Pokemon Inflation Story
by TheOne

The sun shined once again that fine Summer's day in the Kanto region, and Ash, Misty and Brock were heading back home to see their seemingly forgotten family. They'd agreed to go to each other's house, meaning they'd be stopping off at Misty's first.
All three of them had grown up alot since they left the Hoenn region. Ash had hit 18 and had both matured and changed alot, but his ambition to become a Pokémon master didn't change. His physique had taken on a very buffed up posture, and his clothing was more fashionable. Brock on the other hand is the mature adult he always has been, the only thing different is he's finally got the date of his dreams. He'd been dating a Nurse Joy from Pewter City for some time, but they only ever see each other a couple of times a week due to the shifts Joy has to work. Misty, on the other hand, had only doubled herself in her beauty. She was still mad about Water Pokémon, but Ash couldn't keep his eye off her and her stunning form. Ever since Misty hit 19, her breasts seemed to almost boom out on that day, they'd now taken on a large natural shape and were suggestively supported by her light tank top which was straining from holding her large breasts, and exposed her belly button. She still wore the same red shoes and short denim trousers, which instead now outlined much more curvaceous hips and a more shapely rear. Misty's legs had been toned much more, she'd evidentally been working on her body. Even her hair seemed to take on a more fiery red colour, and her eyes were still big and blue, which made her look irresistably cute.
Unaware of a pair of binoculars poking through a nearby bush, the three walked on.
"Well well, if it isn't the twerps" Jesse said, zooming out.
"We haven't seem them twerps all week! But now we got 'em!" Meowth stated.
"Yes, and it so happens that we can catch that Pikachu today" James said mysteriously, who had spent the last few minutes organizing something behind a tree.
"Huh? What do you mean James?" Jesse inquired. There was no reply for short while, so Meowth lost patience.
"Spit it out will ya!" he exclaimed, waving a fist in fury.
"It so happens that I've just unraveled one of the oldest tricks in my time. Ah, yes, I remember it now. It was 25 years ago when I was playing as a little boy, uneducated to humour and fun. It was only when I came across something that I realized I'd spend the rest of my life doing it".
"Well, get to the point! What is it?" Jesse had followed Meowth in losing patience.
"Well" James began, "I was playing in the forest adjacent to my home town. I had to entertain myself with myself, ironically, as I had no friends. But, it was only when I came across a special berry that I found so much fun, and that fun was funny. What's worse is, if I hadn't came across it, I wouldn't be the devilous, perilous person I am today".
"WHAT IS IT?" Meowth roared, now dry of patience.
"I call it... the Air Berry" James sneered.
"Air what? A berry of air? How can you possibly have fun with one of those, whatever they are?" Jesse stated.
"It's a very special discovery of mine. All you need to do is make someone eat an Air Berry, and something rather extraordinary will happen. How do I put this... they'll 'blow up' into a human balloon, shall we say?" James said, still not revealing himself from behind the tree.
"My god, that's wonderful!" Jesse started, "Infact, I have the perfect plan. We should try and sneakily make that redhead eat once, and while the other two twerps are distracted by her sudden inflation, we swipe Pikachu!".
"And all the other Pokéballs that fall out of her!" Meowth spluttered with excitement. The two spent about a minute somewhat dancing with happiness. This may seem like another harebrained scheme to swipe Pokémon, but this might just work, because by fact Ash would do anything for Misty, and Brock sticks with Ash like glue.
"Ah yes, I remember... I used every single one of these babies in 13 days, I haven't seen one since..." James was cut off,
"Will you give it a rest! We have a twerp to inflate and a Pokémon to swipe" Jesse sneered deviously.

"Say Pikachu, would ya like something to eat?" Ash questioned.
"Pika pika!" Pikachu just replied happily and smiled. Ash leant down and handed out some more Pokémon food to him.
"Togi togi!" came a voice from in front of Misty.
"Say Ash, looks like Togepi could do with some too" Misty giggled. Togepi was positioned between Misty's forearms and clutched between her cleavage.
"Lucky thing" Ash thought to himself. He poured a bit of Pokémon food into his mouth and handed it to Misty, who gave it to Togepi. Just as the three were minding their own business, two seemingly representatives leaped out of nowhere with two large grins on their faces, one a lady and one a man.
"Ahhah! A customer, I see!" said the lady happily. It was obvious this was Jesse and James but the others didn't know that.  Jesse was directing her statement straight at Misty.
"Yeees, I see it now! This pretty girl could do with one of these!" James said from under his disguise, and pulled out of his pocket a small, apple-sized orb which seemed to be seethrough and swirling grey smoke inside.
"Huh? What's this?" Misty asked puzzled.
"Ah, well that's for you to find out! We at the food board wish to give you a special treat! This is the latest release of a special berry of which we are hoping will be a complete success, and you'll be the 3rd person to try some!" Jesse said, the smile staying put on her face.
"Uhh, sure I guess. I could do with a little something" Misty said, and being hungry didn't think twice. She grabbed the berry and put it in, all at once.
"Wow, it's kinda slippery, but... Oh my!" Misty exclaimed, "When you bite into it, it's lovely! Delicious, mmm!" Misty seemed overjoyed by the taste.
"Ahh, glad you like it" James said, suddenly changing back to his normal voice.
"Wait.. that voice!" Ash and Brock said simultaneously.
"Well prepare for trouble, you'll soon feel pressure!" Jesse said, removing her disguise.
"Make it double, it's just for our leisure!" James added, and removed his disguise.
"To protect the world from devestation"
"To unite all people within our nation"
"To denounce the evils of truth and love"
"To extend our reach to the stars above"
"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meowth, that's right!"
"Team Rocket!" Ash and Brock said, while Misty muffled through the berry in her mouth. She swallowed it and said,
"What the heck did you just give me?". Jesse and James laughed,
"Well that's a spoiler isn't it?" they both said.

Misty was about to withdraw a Pokéball, when she stopped and babbled confused.
"Wait... what the??" Misty started and dropped the Pokéball in her hand. She could hear a hissing, and looking down she could see what it was. Her tummy was suddenly inflating and rounding outwards from underneath her tank top.
"What is this berry doing to me?" Misty cried as her tummy made her look a bit overweight.
"Well it isn't called the Air Berry for nothing!" James said, while the other two uproared with laughter. Misty was in fury but more in fear as even her breasts swelled from under her top. Her belt struggled against the sudden pressure which built up quicker and quicker with each passing second. Misty gasped as even her thighs ballooned up, pushing her short denims up a bit higher. Her swelling sides pushed her top up to her inflating breasts, and her butt looked like two basket balls being inflated from under her pants.
"Please, help me!" Misty pleaded, but Ash and Brock were clueless. They could just stand and watch as a pretty redhead helplessly blew up like a balloon. Suddenly Misty's suspenders gave way and snapped from their buckles. Misty's boobs bounced forward with a "Boing" sound, and were pushed up and rested by her large tummy. Her large thighs squeaked against each other, and forced each other the other way. Even Misty's arms inflated slightly, and were forced up and out into the air.
Misty grunted as pressure built on everywhere, Misty's ass was becoming rather large for her and she was trying everything she could do to stop the two boys behind her from looking at it. With a small pop, Misty's trouser button popped off and the top of her pink panties were exposed, and with a zzzip the zipper was unzipped as Misty's crotch surged outward. The pressure forced Misty's nipples to stiffen themselves, and poked against her tight top. Her legs were shrinking as they were distended further outward, and as her ass inflated more they seemed to get engulfed by it. Misty's cheeks were inflated and her plump lips were squashed together, preventing her from speech. Misty's body was becoming spherical, her tummy was huge and her navel popped out, forming a small dome. Her breasts finally tore apart her tight top which was almost begging to be ripped. Her straining, white lacy bra was all that held her from partial nudity. This was suddenly changed as Misty's denims gave way in an instant and her belt snapped; the shredded denim fell on the floor and Misty's pink panties were exposed. She helplessly muffled. Misty was now almost a complete sphere, her arms were round and inflated and were being pulled in by her expanding body girth. Misty's ass was now rounded and had engulfed her legs, leaving her with little feet poking out the end. Her hands inflated and with several pops, so did her fingers. Even Misty's feet inflated and tore her shoes off. She was nearly completely naked now; until suddenly her pink panties had reached its limits and burst off, and her lacy bra wobbled with agony for a few moments. Her breasts pushed against it, when suddenly BANG, her bra burst off and her breasts bounced out with freedom, and were now the size of overinflated beach balls. Her large nipples bounced up now free from the bra which once restrained the inflation. Misty was suddenly being lifted off the floor, and Ash got a faceful of Misty's gigantic ass before it went floating up along with the rest of her.
"No!" Ash shouted and jumped up, grabbing Misty by the foot. Brock jumped higher and grabbed her other foot. They both pulled hard and kept her on the floor, when suddenly Ash noticed.
"Oh no, they've taken Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed.
"You go Ash, I'll take care of Misty" Brock said, and indicated Ash to go.

Ash went running down the dirtpath, and surely enough saw from on top of the hill, the trio departing at a slow speed, laughing. They surely had Pikachu in a special container.
"Right" Ash said, and charged off down the hill. He caught up, and clenched his fist.
"Oi, you three!" He called. Jesse, James and Meowth all turned around, Meowth was holding the Pikachu.
"Well well if it isn't the twerp! How's your inflated friend?" Jesse sneered.
"If you want a Pokémon battle against all three of us, just say so!" James said, but Ash cut him off.
"Beating you three once again in a Pokémon battle won't pay for what you did in such an inhumane act. You've pulled off some pretty mean things before, even to hurt the girl of my dreams, but never have you done something so bad that makes me want to do THIS!" Ash roared, and within that second he hurled a fist which slammed into James' nose, and with a crunch he whimpered and held it as it bled.
"I--uh, I--" Jesse stammered, who knew what was coming next. With another crack, Ash had snapped Jesse's jaw out of place with another hard punch. Meowth just screamed and ran away, throwing the Pikachu in a jar behind him. Ash went and picked him up, and released him.
"I got ya buddy" he said, "But before we go back..." Ash bent down and picked up the 4 Air Berries from Jesse's pocket. He unhesitantly shoved them all in Jesse's mouth and forced her to swallow from her unconscious state. With a hiss, Jesse's inflation began quickly. Ash just smirked and walked back up the hill, and satisfied himself as he heard her awake and began muffling furiously.

When Ash got back, Misty was lying nude on the floor.
"Ash! There you are. Misty just suddenly deflated, it seemed to be a temporary thing but it was a good enough diversion to steal your Pikachu, and I--" Brock was cut off as Pikachu came bounding over and stood next to Ash, smiling.
"Oh you got him back, I see" Brock said sheepishly, scratching his head.
Misty awoke with a small coughing fit, which once over looked up at Ash and Brock.
"What the-- was that a dream?" Misty started, until she realized her nude.
"AAH!! Don't just stand there looking at me like this, get my clothes!" Misty screamed. Ash and Brock looked at each other.
"Well, you ripped your clothes" Brock said nervously. Ash opened his backpack and removed his coat.
"Here" he said and wrapped Misty up in it, "This is the best I can do". Ash gave a smile to Misty, who blushed slightly.
"That's very sweet Ash.. thanks" she said quietly.
"How about we all get a nice something to eat?" Brock said, pointing to the right where a large Pokémon Center was situated.

While they were all eating, they looked out of the window and saw a large orb in the sky.
"Say, that looks kinda weird" Misty said, pointing at it.
"Yeah, I've never seen anything like it" Brock added.
"Who knows guys?" Ash said, smiling to himself, "Who knows".