"A Naruto Story"
By: Storymaker

(Here's where we stand in the story: it is Shippuden, they managed to get Sasuke back--with a large amount of pummeling-- and now the couples are like this: Sasuke and Sakura, Naruto and Hinata, Neji and Tenten.) Once again Naruto was rifling through the scrolls that Jiraiya possessed, and being the perverted student of a pervert that he was, this particular scroll caught his eye:

Pregnancy Jutsu

Creates a quick-growing, child-like creation inside the body of a female, but will never be born, and will just continue growing, the affected woman's skin becomes extremely stretchy to accommodate the growth, and the growth can be stopped, continued, sped up, or reversed, by the one who used the jutsu. To activate use the handsigns, focus your chakra, and hug the target.

(Here the handsigns were shown for the jutsu)

'Awesome,' Naruto thought 'looks like I found a keeper!'. He quickly rolled up the scroll and walked back to the village to find Hinata. He found Hinata wandering around the village park.

'Perfect spot' thought Naruto. He quickly performed the handsigns and focused his chakra. He quietly walked up behind Hinata and wrapped her in a great hug. "Hi Hinata!" Naruto said. "Oh, hi Naruto.." Hinata said, originally caught off guard by the hug.

Hinata suddenly felt a gurgling in her stomach as the jutsu began to take effect. Tsunade came into the park. "Naruto, you've got a mission" she said as she handed Naruto the scroll containing the information. Naruto took the scroll, quickly read over it, and sped off. Hinata departed for the Hyuuga mansion while Tsunade left back to her office.

Back in her room in the mansion, Hinata sat down on her bed, massaging her gurgling stomach. "Oh, what is this strange gurgling?" Hinata asked herself. Suddenly she tried as hard as she could not to scream as she saw her stomach suddenly pushing against the confines of her clothing. 'What's going on?' Hinata thought panicedly, rubbing her still growing belly.

Suddenly, it became too tight for her button-up shirt as it reached the size of a basketball, and she had to unbutton her shirt and undo her pants to make room for her girth. She fell back on her bed and watched her stomach grow. It swelled to the size of a beachball at the moment her belly button popped out, and it was still going. She tried to stand, but found herself hindered by the weight of the thing. Suddenly it became so heavy it forced her to fall to her bosom, as it had grown to the size of an overinflated beach ball.

'Oh no, what am I going to tell Naruto?' she thought, panick-stricken. But then she realized, 'This isnt so bad, it's nice and soft, if just a bit heavy.' There came a knock on her door. "Come in!" she called. Naruto opened the door, walked in, and closed it, and his jaw nearly dropped to the floor as he saw Hinata, laying down on the floor with her stomach now the size of a small wrecking ball. Hinata blushed vividly. "Hi Naruto, I really don't know what happened.." she said, pushing her belly forward, which caused her to sit up.

'Ok, stop the growth' Naruto thought, and instantly her belly stopped growing. 'Oh drat,' Hinata thought, 'I hope it kicks up again.' "So, do you like it Hinata?" Naruto stammered. "Yes, it is so soft and round" she replied. "Good, I'm glad I did it to you.." Though the initial shock of it staggered Hinata, she came to realize that he had actually done her a favor, and asked him if he could make her growth continue. He nodded and thought to make the growth continue, and instantly her stomach started swelling again. "Ok, that's enough." Hinata said as her stomach grew so large that it was the size of three of her beds stacked on top of each other. Naruto red the end of the scroll, which said that the creation would give Hinata the strength to stand with it when it got big enough, and asked Hinata to try and stand. She stood with relative ease. When this was revealed to the rest of the village, the initial shock was great, but they got over it, and Neji and Sasuke even asked Naruto to teach THEM the jutsu....