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Fat and Fabulous
29 years old
June 11, 1987
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canada. where snowmen kill people for revenge.
shonen seinen yugioh riki-oh pokemon sonic urotsukidoji robotech astroboy abridged series naga the serpent sailor venus go nagai violence jack 1900s-1990s movies ledgends myths hokuto no ken sega genesis videogames policital incorrectness

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  1. In Topic: Gakkyū-ō Yamazaki Female WG

    21 April 2017 - 05:48 PM

    Not bad
    Love that 90s style anime
    Good find
  2. In Topic: Animaniacs Fatties

    19 April 2017 - 02:20 AM

    In the episode "The Party" Dr Scratchensniff's fat blonde gf returns
    starts at 8:15
  3. In Topic: Animaniacs Fatties

    14 April 2017 - 02:57 AM

    Found another
    Hercules Unwound
    theres a bbw goddess on Olympus
    starts at 14:37
    not very long
    but not bad
  4. In Topic: Animaniacs Fatties

    02 March 2017 - 03:14 AM

    in the ep "Drive Insane" Dr. Scratchansniff is on a date with a fat German woman
    her face isn't so great
    but in some scenes its better than others
    and she's got eating scenes and some good fatness
    Btw, this means the Dr likes fat chicks
    its canon
  5. In Topic: please sgt frog weight gain or inflation scenes of the manga and anime

    13 January 2017 - 01:01 AM

    I never really saw sgt frog or knew it had expansion in it

    I think Mistystuffer would have em so I'll ask him about it

    You could always search em, load em on photobucket or some image host site and link em here

    If its on youtube you can take screencaps with "printscreen" on your computer


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  1. Photo

    Tenchi Saotome 

    18 Dec 2016 - 22:44
    Thank you for the birthday wish
    I hope your holiday is a great one.
  2. Photo

    Antonio Huerta 

    15 May 2016 - 00:55
    I gotta say, I like your choices.
  3. Photo

    Antonio Huerta 

    14 May 2016 - 02:07
    Best birthday wishes on June.
  4. Photo


    19 Apr 2016 - 00:04
    What names do you use for em? Think you could link me to stuff with Age or Expansion? I'm not really into furry though. But Elves or Oni or w/e I'm good with
  5. Photo

    crimson x 

    18 Apr 2016 - 23:59
    All over. DA, FA, InkBunny, SoFurry, Weasyl, Tumblr, Pinterest, Pixiv, and Hentai Foundry.
  6. Photo

    crimson x 

    18 Apr 2016 - 22:58
    It's an Rp thing. I mean i'll draw whatever if i'm being Paid for it. Though most of my Artwork is also my OC stuff, lol.
  7. Photo

    crimson x 

    18 Apr 2016 - 15:23
    It's more like I don't follow all these anime's and Fandoms. People can play whatever they want but if they are looking for someone who knows much about any character i'm not exactly a Prime choice. All the characters I use are my OC ones.
  8. Photo

    crimson x 

    18 Apr 2016 - 07:37
    I don't generally play with many Canon characters.
  9. Photo

    crimson x 

    17 Apr 2016 - 19:15
    I've been into Ageplay more often lately. Been fiddling with Milf stuff as of late, lol.
  10. Photo

    crimson x 

    17 Apr 2016 - 19:09
    These days i'm generally roleplaying this sort of stuff, or just drawing it :P
  11. Photo

    crimson x 

    17 Apr 2016 - 18:42
    Always glad to hear other people have game collections they can dabble with. Can't say i've had one from older consoles in quite sometime. Usually just remnants of what my collection once was. Not that I don't WANT one I just don't have the means to reobtain many of my older games. Sadly Lost track a long time ago of what games i've completed over the years.
  12. Photo

    crimson x 

    17 Apr 2016 - 18:22
    That was a whole lot of Talk about a game I haven't seen in a loooooong time :P
  13. Photo

    crimson x 

    17 Apr 2016 - 15:34
    oho no need to tell me about the amazing powers of the Hare! Well you can tell me. Cause same birth year and all~
  14. Photo

    crimson x 

    17 Apr 2016 - 00:34
    Thanks, Nice Lady! funny I haven't signed on here in quite sometime XD
  15. Photo


    26 Feb 2016 - 20:03
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