"Ayeka's Gluttony"
by Kazan Kazani

Chapter One: Sore wa Ikemasen (Literal Translation:: How Unfortunate)

"Tenchi!  Give me a hand here!" A man in glasses with black hair waves off back to a house lit up with soft, yellow light.  A young man walks out of a sheeth of light with a suitcase, yawning.  "Dad...I still don't see why we should leave so early..."  The older, black haired man with glasses, Noboyuki, smiles as he takes the suitcase from his son.  "Well you know what they say: the morning worm catches the bird!"  Tenchi nods understandingly, then slowly stops.  "But, Dad, isn't it.."  
        Tenchi instantly hits the ground on his back, in apparent pain due to his bulging eyes.  He slowly looks up in confusion and sees a sea of cyan hair in his view.  "Ryoko..come on it's not even 4:00 in the morning..."  A certain space pirate eases off of Tenchi and smiles, brushing off her trademark blue-and yellow striped outfit.  "That's good advice Tenchi, you should listen to your father.", she huskily suggests, oddly energerized considering Ryoko was never a morning person.  "But he didn't even say it right !"
       "See Tenchi, that's your problem : Everyone around here knows what I'm talking about but you!"  Tenchi blinks dumbfoundly as Ryoko and Noyboyuki line up and shakes their heads profusely, shaking a finger at Tenchi.  "Uh..right...-_-'..."  He leaves the two with packing as he goes inside the house to help his Grandfather, Yosho, with important luggage.  He finds Yosho at the counter in the kitchen, sipping on tea.  "Grandfather..do you think Ayeka will be alright?  By herself?"  Yosho turns slowly with a  pleasent smile on his face.  "Yes, Tenchi.  The worst is over now, she just needs rest."  he walks over and pats Tenchi on the back.  "You shouldn't worry."  Tenchi nods, and remembers Washu's diagnosis, deciding to stop worrying.  "As they say in America, the cactus is always brown on the other side."  Tenchi's face faults, as he stares at his grandfather.  "Not you too...."  Yosho laughs and gives a stronger pat on Tenchi's back, with the two picking up luggage and heading to the warmed up car.              

The Masaki House sat in the Okayama countryside as the sun slowly but steadily rose up in the sky.  A gate several yards from the house shines from the sunlight.  Two logs roughly bigger than the gate, on opposite sides, hum to life from a slumber.  "So....another beautiful day?", the red one inquires.  "It appears so...thank goodness Lady Ayeka is safe again.", the blue one replies.  "Absolutley."     

           Yawning as she woke up, Ayeka shielded her eyes from the bright sun, cringing.  "Goodness...." She yawned, wearily getting out of bed.  This may seem like an everyday morning for most people, but today was unusual for the optimistic Princess of Jurai.  Typically, her mornings were peaceful and she felt the joy of another day coming over her.  Today:  she had the hugest headache, and her throat wasn't feeling well either.  Sighing, she makes her way down the hall and towards the stairs, stopping for a second due to dizziness.  "This...this..." She sneezes loudly, sniffing her runny nose afterwards.  "..This never happens to me..", she moans and looks about in the kitchen.   
                 Tenchi and the others were on vacation for the next few weeks.  They tried to wake-up Ayeka several times but decided it was best she rest.  The gang had recently saved Ayeka from being a prisoner from a man who schemed to clone her, to serve as an inside puppet.  It wasn't easy, as Ayeka had to wait several days for rescue.  It seems she had gotten sick from the lack of clean water and barley eatable food while she was trapped.  Sags under her eyes, and a 12-pound weigh loss made Ayeka look anything but a Princess.  She was pale and weak, and she couldn't bear that this was happening to her.
"I wish my stomach wouldn't ache so much." She felt her abdomen, hidden under her usual purple kimono.  Once a perfect fit for her, it was baggy; in response she tightened her kimono, while getting a glass of soda :   The only thing she could keep down with her flu.  She groaned as she journeyed upstairs, creeping back into her dark room and falling into the futon.

- The Next Day -

Ayeka sat in the living room with a box of tissues and a remote by her side as she watched the usual soap operas.  Trying to forget about her cold, she almost succeeded until 20 mins in she felt an urge to throw up.  Rushing to the bathroom, she made it on time and threw up in the sink, cringing at the horrible taste and smell.  As she cleaned both her and the sink up, she heard a voice:  

"Dang it does that cold and flu never go away?  Wish ya could go outside again without tossing your cookies?  Well here we are folks, with the new formulated elixir by Exlis; you'll be able to recover faster in no time!"

Walking back over the couch, Ayeka watched a box with the picture of a frowning and smiling child labeled "Exlis" being advertised.  Her face brightened up immediately, and she turned off the TV. while getting up to go back upstairs.  "Time for some shopping I suppose." Smiling halfway, she prepared for her trip.    

"Let's see here, um.... All of these medicines are confusing..." Strolling down the aisle, Ayeka held a shopping basket weakly with her left arm, using the other to hold up a small list she made to purchase goods while Tenchi was away.  Usually, Washu took care of everything with a small little pill with a crab on it.  Ayeka stopped and pondered another way.   Wait a minute. I could just go to Miss. Washu's lab and look for some medicine.  But then again, It's dangerous in that lab of hers.  And I'm already at the store, I'll just get the medicine then.   With that, she continued also to get items on a list Tenchi had left for her to get at the grocery store when she was better.  

Back at the couch, Ayeka studies the box of the commercial medicine and sighs in relief.  "I think I feel better already.  Oh, what's this? "  

+ Warning - taking more than allotted dosage could cause drowsiness and sleepiness .   
+ Please do not exceed more than three tablespoons in 5 hours.

Ayeka popped off the cap and poured some in a measurement spoon.  She swallowed the elixir, which had the distinct taste of cherry and lime, tasting a bit odd to her.  She takes two more tablespoons accordingly, and gags a little at the  thickness.  "I should wash this down. This is worse than Ryoko's cooking..." she vaguely remembers the time she had tasted her opposites cooking, which isn't very good since Ryoko was immune to a lot of poisons...   "....My head certainly feels better, it was a good thing I went to the store." She poured a small glass of half- &-half, and with haste washed down the annoying taste of the medicine.  Afterwards she processed to wash her face and dry off at the sink.  Moving over to the bathroom, she gazed into the mirror, and then stopped. She looked pale and tired, and even though that was horrible, she couldn't get over at how much thinner she was.  "I must've gone down a dress size........but all the better for Lord Tenchi, with this figure that demon stands no chance! "   But of course, she never really stood a chance against a Princess like me, ahohohoho!   She laughed with much needed new energy, and went about the house to do some chores, killing time until the next soap.   

3 hours since ingesting the cold elixir, Ayeka was feeling a lot more of her old self again.  Minor but important chores were done, and wouldn't really need until they had come back from the vacation.  Finally relaxing on the couch, laying back, she breathed deeply and her body reminded her of the cold she technically still had.   Well it wasn't a complete cure, I should go upstairs and rest... She takes time traveling back to her room and takes a short nap.  

She awoke when thunder clashed right outside the windows.  Momentarily full of fear, she realizes it's a storm, and tries to ignore this and return to her nap.  Then she realized her nose felt stuffy again.  As if a trigger were pulled, she began coughing, and soon got up in search for tissues.  Sneezing, her arm straightens out immediately against the wall for support.  "Dreadful..." she groans and looks about, then sneezes again.  Throwing the tissues away, she gives up and tries to sleep again after falling back onto the futon.

Disclaimer :
         Tenchi Muyo! And all related characters, names, events, etc. were NOT created by me, so if the original creators and/or owners would listen to my plea (Which I'm sure is AIC/Pioneer), do not sue me.  I make no money off of this and I don't make much money anyways.

Chapter Two: From Ookikunai to Ookii Part One (Non-Literal Translation: From small to big)

Morning came, and remembering last night, Ayeka knew a long day was ahead of her.  The flu seemed to have come out of medicated hibernation.  Trying to cope, Ayeka sat at the couch armed with a box of tissues, blankets, and green tea at her side while channel surfing.  She had forgotten about the medicine since she would drift off to sleep randomly.  This continued from around 9 to 4pm, the rainy and gray day dragging on, with not much happening.   
    Waking up at 4, Ayeka got up and decided not only was she tired of sleeping, but tired of being tired.  She remembered the elixir she had bought and decided to try it out again.   Maybe more of it is needed everyday until this cold disappears... .  It made sense, since she only had the bare minimum dosage.  So instead, she decided to take 5 or 6 tablespoons, despite the almost sickening taste.  Going into the kitchen, and spotting the box, she read the directions but still stuck with an increase in syrup.  Within a few minutes, Ayeka felt drowsy, and was taken back by the response time of the medicine.  "That, that...should..doit..ACHOO!" She rubs her nose after a horrible sneeze, and looks around sluggishly.  Turning her head towards the fridge, she opened and looked about inside.  "Some tea would help now...." Reaching past a bunch of containers, her hands goes past the tea and unknowingly grabs another bottle...  

Hours later, Ayeka awoke on something hard, and cringed at the pain in her back.  Slowly getting up, she rubs her head, feeling disorientated but not sick as before.  Rubbing her eyes, she looked around and noticed she had fallen asleep on the floor of the upstairs hallway.  Walking back downstairs, she yawned and fixed her hair a little.   Very odd....I don't feel sick anymore...but I have a feeling something else happened... She glances over to her side to see the downstairs from above, then freezes.  "Oh...my..." Ayeka gasped with her eyes growing wide in response to the living room.  Furniture was re-arranged, the couch apparently had been tipped over, glass bottles were everywhere, some broken and shattered pieces scattered occasionally on the floor.  Walking cautiously off the stairs and over the disaster area, she surveyed beyond the living room towards the kitchen.  On the way, she noticed the words "My Tenchi" were written all over the wall nearby Washu's lab entrance.  Entering the kitchen, it wasn't any better off; the fridge's door still open and a small puddle of transparent liquid.  The coverts were mostly open, and a few containers were spilled over the floor, miso soup and other meals ruined.  Ayeka continued to blink in shocked silence, until she  made her way to the puddle, and instantly recognized the smell.  
     "HER!"  Instantly furious, Ayeka storms into the living room, looking around at the ceilings.  She continues her angry sweep across the house, looking for a certain demon-ness.  "That incomparable ogre!  This is too much, even for Ryoko!" To come all the way from America, just for this!  The nerve!   "That heathen...when I'm sick and she comes and throws a silly party!"  She stopped and felt her head, a slight headache from the minute she woke up now increasing.  "It doesn't matter now...I am feeling better, except for this headache..." She momentarily notices her kimono being a bit snug and loosens it a bit while her angers slowly disappeared. Well, I am feeling a little better, and it gives me something to do....   Ayeka proceeded to begin cleaning up the aftermath of Ryoko's mess, while occasionally taking a break to not over exert herself.

Grabbing a towel, as she entered the onsen, Ayeka felt exhausted.  She had finally finished cleaning, and it was around 3:30 in the afternoon.  Taking off her kimono, and wrapping the towel around herself, she slipped into the water.  Breathing in hot, steamy air was a welcome change from the dreary cold, rainy weather these past few days.  Closing her eyes, she reached behind for the bar of soap and began to cleanse herself from head to toe. Looks like that demon didn't win after all... She softly smiled and continued but slowly stopped and opened her eyes.   Is it just me or...? She felt down at her midsection and felt a little more than usual.  Looking down, her eyes confirmed a noticeable bulge instead of her recently acquired flat stomach.  She instantly felt at her sides and her suspicions were evident by the trace of love handles now there.  "Hmm...I did lose quite a lot of weight ..it probably wasn't very healthy for me...".  Again on instinct, the princess felt at her hips, and although there wasn't much change, they felt a little softer than before.  Ayeka's momentary alarm was eased by the gradual, apparent logic : her body was simply returning to it's natural weight.  Before that horrid adventure, the horrid prison... If Ryoko were here she'd be overjoyed.... Ayeka shuddered at the humiliation she'd receive, one minute Ryoko teasing her of being a skeleton and the next a cow.  However, she smiled at the fact that she wasn't here, and that her sickness was going away.   Just for good measure, I'll continue the medicine.  This horrible episode will be long gone by the time Tenchi arrives.   With that, Ayeka continued to enjoy her relaxing bath.           

Waking up in the afternoon, Ayeka remembered her discovery in the onsen and decided it'd be best if she knew her weight exactly.  She walked into one of the upstairs bathrooms and found a large scale in the covert underneath the sink.  Rarley in use by anyone except Ayeka, she had always tried to keep it a secret.  "Hmm...139...8 more than a few days ago..."  She'd always use this scale to manager herself, being a princess for such an incredible empire, she had to ensure she looked incredible too.   It's alright, Ayeka, no need for alarm.   She mentally reminded herself and returned the scale back to it's hiding place.  "Although...I did nearly throw up before my nap earlier..." She knew what to do, and proceeded to go downstairs and routinely take some cold elixir.      
      Walking out of the bathroom, downstairs and into the kitchen, another 5 tablespoon dosage awaited Ayeka.  Afterwards, she goes to the fridge, browsing the contents groggily after the medicine began to work.  "I think some dinner is in order before I rest."  Reaching, pulling out some tea, then going back to conjure a small cup of sake, Ayeka eventually slows down, forgetting something.  "Hmm, I am a bit hungry..." She looked down at her stomach which made an odd noise, confirming her observation.   This medicine doesn't settle well... Standing on the tip of her toes, she reaches up to the coverts and grabs a handle.  After another try, the princess blinks in confusion.  "Why is this locked...?"   she studies the covert, but the TV's music reminds Ayeka of her prior schedule.   Oh well, I'd better not miss the finale...

A knock at the Masaki door proves useless, as the lights were out, with only the T.V. providing it's cathode light bath.  "Hmm...I see."  A figure pushes the door open lightly, and walks in, swiftly but with silence.  Flipping on a light and entering the living room, he smiles and looks at his watch.  "Well, at least this is just slow but steady", he whispers to himself, while looking around, "I'll need to speed it up, just a little bit."  Taking off his pair of goggles and adjusting his maroon bangs, he walks by a passed out Ayeka, and to the kitchen.  Looking around, he goes straight to the locked up covert, and taps his watch, making the coverts door disappear, revealing a stash of snacks.  "This'll be good...", he mutters, picking up a few bags and reading the labeling on the back.  Changing his attention, he grabs the bags of snacks, throws them over to the living room and heads to the hallway to the house, when he freezes.  Wait, idea time.  He reverses his direction in the same stances, and turns his head to see a wooden door with a crab logo.  "Yeah, I remember now."  He opens the door, steps through and covers his head instantly.  Blinking, he looks around and sees he's in a lab, and sighs in relief.  Walking around for some odd 15 minutes, the maroon haired man, Kazan, scratches his head in annoyance.  Finally, he luckily looks to his left and finds what he thinks is what he's been looking for.  Running over to the random green door, he opens to reveal shelves of vials and other assorted equipment.  "Yellow.....yellow...with...that name..." he scans the shelves and after a minute or two found his treasure.  "Great!  Now all I gotta do is this..." he taps his watch which hums and lights up briefly, before shocking the vial, turning it momentarily to green, then back to yellow again.  "Great, I'll just put this in her sake...and the game's a foot once again."  He places the yellow vial back to it's original place, and takes his leave out of the lab.  

"...finale...on...Megumi, that bit..........zzzzz."  Ayeka mumbled in her seemingly sound sleep, until she slipped off the couch and awoke abruptly, thanks to a floor for not cushioning her fall.  "h..uh, w, what?!" She looks around in a slight panic, and sighs, wiping her forehead.  "Oh there you go again, Ayeka...."  Looking around, she notices she must've fallen asleep during the show, and sighs again.  Getting up, she fixes her composure, and notices some bags of snacks on the couch nearby.


Ayeka immediately stops and looks over, concern all over her face.  "...I didn't miss it?  I could've sworn...."  Suddenly, Ayeka realizes she had taken more than the advisable amount of medicine earlier.   Goodness....I shouldn't do that again.   Shaking the odd feeling of de ja vu away, Ayeka sat at the couch and again notices the snacks nearby her.  "Well, it is the finale, and I did forget to eat something before...."  Getting back up to the kitchen, Ayeka gets her cup of sake, now a bit colder than usual, and heads back to the living room, sitting right next to the bags.  Sipping some saki, Ayeka proceeds to open one of them and although she doesn't recognize the aroma, she takes a chip and nibbles in front of the tube.  "Mmm, this is quite good...", she mumbles, while looking around, this time taking a handful, along with another glass of sake.  
    A few glasses of sake later (A few being 5 or 6), as well a few commercials, Ayeka starts to giggle to herself as she eats another handful.  Eventually, she begins eating a handful every minute, the climax of the finale obviously beginning.  As the story peaked, the bag emptied, with Ayeka having polished off an entire bag while beginning on another.  "Well, howdoya like that, Megumi?!"  Ayeka briefly forgets her snacks while pointing to the T.V. screen, randomly paying more attention until the last commercials before the final 10 minutes of the finale.  
      During which, Ayeka quickly got up for more sake while burping lightly.  Drowsy, instead of a small cup of sake, she grabs the entire bottle.  Taking an unlike-herself-huge-swig of the bottle, Ayeka takes a seat at the sofa, opening more snacks.  "That idiot!  He should've gone out with her, go out with her!!" Ayeka yelled at the TV, obviously under the influence of the heavy sake drinking.  Shoving chips in her mouth, she reaches over to her left and gets the remote, changing the channel.  "Boring..." she says, while drinking more sake, with half of the 1 liter bottle already gone.  BUURP! Ayeka almost laughed a little, looking at the bottle.  "Goodness, my, no way for a princess to act...ohohoho!" she continues to eat the chips and drink more of the sake.  She continued this while under the influence of the sake for an amazing 13 hours, watching TV, eating and drinking and writing certain someone's name on the wall with hearts.

Chapter 3: From Ookikunai to Ookii Part Two

A moan fills the house as a certain princess wakes up yet again, this time to the sound of a storm outside.  Rolling off the couch, and landing hard on the floor, she officially woke up, another headache present.  "My, my....." looking up again to see the house, she does a double-take.  The house was messy, again, in similar fashion the other day.  "Ry-", Ayeka starts, but slowly fades as she somehow recognizes the chaos around her from the night before...  "No...I did this?!"  Getting up in a panic, she walks around to further survey the damage, and eventually comes across empty sake bottles all over the kitchen floor.  "Oh...well that would explain it...." she sarcastically mutters, while going back to the living room through the hallway, trying to ignore the once again message ridden walls.  Her face faults when she notices the bags of chips all over the floor, and looks down at her kimono, which was dusted with crumbs.  
     "Oh no..I must've ate....", Ayeka began but turns her head to the left and begins to race upstairs, semi-noticing it was taking a bit more than usual to complete the flight.  Going straight to the bathroom and flipping on the lights, she retrieves the scale from it's hiding place and stares down at it.  Then she takes a step of nervous faith and looks down as the scale moved accordingly.  Her eyes narrow at first, but freeze in long gaze.  "How, how..is that possible?!"   The scale's red marker pointed to '165', even actually hovering a bit past the bold number.  Beginning to scan, Ayeka looks wearily into the mirror and cringes as she slides off her signature kimono.  As she did, she notices how fuller her face looks; subtle cheekbones had evidently been softened, and were accompanied by a forming double chin.  Moving from her face, the princess' eyes widen to her chests new presence.  Her bra was barley able to hold in Ayeka's larger breasts, with small rolls of delicious fat right where her arms and chest met.  She calculated that her chest must've grown at least two sizes, and didn't mind this development much.  
     Her momentary satisfaction faded, however, when her eyes moved down to her stomach.  Reaching down, she pinches while muttering to herself, then notices that she was leaning over.   Oh please don't... she stands up straight and any theory she had was proven true by the spare tire that refused to go away with posture.  She had definite love handles, spilling over the sides of her panties, which were trying to contain Ayeka's larger, soft, pale-cream belly.  They met where spare tire had began to form, her belly stuck out a half an inch of her new bust.  
    Ayeka sobbed, but had yet to notice her hips.  They had softened quite a bit, and upon further inspection, Ayeka felt a hint of cellulite too.  Ayeka turns to look in the mirror to re-confirm her findings and saw the light reveal she that was correct.  She grew dis-heartened as extra flesh on her hips giggled a little while she turned to see her backside.  Her eyes grew wide as her butt came into view.  It was defiantly bigger: Her butt was much softer and actually stretched her panties a fair amount.  In a perplexed gaze, she pokes and finds her finger sinking in a little, and suddenly retracts in horror.  Returning to her forming belly roll, which was peeking past her panty line, she found the panties actually left faint marks on her skin.  
   Ayeka began to cry slightly, trying to take all of this in.  After a minute or so, she calmed down, but when she looked into the mirror, she noticed her arms were looking flabbier, and jiggled when she fixed her hair.  "This..this isn't me!  But , how could..what have I done to myself?!"  Ayeka ran out in panic, forgetting her clothes, and headed straight toward her bedroom, trying her best to ignore her newly gained weight.  Trying her best to ignore her stomach and butt jiggling along.  The starvation had apparently slowed down her metabolism greatly, but even so, Ayeka could not see how she could've eaten so much to create such a rapid gain.  She was no scientist, but she knew something was wrong.  However, as being brought up to be a Princess, such logic could not comfort her.  
          Ayeka laid at her futon, sobbing silently.   Lord Tenchi...he would be disgusted... , Ayeka thought, with flashes of his possible reaction.  She cringed and sat up, looking over to the window and outside at the post rainy, grey sunlight.  She pinched at her belly roll, which was resting well beyond her panties and felt like a marshmallow each time she squeezed.  
"No...." I  will not let this go on any longer ! .  Ayeka got up and hurried back to the bathroom, gathering her clothes from the bathroom floor, making sure not to see the mirror, and flipping off the light.  "I will not stand here and let this happen to me!"  While going down the stairs, Ayeka slips her clothing back on, and surveys the living room.   I'll just clean this up, take the recommended dosage of the medicine, and get some sleep.   Ayeka figured she had enough today, and would try and solve this tomorrow.  She did, after all, had Washu at her disposal, as well as her lab.  With that, she proceeded to pick up the various bags of chips and straighten out the messied furniture.                                       

- The Next Day -

The sun rose up in the sky, finally shining without a cloud or premonition of rain in its way.  A spotless but silent household sat as the light basked the interior.  At the couch, Ayeka slept soundly as the sunshine crept up the blanket she is using.  As it reaches hr face, Ayeka's eyes flutter open after a few seconds of cringing.  She slowly sits up and looks around, momentarily confused.  
      "Oh.." She yawns before finishing her sentence, and looks around again.   That dream was dreadful... , she recalls, and slowly gets up from the couch.  As she walks to the kitchen, she felt something was odd but figured she was just still sleepy.  Opening the fridge, she pulls out some wrapped up tira misu and groggily proceeds to eat it.   Still, something doesn't feel right...
       Within a few minutes, Ayeka polished off the delicious treat, and decided she'd freshen up for the day.

Ayeka stood inside the bathroom again, and after flipping on the lights, she looks over to the mirror.  Immediately her face faults and lets out a gasp, falling backwards and landing her head outside on the hallway floor.  After a minute, she gets up and looks again, rolling her eyes.  
         "So..it wasn't a dream..."  Ayeka rolls her eyes, and goes about fixing herself up.  
       "Let's see...Washu should be in her lab...It'll be a bit embarrassing but..."  Ayeka cringes as she imagines Ryoko coming home, seeing the princess, laughing and reveling in her misfortune.  
But how did I forget such a horrible thing?   Ayeka pauses and turns off the faucet in the sink, looking in the mirror.  
Hmm...I don't feel ill anymore...perhaps I should stop using the medicine; this could be one of the side effects.   Ayeka nods to herself and decided then and there to throw out the medicine: she knew she had enough rest from the flu, now she had to work off its apparent effects.  Walking out of the bathroom, she looks down the stairs and remembers Washu's lab.  
I'm sure Ms. Washu won't mind...

"Hello?  Ms.Washu?" Ayeka inquired to the spacious lab.  Amid various equipment, and from afar the place where her ship, Ryu-Oh, was planted, it appeared no one was present.  Wandering further in, Ayeka worries and begins to have second thoughts.  
I know it wouldn't be wise, but I need to find *something* to ride of this ailment... Suddenly, a portal appears right behind Ayeka, who panics and jumps straight into an apparent pile of machanical-whatever-they-weres.  
Goodness...at least some of my battle skills have held up... The alarm stricken princess breathes a sigh of relief as she sees Washu step out.  
        "Hmm..." Washu looks around and floats over to a darkened area of the lab.  With a snap, a crab light illuminated the darkness and revealed a door.  
        "Ahh...here it is!  It was in the *back* room..." The Scientist hits her head playfully while running inside, just as fast returning with a black box.  "That daughter of mine, always causing trouble or in trouble..."  With that, the pink-magenta haired scientist left through another portal, leaving Ayeka alone but curious.  Standing up from the pile, she brushes herself off and furrows her brow.  
       "I wonder what she blew up now, that demon."  Walking out and towards the same door Washu was just at, Ayeka's curiosity increased.  
       "I could start in there..." After all, it was just a normal door, nothing of pseudo-space or any of Washu's domain: Even Washu went through the trouble of opening the door, and then closing it.  Ayeka looked down at herself and felt at her purple kimono, retracting her hands as soon as they touched her concealed, bulging abdomen.  Shaking her head from wandering, she looks up and finally notices why Washu flew over to the closet in the first place: it was fairly off into the distance.    

15 minutes later, Ayeka finally made it over to her destination, grabbing a hold of the doorknob, but pausing to catch her breathe.   That...must've been a mile.....my, I'm out of shape...   Pushing the door open, Ayeka sees nothing but a blackened space inside, but upon a closer look sees wooden shelves.   So it was apart of the house, not her lab after all. After a minute or so of searching, she finds a long dangling metal chain and pulls it, a light bulb lighting up in reaction.  She moans slightly when she sees at least 100 shelves filled with vials and other chemistry equipment.  Restraining complaint, Ayeka proceeds to look around randomly, but skipping obvious labels.  
        After a few minutes of searching, Ayeka comes across a test tube of serum in a lone, test tube holder.  Squinting at the label, she attempts to read aloud the fine print.  "Poly, poly..."struggling momentarily, the princess' eyes catch another line of text underneath.  "Weight Loss XL 3: Experimental".  Ayeka's face lit up, and her mouth grew a smile.  "Sounds promising..." she takes the tube immediately but stops just as fast.   It says experimental...it may be foolish but I just cannot look like this when Lord Tenchi returns... I just can't.

Throughout the day, Ayela switched from watching T.V. to touring the house and the houses' land to see if anything else needed to be done.  It may have been placebo, but Ayeka felt much better that she had gone down to Washu's lab.  Eventually, Ayeka ended the day with a nice, long bath in the onsen.  Despite being disgusted with her newly acquired weight, she had some comfort in knowing that tomorrow or the next day would bring possible results.  It wasn't that Washu's experiments didn't work; it's just that they always had either a 50/50 of safe or risky effects.  

"Oh, they're here!" Ayeka's face beams to life as she opens the door and sees the car off into the distance.  Waving, her face beams, and doesn't even flinch when grey clouds come along in the sky.  "Oh Lord Tenchi!" she shouts, as she sees the car pull up, and the door swings open.  Nobody gets out of it though, and that's when Ayeka finally notices the grey clouds.  That's when Ayeka notices the funny feeling in her stomach, the grumbling noises it began to make.  She felt at her stomach and cringed right before she let out a fairly loud and long belch.  Instantly, her stomach puffed out and stretched her purple kimono 3 times its normal size.  Ayeka panics and looks around, only to see her hand with a pair of chopsticks and a bowl of rice in the other.  
                         Without warning, and without her permission, her hand with the chopsticks bolts to the bowl of rice.  Ayeka blinks and finds herself in the kitchen with a huge bowl of rice in the middle of the floor.  She sees herself diving into the bowl of rice, pouring some type of creamy sauce atop, and within minutes, eating the entire semi-mountain of rice.  Ayeka sees herself sitting on the ground, legs out while her stomach grows even more, with the kimono ripping slightly.  Ayeka sees the obscure mix of amazement and horror and disgust on her face and cries out...

A cry is heard throughout the Masaki household.  "What in TSUNAMI...?!" Ayeka pauses and looks around in the dark room, and blinks in bewilderment.  It takes a walk outside of the room, into the bathroom, and a look in the mirror to wake calm herself down.  
     "Of course....a dream."  She shakes her head, almost laughing at the number of dreams she's had lately, but quickly looks back into the mirror again.  "Hmm...."  Bending down and looking underneath the sink and into the cabinet, she pulls out her scale and hurried to place it on the floor.  Ayeka closes her eyes and steps on, and after a minute allows herself to see where the red marker had pointed:  


Ayeka nearly gasped, and went straight back to the mirror, slipping off her pajamas.  Her body had defiantly lost most of it's former fat.  Her chest was no longer bursting out of her bra and was well contained.  Her butt was firmer, and her legs had more breathing space, but the huge difference was her face and arms.  Her face was now just as thin as it was before and her arms didn't have as much fat on them as before..  The only remnant was her stomach, which appeared quite flabby and was only just beginning to form a roll, but no longer the big gut which Ayeka despised.  She felt around, still amazed this was real, and noticed her body was still very soft and flabby in some other areas, but had lost most of the outstanding weight.  
         "Well, something of Washu's finally worked.....correctly."  Ayeka grinned a little into the mirror while putting her p.j.'s back on.   139 is much more acceptable, and without that medicine, I shouldn't have to worry about this any longer.     Ayeka walked out of the bathroom and back into her room, going straight to the window and opening the curtains, letting in the sunlight.  "No need to worry...." She stared outside for a few minutes until she heard a noise.  Looking around, she again looked bewildered and then finally recognized the sound.  "It looks like breakfast is in order..."   Strange, I feel very famished...probably a side effect of the serum.  I'd better watch what I eat...but still... .  
      In a few minutes, at 7:00 A.M., Ayeka was out the door.  She had to make a trip into a small town nearby for some supplies, especially for breakfast, and would have to be on time at the bus-stop.  Her change of attire, a thin brown trench coat (Tenchi Forever), and her brightened demeanor only proved to Ayeka that this was one of the best days she's had since the entire imprisonment and flu ordeal.  

A purple haired woman carrying a plastic bag of groceries walked along a dirt road leading into back towards a shrine.  Ayeka had apparently missed the bus from taking so much time from shopping, but figured the exercise would further accelerate the serum's effects, as she had at least 15 to look like her normal weight.
         "It's quite odd, this has never happened before..." Ayeka pondered while looking around, not so much bothered but puzzled at the effects of the medicine she had purchased days ago.   It's obvious, however....I hate to say this like Ryoko may have rubbed off on me.  I shouldn't drink anymore sake until they get back.   Pausing, Ayeka took a break on the side of the road while looking ahead, and dug into the plastic bag for a drink.  She pulls out a beverage she found in the import aisle, an American drink called a "Milk Chug". While chugging it down, inadvertently appropriate to its name, Ayeka's eyes looked around and soon froze on the spot.   I just might be lost...this place doesn't look too familiar.   Putting the empty bottle back in the pastic bag, Ayeka sighs with a roll of her eyes.  "Great."  GRUMBLE! Ayeka's eyes grew and looked down to her stomach, which apparently was hungry again.   That's the fourth time this morning....I know I shouldn't but... Ayeka recalls looking into a mirror at the supermarket, and visibly saw her stomach had already shrunk.  The serum was experimental, and it wouldn't be healthy anyways to skip a meal.  Ayeka decided she'd walk a bit further in case her memory was wrong, then she'd stop on the side and have a small lunch by the road.  
         By the time she arrived out of the woods portion of the dirt road, she saw a small, out of the way house.  As she closed in, Ayeka recognized it as the local bar in the countryside.  "Oh!  Good, I can just ask directions inside."  Within a few minutes, Ayeka walked through the door, which revealed a natural lit bar with several tables and a few customers.  A group of 3 middle aged men paused their card game to admire the new arrival, while an occasional look from one or two young men with a martini or a glass of sake also took notice.  Ayeka smiled a little and walked over to the bar, taking an empty stool next to a man in a trench coat.  The bartender pauses from cleaning a glass, and turns his attention to Ayeka.  Smiling, he clears his throat.  
     "Yes Ms.?"  
     Smiling politely, Ayeka nods.  "Um, yes, I seem to a bit lost...I was wondering if I could get directions to the Masaki Shrine nearby."  The bartender's eyes lit up, nodding.  The man in the trench coat next to Ayeka shifts his position.    
     "Aye... me lady, I would be telling you if I knew the way.  I'm afraid I'm still a bit of a tourist myself, and my chef friend has only lived in Tokyo."  The bartender replies, sounding a bit sad he was unable to help.  Ayeka looks over momentarily, slightly confused by his foreign accent, and sighs.    
           "Thank you anywa-"
      "I know where it is"  
   Ayeka looks over to a young man who is sipping a bottle of sake.  He looks about 6'4'', and was maybe around 18 or 19, fairly young.  He had goggles right above his head, which were partially covered by his long blonde bangs, accompanied by a Trunks-style haircut, but without the mushroom back.  Looking over, his linear face shows his odd but natural looking silver eyes.  
"Hey there, I think I can help ya out.", the man smiles, while adjusting his maroon trench coat, which matched his maroon combat boots and maroon jeans.  Ayeka blinks a few times, taken back by the actual notion she was somewhat attracted by a complete stranger.  
"Uh, yes, I need directions to the Masaki Shrine.  Could you...?"
   "Sure, but first take a seat and join me in a glass."  Ayeka hesitated, knowing full well she promised herself not to drink.  However, she did need the directions.... Just one...He seems nice but still... Ayeka calls the bartender and asks for the same sake, but in a smaller glass.  He takes another long sip and looks back over to Ayeka.  
"My name's Kazan." He offers his hand while taking another sip.  Ayeka smiles a little and shakes it.  
"I am Ayeka, thank you for helping me."
"No problem."  
For the next half hour, the two chatted amid a new drink every other 5 or 7 minutes.  Ayeka wasn't completely naive to her social drinking, but enjoyed having the company due to being in the household by herself.  She also took less caution when she noted this man, Kazan, didn't appear to be getting drunk at all.  Ayeka , on the other hand, was fairly tipsy; what with 3 glasses of sake and even sharing a vodka tonic with her new friend.  
   "So I kept saying, "shaken not stirred" here, and the bartender looks at me like I'm mad!", Kazan exclaims, pointing over to the bartender, who just shook his head and laughed.  
"Aye, he had the tuxedo and everything, looked like a regular James Bond, he did."  Ayeka sipped some of the tonic, and giggled.  
"Yes, I've seen some of the Bond movies...he's quite the ladies man isn't he?"  Ayeka suddenly covered her mouth, which followed with a light burp.
"Hey there, you shouldn't drink anymore of that.   My fault for asking ya to share."  Kazan's arm swiftly moved, but his hand gently takes the glass from her.  "I'm not saying you're a lightweight or anything, but I just don't want you to get the wrong idea..." Ayeka blinks and slowly realizes what he meant.  
"Oh..well that's kind of you, Kazan, but it's alright.  Despite who I appear to be, I do have my fair share of sake..."  Ayeka was a little surprised by her open-ness about herself, but actually felt relieved to tell somebody.  Kazan nodded, and ordered a glass of water for her as an act of kindness.  Then he looked around and noticed that there weren't any card players.  
"Hmm, well if you still want directions, we'd better get going soon.  It's startin' to get dark."  Ayeka's eyes grew a bit as she turned to look out the nearby window.
"Ah, yes, you're right..."  Ayeka got up slowly and yawned slightly, while taking in the effects of a more than a few drinks.  "Oh my...no...I should be okay."  Kazan looked over to the bartender and gave a nod, throwing some yen next his and Ayeka's empty glasses.  
"Don't worry, it shouldn't be too far from here, I've past it quite a bit while working."  Ayeka looked over and nodded while they both made their way out of the bar.  
"Oh really?  What is it you do?"  Kazan opened the door while looking back at the bar, smiling.  
"Well," he began, "I travel so much, that, sometimes I feel like time simply dosen't apply to me..."  With that, the door to the bar slams shut, with the "Open" sign dropping to a "Closed" sign.

35 minutes later, the two finally arrived at the gates which led to the Masaki House.  Kazan pauses and begins to wave to Ayeka, turning his body back to the road.  
"Well, here ya go.  I'd better get going now..."  
"Wait."  Kazan stops and looks over, surprised to hear an objection.  Ayeka hesitates and looks back and forth between the house and the maroon dressed man. I...I really shouldn't but...It does get rather lonely...   The purple haired princess walks over to Kazan and smiles a little.  
"If.if you wouldn't mind, I'd...enjoy the company."  Kazan eyes grow a bit, but he nods, turning back towards her.  
"Oh well, I guess I could, yeah."   I didn't eJabedin that... but of course, I didn't eJabedin her to be so thin either.  I should investigate...   Ayeka's face brightens up as she asks him to follow, the two walking past the small front gate.    

Over the remainder of the evening, Ayeka decided she'd forget her past choice and continued to have a few more glasses of sake.  Kazan had one or two more, but avoided having anymore.  The two were sitting on the couch, drinking their glasses, while watching a soap opera.  
          "So, you're an American?"  Ayeka inquired, sipping on her third glass since they arrived.  Kazan turned his attention from the TV to Ayeka, nodding.  
        "Yup, I'm surprised you couldn't tell by my accent.  My Japanese skills are very on and off."  Ayeka waved her hand in the air and shook her head.  
        "Oh no, you speak very well.  I barley noticed except for your appearance."  Ayeka burped slightly and apologized, turning red in the face.  "I'm terribly sorry...but I haven't been having a good week so far.." She finished her glass, wanting to forget the random weight gain but more so the imprisonment that was still fresh in her memory.  Kazan gets up and moves next to her, putting his hand on her shoulder.
           "Yeah, I know what that's like sometimes, but you shouldn't rationalize..." He took her glass and looked at Ayeka, noticing she was turning red in embarrassment.  She looked away for moment, hesitating again.   No Ayeka , she thought, ...don't say anything, it's just the sake talking...
        "I'll clean this up, you should go eat something."  Kazan gathered the glasses and headed over to the kitchen, breathing a sigh of relief. I didn't want to interfere THAT much...  Thankfully, I won't have to be careful with the other one.   Kazan, noticing Ayeka was still on the couch, watching TV, quickly placed the glasses in the sink.   Now, on to business... Looking around in the coverts, Kazan finally finds a measuring cup and reaches inside his pocket.  "In case of an emergency, pour and mix...hehe." Kazan brought out a small container of powder from the inside pocket of his maroon trench coat.  Peering over to the refrigerator, Kazan walks over and opens the door, his eyes gluing onto a tall bottle of sake. Perfect, without me here she'll probably use this all up.     While pouring, Kazan made sure Ayeka couldn't see him.   It'll take me a while to pay for that commercial but oh well...   He then spends another half a minute looking for a utensil to stir the powder with the sake, and stealthily slides the bottle back into the fridge.  Walking to the living room, Kazan spots the plastic bag Ayeka had carried with her earlier.  Taking a look inside, he shakes his head.  "Tsk, tsk."   I'd better go get some nice snacks for her, these won't do much.
         "Kazan?  Where did you run off to?"  Ayeka's voice is followed by Ayeka herself walking into the kitchen, just as Kazan steps in front of the measuring cup, blocking it from view.  
          "Oh hey, I was just looking for something to drink.  I was about to ask ya since it's your house and all..."  Ayeka shook her head and smiled, which made her rosy face, caused by the alcohol, stick out more.  
       "Oh no, it is alright.  I was looking for more myself, actually."  Ayeka walks over and pulls open the fridge.  "Would you like some as well?"  
          "Sure, but..."
       "But...?"  A slightly odd pause occurs between them, with Ayeka blinking.
       "I could really use a bathroom, could you show me where it is? ^_^;" Ayeka, giggling loudly, pointed back towards the stairs direction.  
       "Yes, the bathroom is over there."  Kazan nodded and quickly headed down the hallway and to the stairs, while Ayeka picked up the tall sake bottle and grinned.  "Well, well, it looks like Ryoko forgot about you eh?"
          "Alrighty, adjust it about 3 hours ago..." Kazan muttered to himself as he went down the hallway and eventually found the bathroom.  Once inside, he closed the door, and began adjusting his watch, which started to hum.   Chips sound good, they should be compatible with the formula's program... Looking into the mirror, Kazan pulls over his goggles and taps a button on his watch. The hum grew louder until it fizzled out into a whisper, with a hole in the air appearing.  With a jump through, the bathroom fell silent as the hole in the air regenerated and disappeared.  

"Well, well, Ameri-Ka?  It sounds like..a wonderful place."  Ayeka took another swig of the tall bottle of sake, which was 80% empty, while Kazan looked on, nodding.  
       "Yeah, but for some reason I prefer Japan.  Always have since I got here."  Ayeka looks over and hiccups slightly, with Kazan struggling not to giggle a little.   She was right, she does enjoy her sake...
       "When was that, Mr.Bond?"  Ayeka moves closer to Kazan, smiling at him in much more than a friendly way.  Kazan shrugs, deciding to play along.  
       "Well, if I told you that, I'd have to kill ya." Ayeka giggles, taking another swig of sake.  
          "You sound like the bartender, Kazan.  It's very...amusing..."  She moves closer to Kazan, who just notices their close proximity.   Wow, I've gotta be careful with too much interference. I mean, this isn't Star Trek but still.
       "Ayeka..." Kazan said solemnly, while staring into her eyes.  Ayeka stares back, blinking, smiling a bit.  This continues for about a minute or so, a minute of silence.  
       "You look hungry! Have you eaten?!" Ayeka fell over at Kazan's words, annoyed but bursting into laughter.  Kazan begins laughing too, albeit a bit more nervously.  
       "Honestly, Mr.Kazan, you're really somethin..." Ayeka gets up and holds her sides, and then notices how her stomach was aching a little.  She looks over to Kazan, who waves a flag with the words "Go Get Food!" frantically, which causes Ayeka to burst out into giggles.  Eventually, she starts to move her way back to the kitchen, with Kazan breathing a sigh of relief.  Kazan then notices that Ayeka's soap opera was coming on after this commercial.  
       "Oh Ayeka!  It's coming back on!"  Within a few seconds, Ayeka came out running with 4 bags of chips and a worried expression.  
       "I won't miss it!"  She plants herself on the couch, with Kazan moving closer to make his move.
      "Here, I'll open em for ya, don't wanna miss anything, right?"  Ayeka nods, and turns her attention to the TV, whle Kazan opens 2 of the bags.  
      "Mmm, salt and vinegar!" Kazan takes a few chips and hands Ayeka one.  "Try it, it's pretty popular in America".  The princess, setting aside her sake bottle, takes the chip and pops it into her mouth.  Her eyes grew a bit as she smiled and nodded in agreement.  
      "I can certainly see why. Mr. Bond!"  Kazan laughed a little bit and watched as she dug into her first bag.   This'll be an interesting night.
      A few hours passed, and Kazan had watched Ayeka devour the entire bag of chips within the first half hour.  She even asked Kazan to get more, which required him to use his portal device at least 2 more times, each trip with more bags than the last.  Eventually, Ayeka had finished not only the big sake bottle but also the small reserves in the house, which caused to her mistaken Kazan for someone else.  
             "Ya know what Tenchi, Let ME tell you something." Ayeka drank the rest of her sake and wrapped her arms around Kazan, looking from below up to his eyes, nudging her head against his chest.  She points at him, and smiles. "I love you!! Ohohohoho!" she laughs, thinking Kazan was indeed her Lord Tenchi. Looking down at her, Kazan smiles, but slowly it melts.  
I feel kind of feel bad....but Washu should fix everything right up. He reached over for an up-opened bag of chips, and persuaded Ayeka to eat more, with Kazan feeding her with handfuls of the fattening junk food.  She was having a grand time, and just like before, this went on for the rest of the night.  
Waking up at around 9am, Kazan groaned form the brief 2 hours of sleep, and saw that it was morning already.  He raced from the couch, without awakening Ayeka, and got his shoes and overcoat on.  Looking at his watch, he ran outside the door, running nearby to the Shrine.  
Crap, I hope I don't miss it. .  A minute and a half later, he saw a portal opened, waiting for his arrival.  He fixes his attire and looks at the portal.  
"I'm coming...hehehee" he laughs, and jumps inside the portal, which seals right behind him.

Chapter 4: From Ookikunai to Ookii Part Three

Creaking her eyes open a bit, Ayeka's body was the first to cringe due to awakening.  The sun didn't seem to be as annoying; instead it was the unusually strong headache Ayeka felt.  Getting up, using the couch as leverage, she didn't really notice the mess.  She yawned absent mindedly, and zombied her way to the fridge, which was oddly open.  Reaching in, Ayeka's hand grabs at air repeatedly until it comes across imported American cheese.  Peering in lazily, she grunts slightly in disapproval, and eventually notices a lone bottle of sake.  Leaning back against the counter, Ayeka opens the bottle up and takes a clammy swig, careful to place the bottle on the counter.  She and looks lazily, post swallow, at the bottle, blinking slowly.  "Choco...late?" Ayeka shrugs to herself and continues alternating from small swigs to sips while walking back to the living room.  
Such a huge headache...I felt as if I taken on the Jurian defense force all by myself... . Looking around hazily, Ayeka yawns and feels her head.    And lost...horribly...

" Try our new medicine today to rid yourself of that... "

One by one, Ayeka opens her eyes, squinting to see a familiar commercial on the TV she apparently left on.  This is becoming quite common with me..., Ayeka sighs, and surveys the residence.  "Well now, it looks like I have something to do, don't I?" Rolling her eyes, she decided to go freshen up a bit, and hopefully wash her self-embarrassment out in the onsen.  Before that, however, she had to fill the fridge up with some shopping, so she quickly went upstairs to get the proper attire.

"Hmm..."  Ayeka read the list as she went down another asile, while picking up a cappuccino she purchased nearby the entrance of the supermarket.  I'd better hurry, I can't leabe that mess lying around for Tenchi to see...  Ayeka briefly blushed at her actions of late, and for a second wondered if she and Ryoko were actually that different.  She wondered if in fact Ayeka been more at fault for starting most arguments.  
                    "Hey, mommy, is that lady pregnant too?!"  Ayeka's face immediately turned from rose to burning red as she turned around, her eye twitching.  "W-What?!"  Ayeka glared harshly at a young child of 5 in a Pokemon shirt with some Pocky.  He just smiled while taking another helping, and ran back to his mother, whom was a little bit behind Ayeka.
                    "No, no, dear, don't be so rude."  The mother looked to Ayeka and bowed her head.  "I'm so sorry, he doesn't know what a pregnancy really is."  Ayeka calms down, and smiles a little, nodding.
                    "Yeah I dos!  I do's!  I do's!"  
                    "That's enough of that, we're late already, let's get going."
                    "I doooooooo's!"
                       Ayeka shakes her head with a light giggle, but soon grows worried as she goes back to shopping.  He was very young but still..., Ayeka considers, until she looks ahead and sees an actual pregnant lady shopping for ice cream.  
                    "Oh...well, that certainly explains it..."  Ayeka smiles a little and finishes up.

"Hmm....I should have enough yen...I have been saving up."  Walking into a nearby Department Store, Ayeka carries a bag of certain ingredients for Sasami's cooking.  Ayeka had almost forgotten the serum she took, and decided to take advantage of it's thankfully beneficial effects.  A salesperson noticed Ayeka, and with a smile walked over and greeted the princess.  
                   "Hello, Miss, may I help you with anything?"  
                   "Yes, kind sir, I'm looking for more.more seasonal clothes.  As you can see mine are quite outdated."  Ayeka laughed a little, but the receptionist grew a cold sweat, and laughed nervously in reply.
                  "Well, yes it appears you do need some new clothes, please wait over there while I get this month's specials."   The salesperson pointed over to the changing rooms to Ayeka's left.    
                 "Thank you so much."
                     3 minutes later, the lady came back with 3 outfits, they seemed a little big to Ayeka but two of them weren't folded and seemed to have been returned perfectly intact.  
                 "Excuse the mess we have, we're remolding and some idiot decided to take these off the racks.  If you purchase any of these outfits, we'd be more than happy to iron and clean them up for you."  Ayeka smiled and took the clothing.  
                "Again, thank you."  
                   "Don't mention it ^^'.
                        Ayeka walked into the dressing room and looked over the outfits.  Two of them didn't really catch her eye, however, the third she studied did; it seemed to be more Earth influenced and of a much more recent design.  It was also maroon colored.  Taking her clothes off, she notices she had to struggle a bit.  She shrugged this off, until she turned round and noticed herself in the mirror.  
                   Ayeka pinched herself in a confused daze.  "What..?"  The serum defiantly had effects, but Ayeka didn't remember them being the opposite of what its label advertised.  She felt at her face: her cheeks were very puffy and she saw a moderately deep second chin.  Ayeka began breathing harder as she saw more of herself in the mirror.  She noticed her collarbones no longer showed, evident by pinching the fat.  Her eyes grew when she saw her bra, which was straining worse than before, her bra was skintight, and it was sagging more.  She was probably up three bra sizes, she struggled at the bra strap which cut into her now fleshy back.  Her hands moved from her back to her midsection, she felt her belly roll which had returned, now accompanied by 2 more forming ones right above it, and she was standing too!  Sobbing, she looked at her panties, which were also skintight, and she could only see what little of the sides she saw, with the larger belly roll suffocating the front of her underwear.  She poked her belly roll, and her entire stomach jiggled at contact.  Her hips were very wide, she noticed, as she lightly caressed them, and felt nothing but blubber.  Her inner thighs now touched, which finally led her to study her butt.  Its bust was fairly impressive, as much as her chest if not more.
                       Ayeka saw she had some cellulite and shook her head at all of these details.  She was amazed that this had happen; she remembered the serum helping lose at least 20 pounds in about 2 or 3 days.  She bent down a little to put her clothes back on, when she heard a small ripping sound.  Blushing, she felt her panties not becoming so tight anymore.  Standing up, and turning as much as her abdomen would allow, she managed to see blubber poking out of a moderate hole.  Instinctively feeling her sides which were now gifted with very definite love handles, and her back had formed a roll and a developing second one when she tried again to reach behind her back to undo her uncomfortable bra.  Her arms had been added with an a little over a half an inch of fat; they jiggled slightly when she moved.  Along with her paler, milky complexion, Ayeka was a sight to see.  
There is no way...   She couldn't say anything else except that it couldn't have happened again.  She couldn't think, her panic didn't subside at all from realization.  She got her original clothing, got dressed ASAP, and hurried out of the store, trying hard not to let others knew she was upset.                                  

Getting home, Ayeka slammed the door closed, going right past the messy living room, and into the kitchen.  She was tired and winded from the run/walk back home; it was fairly late at night and Ayeka was fet up.  Going to the fridge, with the plastic bag in hand, she took out the contents and placed a few inside, a few on the counter behind herself, and the rest in the coverts.  She then storms upstairs and swiftly goes to the bathroom, pulling out the scale in frustration.  After about 5 seconds, her eyes grew big and a she began to tear up while running back downstairs and back into the kitchen, staring contemptuously at the fridge.          
Forget it!  If I'll keep looking like this, there's no use in trying to prevent it at all!  Maybe. maybe.I'm supposed to be 195 pounds!   Normally, this would be an irrational, out of the question thought for Ayeka, but she didn't care anymore.  She would go back to Jurai; she knew Tenchi would longer find her attractive after she had let herself go.  The earlier idea of Washu helping out was simply out of the question for the princess' rage.  
          "Fine then."  Ayeka looks down at herself, and pokes at her stomach, which beneath her clothes lightly quived upon contact.  Looking back up, Ayeka subconsciously made up her mind:  She was hungry, and that was that.  Turning around and scanning which covert to open, Ayeka soon began looking in each covert for food.  She eventually found the bonus chocolate she purchased at the store earlier (Alas, they would not be in celebration of any serum's effects).  Ayeka walks halfway back to the living room when she remembers buying some sake, and returns to the kitchen.  
Fine...I'll just go back Jurai, this must be an omen for that demon and...and..Tenchi... Ayeka almost let a tear escape her eyes, but decided to be strong.   I'm of noble blood...I'm sure father would've returned and challenged Tenchi anyway.  I'll just be out of his way now...   Ayeka takes a quick seat on the couch after turning on the t.v., and opens the bag of chocolates.  
I'll return, mother will conceal me from the public until my weight returns to normal, I'll go on choosing a suitor, it will be as if nothing else happened.   Picking a random soap opera that normally Ayeka wouldn't care about other than her usual, Ayeka begins unwrapping the chocolates at fair speed and downing the chocolates.  Instinctively, she reaches over to her left and begins to open the sake but slowly stops.  
         "Hmm...it was difficult to rid of the sake smell form last time..."  Ayeka sat the bottle down next to her and gazed off into space, thinking.  Finally, she remembers the bar she had gone to earlier.   Yes...I could have something there, it is a nice place after all.   With that, Ayeka took her bag of chocolates and got ready to journey outside, her rage fading into an unusual determination.   

"Bartender!"  A purple haired woman commanded upon entrance into the bar.  The usual card table's only two occupants slowly looked over for a second, then looked back to their game, too busy to care much for the rest of the world.  An old Irish man looks over to the door.  
                 "Give me your finest!"  Ayeka walks over and takes a hasty seat, readjusting her clothes from the the sudden movement.  
                 "Ahh..Miss has an appetite for drinking tonight eh?"  Ayeka lightly blushes, not aware of how obvious she may have sounded.  
                 "Yes...I've had a rather tough week..."
                 "Ah, don't worry 'bout Misses.  While your at it, would like any of our specials?  Chocolates ain't much of a dinner."  Ayeka blinks as the bartender points to the bag she had emptied on her way.  Ayeka blushes again, hoping her weight gain wasn't as obvious either.  
                "Yes, I suppose you're right..."
                "Alrighty, what'll be?  I suggest the Italian our cheif's cooking back there now for the cardies."  The bartender points to the card table, Ayeka looks back and forth in response.
                "If it's not too much trouble...yes..."  She looked down at her stomach, which she felt forming the fairly deep belly roll she noticed earlier.  She tried fixing her clothing to hide it, but gave up almost as soon as she started.
                "Fredichini Alfredo it is!  Hey McCladen!"  The bartender yelled over to the kitchen, in which a white chef hat bobbed among steam.

Soon, Ayeka's meal would begin...

Chapter 5: Afterwards ; before the end.

Groaning, Ayeka heaved herself out of the bus seat and towards the front of the vehicle.  The bus driver stared at the purple haired princess as she got off, and shook her head.  Ayeka looked around as the bus drove off and groans a little again.  It must've been around 2am in the morning, and Ayeka could barley tell where she was due to darkness.  She felt her bloated stomach underneath the kimono she wore.  
                 "Ugh...the meal was quite tasty but..." Ayeka let out a huge burp, and drowsily made her way to the house, the effects of the sake kicking in a bit late.  Finally Ayeka sees the house lights in the distance...
                       As usual, the next morning came, and for once Ayeka found herself where she usually slept: her futon up in her room.  Walking over to her window, she pulls back the curtains, and literally falls down back on her futon.  
                  "Uh....", Ayeka rubs her eyes, "...well, the sun is out now..."  

Ayeka walks down the stairs and finds the living room and kitchen slightly messy, but not as much as it usualy was.  
I don't know what came over me yesterday... Ayeka felt fairly different, and noticed this when earlier she had seen herself in the mirror, studying her weight gain again.  
I feel...hm...somehow...maybe I was overreacting about all this.   Before Ayeka knew it, she found hrself in the kitchen, tiding up a little.  After a few minutes, Ayeka remembered she hadn't had breakfast yet, and it already had been an hour since she woke up.  Opening the fridge, the princess grabbed some whole milk and a box of truffles.  Hesitating, Ayeka looks back inside and gets her other bag of chocolate kisses, and walks over to the living room.  As she turned on the t.v., Ayeka noticed something about her recent choice for breakfast.  
                "Wait a minute..."   Hmm, I bought these while I was at the supermarket...and that was the morning after taking Washu's serum.   Ayeka remembered the serum sliming her body but making her extremely hungry.  Suddenly it made sense to Ayeka:  Washu's serum in fact didn't work right.  Letting out a sigh of relief, Ayeka sat on the couch and opened her bag of trouffles.
I may have gained a little weight before, but this recent weight was due to the serum... Ayeka decided it was best she didn't tell Washu about her actual weight gain and say she was looking for a cold remedy.  She'd avoid total embarrassment, Washu would rid her of the excess fat she had gained, and she'd be able to stay in Tenchi's sight.  
               "Mhmm...these are quite good !"  Ayeka was snapped out of her thoughts by the lush chocolate taste she noticed in her mouth.  
                       "Well...I guess it won't matter until Washu returns..."  Ayeka looked over to the other bag of kisses and felt her mouth water.   Reacting, Ayeka sat the truffles down and reaches for the chocolate kisses.  Opening the bag, Ayeka noticed how she actually felt anticipation for the treat, and hurriedly unwrapped the chocolate.  
To be honest... I find this chocolate very enjoyable...

Her eyes glued to the t.v., ignoring the chocolate smeared on her mouth.  Ayeka drank her glass of milk and soon turned back to her two bags of chocolate treats.  "Oh Ukyo, he still loves you..." she says in response to her soap, and reaches into an empty bag.  "hmm?  Oh dear, I've run out already?"  Ayeka gets up and walks over to the kitchen, looking at the clock.  
Goodness, it's been an hour?   Looking to the fridge, Ayeka smiles deviantly and opens it up, seeing the bottle of sake she had chosen not to consume the night before.  
                "Well, it'd be a shame to waste it now, wouldn't it?"  Ayeka giggles to herself and pulls out the bottle, opening it while proceeding back to the couch.  As a half hour passed, Ayeka was beginning to feel a sense of joy and sensibility she hadn't really felt before.  Admittedly she was a little buzzed from the saki, but something else was at play too.  
                "Urp..this is the best breakfast I've had in years, ohohoho!", Ayeka claimed, while taking a break from watching TV. by going into the kitchen for some more snacks.  Looking around, Ayeka's eyes wander back to the fridge yet again, and she opens the door with a swing.  Pondering, Ayeka finally sees something new: a maroon thermos sitting in the far corner.  Reaching in with a small struggle, Ayeka finally pulls the thermos out in victory.  Opening it up, she had a little taste by dipping her finger in the substance.  
                   "Hm..more chocolate..."  Ayeka gleamed in pleasure, and began to chug down the thick, chocolate mix.   A little of it dripped out of the corners of her mouth, and down her neck, and over her now very tight kimono.  Hearing from the T.V., Ayeka could hear one of the main character rejecting someone, and immediately raced back to the living room, carrying another sake bottle, the thermos, and bag of sniker doodles (sugar cookies) along with her.  
               "You, blockhead!  You oaf! Why I, I, he should be punished for such cold manner!" throwing kisses at the screen.  Somehow, Ayeka never managed to clean up the house.  

Lying back on the couch, Ayeka for once was not asleep, but was close to becoming asleep, until the door bell rang.  Pushing herself up, she no longer had such good balance like she used to, and struggled to regain it.  Going over to the door, she opened it, with a delivery guy standing right there.  
                "Um, is this the right house... " he said looking down at the piece of paper.  "The Masaki Residence?" he blinked, looking at Ayeka in front of him.  
                "Yesh, I would dink so, you nincompoop." Ayeka replied, she had been drinking again.  
                "Bad day too eh?  Well, the order is right here, express, courtesy of Jinko Candy Delivery Services.  5 boxes of chocolates, 3 bags of kisses and 1 box of truffles." He nodded his head to the boxes on the ground beside him.  "That'll be 40 dollars please." Handing over an order she apparently requested, Ayeka blinks absent mindedly at the piece of paper then looks up at the delivery guy.  He blinks back, his hand waiting for the needed money.
                "As the Princess of Jurai, I commend...your services, you shall be....rewarded. Thank you, and g'night young man."  Ayeka slammed the door, leaving the delivery guy alone.  
                "Oh well...she was drunk, she must've had a break up or something." Walking away and to his car, the Masaki residence was once again alone.  

At the couch again, Ayeka continued to gorge herself of wonderful chocolates.  Though she didn't care, the sake made her eat past the point where she would normally draw the line.  Her kimono, not only had it been tight but now was loosening due to Ayeka's stomach expanding from so much food.  Ayeka then accidentally dropped a few kisses.  One fell down her chest and 2 went bouncing slightly off of her bulging belly underneath her clothing, then finally landing on the floor.  
                  "Oh dear.." she proceeded to bend down and pick them up, but was stopped by the huge bulge in her midsection.  Struggling, with a small bead of sweat coming down the side of her puffy face, Ayeka just couldn't reach the candy.  Seeing what was the problem, the princess loosened what held her kimono together and was finally able to bend down.  
                  "Much better." she then popped the small chocolates into her mouth, savoring the melting of the sweet substance in her needy mouth.  Reaching over to her right to drink the rest of the 76% gone sake bottle, Ayeka used her other arm to reach for the remote.  Barley able to get it, she aims at the TV and changes the channel to the news.  To drunk to really care, the reported was talking about a notorious fugitive who dressed in all maroon...

Chapter 6: What Happened to You?

Waking up on the couch, Ayeka felt more exhausted then she had in her entire life.  Slowly sitting up, Ayeka once again saw the results of a party she must've had last night when she was drinking.  
                     "Oh perfect.." she commented sarcastically, and got up form the couch.  Looking around, Ayeka slowly realized that today was the day when Tenchi would come back after all these days.  
                    "Oh, I had almost forgot about them." Ayeka spent the next hour and a half cleaning up the living room, it took so long since she occasionally had to stop for a break and fix her kimono so it wouldn't squeeze the life out of her.  Totally winded, Ayeka finished, with no evidence of her partying left.  
I need some breakfast...   Ayeka did remember now that Tenchi wouldn't arrive until this evening, so she had a whole day to prepare the house.  Going over to the kitchen, Ayeka stopped and thought she was wobbling a little instead of walking.  Shrugging it off, the princess looks inside the fridge to end her hunger, but her eyes grow wide.  
                      "Nothing..?" Ayeka searched over and over with a cold sweat.  The fridge had no more food in it, sure maybe a package of cheese, leftover sushi here and there, but nothing useful.  
                     "Looks like I'll be going out for breakfast instead.  I could use the fresh air anyways."

"Well, it be the Misses again."  the bartender greeted, while pouring a glass of sake for her.  Ayeka took a seat at the bar, and smiled.  
                            "Morning, sir, oh." she sees the glass and takes a hold of it.  
                         "Thank you." she said, while drinking some of it.  
                         "What it'll be miss?  A round of sake for ya?"  
                         "Oh no, I'm more hungry today than thirsty."  He nodded and put down a bottle of sake behind the counter.  
                            "Course, it's only 9 in the morning.  We're having a breakfast special today:  Fried eggs, 5 strips of bacon, 4 links o' sausage and a glass of orange juice."  Inside, Ayeka felt extremely hungry, and despite her own good she ordered the special anyways.  "One order coming up for ya Miss."  The bartender went in the back to tell the cook, while Ayeka shifted in her seat a little bit.  
Ayeka, what are you doing to yourself... Ayeka rolled her eyes in annoyance as she imagined what will happen when they do arrive.  It wouldn't be the end of the world, but it would be weird; for both of them.    
After about 12 minutes, her breakfast was ready, and what a meal it was!  The fried eggs were still cooking on her plate, the bacon still sizzled, everything was fresh.  Taking a timid bite at first, Ayeka soon took bigger bites, enjoying the fulfilling yet greasy meal placed in front of her.  The bartender looked at her while she ate, and got a little worried.  
                             "Miss, I ain't trying to be mean, but shouldn't you be worried about eatin so much there?"  Ayeka looked at the bartender and blushed, more embarrassed than angry with the question.  
                           "Ah it's okay, Im just saying cause I dun want anyone be passing out on the floor from eatin so much."  Ayeka smiled a little.     "How kind of you."  Looking down at her plate, Ayeka felt her mouth water a little bit.
                              "Hmm..do you have any appetizers?"  The bartender nearly gasped, but ended up laughing instead.  
                             "Well I ain't your pops, I'll see what we can fix up for ya's."  "Hey McClean!  Another plate for the misses!"  A man with a chef hat stuck his head out from a doorway.  
                          "Aye?"  The bartender nodded.  
                          "Aye, she has a bit of an appetite today with her."  The chef nods and winks at the purple haired princess, who is a bit confused at how he could wink at someone so...portly, as she was becoming.  
                             "McClean hasn't had a customer like you in years, he appreciates you coming in like this."  The princess looks at the bartender and returns a another smile.  
                          "Please give him my regards then."  The bartender nodded, and Ayeka waited for another serving of the huge breakfast.  

                        After the humongous breakfast at the bar, Ayeka was surprisingly not full, but thankfully satisfied.  Not that this was bad, she could now finally work on cleaning hate house, after all, Tenchi's name was still written all over the wall.  "Where should I begin..." she looked all around the house when she stepped inside the house, and sighed, for it would be a long day of cleaning.  


Stepping inside her room, Ayeka was exhausted from finally getting the house back in shape.  Her kimono, worn 2 days so far, was fairly dirty, so she decided to change into something clean, not to mention less confining.  Hoping she would find something that would fit, Ayeka looks feverishly through her drawers.  
                           "Ah ha!" she cried, when she pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a very big oversized t-shirt she wore to bed.  
These should still fit me...let's go find out...   Walking across the hallway and back into the bathroom, Ayeka flips the light switch one and looks into the mirror.  Gasping a little, Ayeka is taken back at how much more she gained from last time.  
I knew I was getting bigger, but this much?   She wasn't as alarmed or upset; she did this to herself, it wasn't anyone else's fault.  Observing the mirror, Ayeka saw the effects of staying at home while the other were on vacation.  Her second chin was already deep, and if Ayeka was right she was forming a third one, but it wasn't very visible at all.  Her cheeks had been puffed up a little more than before.  Moving down her body, her chest had grown enormous!  It must've been at least around double D's ,maybe a little bit less.  However, they sagged down a little due to the lack of a worthy bra supporting them.  
                                  When she reached her waistline, Ayeka immediately knew where most of her weight went.  Her stomach overflowed the band of her kimono that held it together, with a moderate bulge poking out underneath the band as well.  She grabbed her stomach and watched it jiggled in response, it was so soft and warm the princess noticed.  Her hips remained somewhat the same, a little growth had occurred,  but they were still very big.  Trying to turn, Ayeka had no success in doing so, her huge midsection wouldn't allow it. she did manage to see her rear sticking out fairly well.  When she grabbed a hold of it, it was actually a little bit more firm than usual.
I guess house cleaning helped a little bit...but I must weigh at least 250!   She took a deep breath, with her whole body exotically shaking a bit.  Even though she was no longer the essence of beauty she once considered herself, Ayeka noticed she carried the weight well.  She was still the same princess just more corpulent. a lot more.  
I hope I can explain this well, I'm more scared of being without words...
                           Ayeka had been noticing minor, new sensations when she touched her newly acquired fat.  While looking around self-consciously, she slowly moves her hands around her body.  Going to her overflowing stomach and grabbing a hold, she finally appeased her curiosity.  She shook her hold and noticed it felt fairly nice, however deviant the feeling may have been.  Just as quickly she stopped however, succumbing to her self embarrassment.  
                       Ceasing her overall study, Ayeka remembers about changing her clothes, and slowly bends down to pick up her sweatpants.  Taking off her kimono, her soft, fleshy body was always in motion, especially her stomach.  Sliding up the sweatpants, it was difficult to bring them up on her waist.  the pants seemed too snug, so she sucked in as best as she could and finally got them on.  Leaning over to get the oversized t-shirt, Ayeka could hear the door being opened.  
                         "Oh no!  Here already?" she hurried to put on the t-shirt.  over her head, and pulling it down and over her huge breasts, the princess struggled.  Cursing her expanded chest, which at first she didn't mind, the purple haired woman finally got the shirt on, which fitted like skin, clinging to her body, showing her wondrous chest and her huge budda belly.  Ayeka then opened the door, with a familiar face standing in front of her.  Ayeka blinked, as it took a second to recognize the person in front of her.  
                         "R,Ryoko?"  the cyan haired woman nodded, too embarrassed to talk at first, but took a second look at the princess.  
                             "Ayeka?"  The two looked at each other bug eyed.  
Great Tsunami, it's as if I were looking in a mirror.
                     "What happened to you?!" the two both said, almost in unison.  
                     "It's a long story..." Ryoko said with a glum look on her face, Ayeka nodding in agreement.

The end ?