the nights we spent together

    videl; are those my leather undies?! gohan! you said you stopped!!

    gohan; i cant help it! it feels soooo gooooood!

    pan; you ok g boy?

    garlic jr; i'm good. he cant kill me that easy.

    pan; ohhhhhh! (smooches him)

    gohan; whaaaaaat!? garlic jr! what did you do to my daughter?!

    pan; he didnt do anything to me! we're in love!!

    garlic jr; yeah "daaaad"!

    gohan; noooo! noooooooooo!!

    goes ss5

    pan; whats the dealio dad? you dont even know him!

    gohan; i know him too well! he's been my nemesis since i was 4 and i fought him more times than anyone evil! he's a bad guy!

    pan; no he's not! he's hot!!

    cuddles in his hulking beefy bod

    gohan; i wont let you have my daughter! i destroyed your planet! i can destroy you!

    pan; you destroyed his home planet?! YOURE the bad guy!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    pan charges with lightning and expands buffer and fatter! she gains another 80lbs of both muscle and fat and bursts at gohan!

    gohan: what?!

    Pan punches him in the left arm and her fist goes clean through it! his arm falls off!

    gohan; ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

    pan; that was for g boy's planet full of all those lives you ended!

    punches him in the right side of his chest and the arm comes out his back

    pan; hats for screwing up against cell, buu and omega shenron!!

    fires a ki blast and burns off his parts!!

    pan; and thats for being a purvurt!!

    gohan falls down and blacks out.

    videl; there was a time i'd've stopped that. but im done with him. he's lost all my respect. lets go live with my dad

    garlic jr; i got a better idea! but 1st...

    strains and all the fist dents pop back out so he looks normal

    pan; wow! thats hot!!

    garlic jr; now for my next trick...

    fires a beam outside and a huge creepy castle is made that looks like some kinda don bluth/no heart from care bears castle with tim burton and vampire hunter D themes

    videl; waoh! thats amazing!

    garlic jr; betcha gohan couldnt do that!

    pan; oh g boy! its awesome! can we really live there?!

    garlic jr; sure thing big P!

    pan; btw, can you stay in that form? you look HOT all beefed out!

    garlic jr; no problemo!

    gohan; at least i still have you mister piccolo!

    starts sucking on the dried piece of piccolo.

    the end


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    30 Jan 2018 - 01:29
    Thanks for he birthday wish, keep it all going!
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    Thank you for the birthday wish
    I hope you have a great holiday.
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    Thank you for the birthday wish
    I hope your holiday is a great one.
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    What names do you use for em? Think you could link me to stuff with Age or Expansion? I'm not really into furry though. But Elves or Oni or w/e I'm good with
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    All over. DA, FA, InkBunny, SoFurry, Weasyl, Tumblr, Pinterest, Pixiv, and Hentai Foundry.
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    18 Apr 2016 - 22:58
    It's an Rp thing. I mean i'll draw whatever if i'm being Paid for it. Though most of my Artwork is also my OC stuff, lol.
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    18 Apr 2016 - 15:23
    It's more like I don't follow all these anime's and Fandoms. People can play whatever they want but if they are looking for someone who knows much about any character i'm not exactly a Prime choice. All the characters I use are my OC ones.
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    I don't generally play with many Canon characters.
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    These days i'm generally roleplaying this sort of stuff, or just drawing it :P
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    Always glad to hear other people have game collections they can dabble with. Can't say i've had one from older consoles in quite sometime. Usually just remnants of what my collection once was. Not that I don't WANT one I just don't have the means to reobtain many of my older games. Sadly Lost track a long time ago of what games i've completed over the years.
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    That was a whole lot of Talk about a game I haven't seen in a loooooong time :P
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    oho no need to tell me about the amazing powers of the Hare! Well you can tell me. Cause same birth year and all~
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