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  1. Law and Order SVU fat chicks

    22 June 2017 - 02:32 PM

    In episode 58 (season 3 ep 15) "Execution" around 20ish mins in with commercials, this high school teacher ms mason is a fat blonde whos kind of a butter face but has nice hair and is kinda big
  2. Garlic Bread

    17 June 2017 - 05:22 PM

    K so years ago, around 1/2 through Yugioh 5Ds I was talking with a guy about how 5D don't have Yaoi like GX. He showed me a list of all the couples up to that point. most were pedo, necro, necro/pedo, gay, same family, the characters never met, the characters hate each other, involve 3 or 5 ways, or involve trading cards. After reading of a shipping of Yusei/Jack/Stardust Dragon I thought its kinda funny as its 2 straight guys suddenly going gay for each other and a trading card they both shared. Its not even a humanoid card like Dark Magician Girl or Gemini Elf. Its a huge cosmic reptile! So one day I came up with the worst pairing, Pan/Garlic Jr. It kinda makes sense as Piccolo was Goku's nemesis and he loved Gohan. So it continues. I wrote this for fun and didn't care if it was bad. So its pretty random and bad. I just threw in what I liked kinda like Koichi Ohata doing MD Geist. Enjy and spread it.

    Garlic Bread

    By Rei-Fan

    It had been a bit over 2 years since the defeat of omega shenron. the earth was recovering but there had been a flux in the dimensional barriers due to the afterlife gate opening and the negative ki from the dragonballs going bad. Taking advantage of this weakness, Garlic Jr. slipped through a crack in the dead zone barrier and escaped.

    Without the Makyo Star, his powers were the same as they were in the dead zone movie(lower that goku when he fought raditz) and sensing how high the Z Warriors had become he realized he had no chance. Especially without his black water mist and knowing the dead zone gate would be useless as they'd just punch him back into it again.

    He went to a mcdonalds to think about what to do. and there he saw her, a cutie in tight cut off grey jeans and a red belly showing tank top with an orange head thing. he went up to her and they started talking and found they had similar interests like martial arts.

    She had 8 double burgers and he had an apple pie.

    Garlic jr; wow, you sure can eat!

    Pan; yeah, i get it from my dads side.

    Garlic jr; (thinking) she must have great metabolism to stay so thin. I'd better... give her a boost...

    while she was gorging on her burgers, he used his magic to fire a small beam out his finger at her. she glowed a bit.

    Pan; huh? did you feel something warm just now?

    Garlic jr; nope. want some more burgers?

    Pan; sure. that 1st course as pretty good

    Garlic jr; 1st course??

    Pan; yeah. I kinda eat a lot. Hope you dont mind

    Garlic jr; On the contrary. I love girls who can eat!

    Pan: Thats a huge relief! Most guys get weirded out when i pig out!(gorges on burgers)

    after the 5 courses of burgers, pan's get looked like she was pregnant with twins.

    pan; ahhhh! that was great. oooh! my gut is stuffed!

    Garlic jr; want me to give you a belly rub?

    pan; sure! i could use it after all those root beer refills!

    garlic jr rubs her tight belly and as he rubs it, it gets softer and doughier

    pan; mmmm! dat feels good! you got magic hands!

    garlic jr; (thinking) youre more right than you know... ehehehe

    when pan and garlic jr got back to her rents place she had a full spare tire that was jiggly.

    pan; is there something on my tummy g boy?

    garlic jr; nope, nothing ON your tummy.

    pan; huh, it feels weird. but im not sure how. just...different...

    after walking out of the city they flew to Gohan/Videls house next to Chichi's place. By then Pan had put on gotten a full gut which was pouring over her belt and low rise jeans and had a nice muffin top going

    they opened the door and Videl was drinking from a 2L bottle of pop while watching Ki Me Ra.

    Pan; hi mom. still watching that yaoi?

    Videl; its not yaoi, shes a hermaphrodite.

    pan; whatever. this is my new boy friend, garlic jr

    videl; boyfriend? how long have you known him?

    pan; we just met but i feel like we belong together

    videl turns away from the tv and sees them.

    videl; uwaaa! hes a midget!!

    pan; so? 18 likes krillin

    videl; 18 isnt my daughter. and (looks at pan) uwaaa what happened to you?!

    pan; what do you mean?

    videl; your all tubby!

    pan looks down and notices her gut is huge and her breasts have gone to a H cup but stayed in her tight tank top(which is more of a bikini top)

    pan; waoh! what happened?! i'm huge!!

    garlic jr; i dont mind panny! (hugs her gut and sinks into it a bit)

    pan; waaaa?! you like fat chix?!

    garlic jr; who doesnt? on my planet they're the best. that is, while i still had a planet...

    pan; wait, what happened??

    garlic jr; this warrior i fought blew it up and trapped me in a void for years. but now i'm back and until i find some way to get stronger, i'm gonna take a break for romance

    videl; how awful! when earth was destroyed by the black star dragon balls i thought there was no hope. now that the dragon balls are gone i wish there was a way to help.

    pan; poor little guy. dont worry. i'll stay fat for you. you need some good in your life

    garlic jr; aww thanks P! (squishes against her gut)

    pan; h-hey! that tickles! haha!

    door opens and gohan comes in

    gohan; what a day. imma go to my room for some rest and (sees garlic jr) garlic jr!!

    garlic jr; yes. have we met?

    gohan; its me! gohan!

    goes super saiyan 2

    Garlic jr: what?! he went blonde?!

    Gohan; its more than that! ahhh!

    starts beating on garlic jr with big fist dents in his small body

    Pan: daaad! nooooo!

    gohan is beating on garlic jr but garlic jr uses a ki flash at gohans face and blinds him

    Garlic jr; uhhhh! hes so much stronger! and without the makyo star i cant stop him! but i can still try! (thinking) after all, he cant kill me

    goes into his hulking super mode and bursts out of his outfit with only pants and shoes on

    pan: oooh! (blushes)

    videl; now THATS how a man SHOULD look!

    Gohan recovers from his eye flash, screams, and starts beating on garlic jr! huge fist dents are pounded deep into his hulking body! Gohan is punching wrist deep into garlic jr and leaving craters all over him!

    Pan; noooo... noooooooo! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!


    her chest shows breast meat but no nips. her pants are more of a miniskirt and shes both buff and fat depending on the area. her orange head thing came off and her hair is milky white and spiked to da max and goes down her back and over her shoulders

    she's gained more fat and now is around 400lbs but extra thick with plump thighs, a huge butt, K cups, her white fur covered her skin like a skimpy bikini top and she had a tail, her arms were fatty with some beef, her belly was pretty tubby with a spare tire and beer gut. her face was plush and chubby with a nice jolly double chin and juicy cheeks

    Gohan; huh? Pan?!

    Pan; I wont let you kill my boyfriend! Its bad enough you couldnt beat omega shenron and grampa had to leave, but i wont let you ruin anything else for me!

    Gohan; i didnt let him win, he was too strong for me.

    Pan; krillin told me you had cell where he couldnt stop you and toyed with him so he almost wiped out the solar system. and when he came back you gave up until grampa talked you into trying to save us.

    videl; you gave up against cell?!

    gohan; it looked bad! i didnt know i could do it!

    videl; that does it! thats it! im done with you gohan! its bad enough you were cheating on me with piccolo! but you were gonna let us all die cuz you were too much of a wiener to try?!

    Gohan; how did you know i was with piccolo?!

    Videl; all that time you spent "training" with him after goku went to train uub and you never got stronger. thats how!

    gohan; nooo! my family hates me! its your fault garlic jr!! i'll end you!!

    pan; i wont let you!!

    pan slugs out gohan! gohan recovers only to get slugged in the gut! pan wails on him with punches and his clothes shred off from the impact! soon his in just videls leather undies and a shriveled piece of piccolo falls out of where his pants were.

    pan; what?! whats that dried out thing?!

    gohan; its the last piece of piccolo i saved! i still use it to remember the nights we spent together

    videl; are those my leather undies?! gohan! you said you stopped!!

    gohan; i cant help it! it feels soooo gooooood!

    pan; you ok g boy?

    garlic jr; i'm good. he cant kill me that easy.

    pan; ohhhhhh! (smooches him)

    gohan; whaaaaaat!? garlic jr! what did you do to my daughter?!

    pan; he didnt do anything to me! we're in love!!

    garlic jr; yeah "daaaad"!

    gohan; noooo! noooooooooo!!

    goes ss5

    pan; whats the dealio dad? you dont even know him!

    gohan; i know him too well! he's been my nemesis since i was 4 and i fought him more times than anyone evil! he's a bad guy!

    pan; no he's not! he's hot!!

    cuddles in his hulking beefy bod

    gohan; i wont let you have my daughter! i destroyed your planet! i can destroy you!

    pan; you destroyed his home planet?! YOURE the bad guy!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    pan charges with lightning and expands buffer and fatter! she gains another 80lbs of both muscle and fat and bursts at gohan!

    gohan: what?!

    Pan punches him in the left arm and her fist goes clean through it! his arm falls off!

    gohan; ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

    pan; that was for g boy's planet full of all those lives you ended!

    punches him in the right side of his chest and the arm comes out his back

    pan; hats for screwing up against cell, buu and omega shenron!!

    fires a ki blast and burns off his parts!!

    pan; and thats for being a purvurt!!

    gohan falls down and blacks out.

    videl; there was a time i'd've stopped that. but im done with him. he's lost all my respect. lets go live with my dad

    garlic jr; i got a better idea! but 1st...

    strains and all the fist dents pop back out so he looks normal

    pan; wow! thats hot!!

    garlic jr; now for my next trick...

    fires a beam outside and a huge creepy castle is made that looks like some kinda don bluth/no heart from care bears castle with tim burton and vampire hunter D themes

    videl; waoh! thats amazing!

    garlic jr; betcha gohan couldnt do that!

    pan; oh g boy! its awesome! can we really live there?!

    garlic jr; sure thing big P!

    pan; btw, can you stay in that form? you look HOT all beefed out!

    garlic jr; no problemo!

    gohan; at least i still have you mister piccolo!

    starts sucking on the dried piece of piccolo.

    the end
  3. Anastasia BBW

    26 May 2017 - 04:13 PM

    In it is a Busty blonde bbw played by Bernadette Peters (Rita from Animaniacs) named Sophie

    Heres her in the Greek dub of it
  4. Thats My Boy BBW

    15 May 2017 - 04:01 AM

    No its not a hermaphrodite scene despite how the title sounds
    In the 2012 Film is a fat chick named "Champale" working at a strip club who is almost always seen wearing pasties.
  5. YuGiOh! zeXXXL

    23 April 2017 - 10:14 PM

    Something I came up with when thinking of how I like chicks having things changed and they're fat now but remember they shouldn't be fat and struggle with their new size

    I accidentally put this in the wrong forum so just delete the past one

    Yugioh ZeXXXL

    By Rei-fan

    Anna woke up in her bed. She was looking forward to the 1st day of 2nd year middle school. A whole year with Yuma. But as she tried to get up, it was really hard. She felt bloated and weird. She took off the covers.. and she was 450lbs!!

    anna; waaaaa!! i'm huge?! what happened?!

    mom; whats wrong anna??(her mom looks like Nami Koishikawa from Nami SOS but wearing sexy lingerie and is pretty thicc)

    anna; i'm enormous! what happened?!

    mom; well after you changed schools for 2 years, you missed your boyfriend so you binged. we tried to get you to work out, but you just kept binging.

    anna; i dont remember any of that!

    mom; what do you mean? you lived it. look at you, you think you just blimped out overnight? enough of this, time to get ready for school.

    anna was in a tank top and undies that hardly fit. her massive fatness made them look more like a bikini. her buns and breasts were massive and barely kept covered what they needed to.

    anna got up with effort and walking took some getting used to with her tonnage weighing her down all over. she put on her 2nd year uniform but it was a bit snug. she couldnt button the top of her top as her breasts were too large. Also her miniskirt didnt fully cover her huge butt which bulged out quite far.

    anna; ohhhhhh... im so huge! why did this happen to me!? and on the 1st day of school! whats everyone gonna think!?

    she came down and saw a massive meal.

    mom; i made all your favorites gotta have energy for the day

    anna; ahhh! i cant eat all that!!

    mom; why not? you do it every day. and its not like you're gonna get fat.

    anna; how can i slim down when you over feed me!?

    mom; but it was YOU who kept begging me for "more and more". almost every week you wanted another strip of bacon or donut.

    anna; if i did that i'd be a huge tub!

    mom; you already are! how do you think you got so huge?? just eat what you can. we both know it'll all be gone

    anna went to the table and ate.

    anna; (thinking)i'll only eat until i'm full. that way i know i wont overdo it.

    anna began eating normally but before she knew it, she was eating faster and faster. she stuffed her fatty face with food and kept packin it in. in only a few mins, she had eaten the whole feast.

    anna; ahh, that was good... (notices the food it all gone) uwaaa! i ate all that?! but there was so much! ohhh... so much for slimming...

    anna fattily walked to the bus stop with her chub jiggling all over with each step

    anna; (thinking)ahhh! im soooo huuuge! my flab is sloshing around like i'm a garbage bag of jello! this isnt me! im not this huge! ewww, i can feel the wind all over my fat body on the exposed areas! ohhh, why couldnt i get a uniform that fit?!

    she got on the bus and could barely get through the aisle since she was so wide. she felt her broad hips squeeze through the seats and her thighs jiggling as they popped free from each seat. she tried sitting next to someone but couldnt fit in as half of her took up 1 seat.

    passenger; hey lardo! stop pressing ur sweaty fat on me! sit somewhere else ya blob!

    anna; hay! im not dat fat!

    everyone on the bus; yes you are!

    anna; ahhhh!

    anna squished out of the seat and sits on the ones behind him. her buns were pretty thick and she seemed taller compared to how she usually as on the bus. her flab practically poured out of her uniform with a nice spare tire showing off and jiggling with the bus's moves. her enormous breasts jiggled all over and the 2nd highest button popped off from it, showing off more soft flesh.

    she had trouble getting outta her seat with her massive gut and huge buns taking up a lotta space, as well as her thunder thighs and thick hips filling up the area. once she got off, she saw him

    anna;(happy) yuma!

    yuma; hay anna! hows it going tubby!

    anna; whaaa!? dont call me tubby!

    yuma; but you love being called tubby! its what everyone here knows you as!

    anna; im not supposed to be fat! i woke up today and im all blimped out! everyone knows me as a fat load but i know its not me! i cant be fat! i wont! waaaa!

    anna attempts to run away but she can barely manage to get any speed. her footsteps crack the cheap pavement and her fat body wobbles all over, heaving with each step. after around 22 steps she cant keep it up and falls to her hands and knees out of breath and dripping with sweat! her huge breasts and belly are actually touching the ground as she breathes hard in her sweat stained outfit.

    anna; whats wrong with me?! i used to be fit and athletic! now i cant even jog! i cant do anything with this blob of a body! i'm all soft and gross! I can understand if you wanna be with tori

    yuma; whaa? tori?? but she's with alito. and she's not here anymore. she dropped out after alito got her pregnant.

    anna; what?! but i thought she was totally into you!

    yuma; when was he EVER into me? i mean we're friends, but she's only had eyes for alito. especially after he got into roids and got huge.

    anna; that never happened! why am i the only one who know's whats going on?!

    yuma; i dont know whats up with you, but i know we've been a couple since you got back to this school.

    anna; we're... a couple??

    yuma; yeah! i mean ever since you tubbed out i havent been able to resist you!

    anna notices yuma's hand on her fat roll

    anna; yuma... you... like me like this??

    yuma; yeah! why do ya think i never went for cathy? i mean besides flip mind wiping her into being his slave.

    anna; yuma... i...

    sonic level complete sound rings

    yuma; oop! theres the bell! gotta get to class!

    anna heaves her body off the ground and walks to class dripping with sweat and breathing hard

    she gets to class 6 minutes after the bell having needed to find it and lug her hefty bod up the stairs to it. when she got in her outfit was almost fully soaked in sweat

    mr kay; well, if it isnt tubby. get to your seat. im going to have to start the lesson over.

    anna got to the only open seat left. but not after having to squeeze past several classmates and getting her greasy sweat on them.

    vector; ugggg! i got slimed! watch your weight lardo!

    anna; sorry! im not used to being this big!

    vector; i can tell! you're like 60 lbs bigger than summer break!

    anna got to her seat but it was made for a normal sized girl. she sat her huge butt into it but around 30% of each cheek was spilling over the sides. also her hefty breasts were spilling onto the desk and her gut was squished under it

    anna; (thinking)i'd better not get any bigger. i might not be mobile for long if i gain too much more. but what made me this blimp? i know im thin! i cant be such a mound of butter and cream. what turned me into this??

    astral; i think i can answer that.

    anna; whaa?

    the room goes pink and its just anna in a skimpy bikini and astral alone together

    anna; what is this?! and why am i in this bikini?

    astral; this is your minds eye outfit. how you want to be seen by others. also, i have the answer to what happened to you anna.

    anna; tell me!

    astral; after the barians were defeated, the chaos was absorbed into astral world. but doing so cased a new threat. and the only way to save our worlds, was to change key points in history to set the balance right.

    anna; you turned me into a fatty?! ahhhh!

    anna jumps at him but passes right through him

    astral; this is just in your mind. i'm only sending a message to it. i have no physical presence in here.

    anna; why do i have to be such a fat load?!

    astral; i used the numeron code to not only rewrite history, but also peoples memories, so they wouldnt be malcontent over their new lives. you seem to be immune to the memory change. so you kept the past worlds memories.

    anna; do i have to stay a blimp? cant i drop the weight?

    astal; we looked through all possibilities. it was either you get fat, or you never meet yuma. i can change it to the other one, but yuma would miss his, and i quote, "bacon babe".

    anna; i cant give up yuma! he's my everything!

    astral; then its decided. enjoy your new life with yuma.

    the room returns to its normal way with no time gone by.

    anna; (thinking) astral made me fat, so i could be with yuma, is this the life i want???

    at lunch anna sat in the caf with yuma. she was eating 9 double burgers and yuma a rice ball

    yuma; its great having you back my school bacon babe.

    anna; aww, thanks yuma!

    she wolfs down a double burger and gives yuma a hug but he sinks into her blobby fat!

    yuma; (thinking) thanks for changing things astral. i dont know what you did, but i know you made anna mine. and i'm gonna fatten her up til she cant get out of bed!

    the end


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    Thank you for the birthday wish
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