Animexpansion is not your average anime website. We specialize in females being blown up to enormous proportions, via number of expansion techniques, but primarily weight gain. We feature a collection of art, stories, and other creations by anime fans who love to see their favorite characters on a larger scale.

Site History:
I first founded the website in 2001. At that time, many of my favorite anime weight gain artists had their work spread across a number of Yahoo Groups. I decided to put together a place where they would all be organized by series for easy access, with the artists' permission, of course. So the website was born. Over time, I continued amassing art, and even got contributors to send content directly. The site flourished, but under the bandwidth of Geocities, the site was anything but regularly accessible. Dubbed PAWG, for "Pokemon & Anime Weight Gain", the site was allowed hosting by Masked Koopa, which lasted about a year, until bandwidth became an issue once more. In July 2003, the forum was created, and continues to be popular. The site was moved to yet another host, where it's been since. In August 2005, PAWG aquired the domain name Animexpansion, adopting that as the official name and making "PAWG" the subtitle "Premiere Anime Weight Gain". Hopefully many more years of service to the anime expansion community are ahead for Animexpansion.

Thanks To:
NeoRaraAvis, for many of the site's buttons and banner text graphics.
Agent Anderson, for assorted site and forum work and for getting the domain name to function correctly.
To all the artists and authors on the site, without your contributions this site would not exist.

Terms Used on this Site:
On this site we use the most common terms to denote the different forms of expansion featured. Here's a few we're using so far.
WG: Weight Gain. The process of a character getting fat. Note that some regularly-fat characters may still be noted as "WG".
Inflation: The process of a character blowing up like a balloon.
BE: Breast Expansion. Enlargement of just mainly the breasts.
Vore: Where a character has consumed another character, usually by swallowing whole.
Preg: Pregnancy.
GTS: Giantess.
Blueberry: Expansion by turning into a giant blueberry, popularlized by Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

Rules For Submitting Content

I generally accept art for any of the expansions listed above. I won't accept just anything, make sure the quality is decent. If you can't judge for yourself, you might post your work on DeviantArt to get some criticism before submitting anything to me. And please, if you're writing a story, make sure it's well written. I'm not looking for excellent quality in story or writing, but just make sure you've proofread and correctly punctuated your work. I hate having to do this myself to other people's stories. As far as morphs go, please do not base them off of fanart. Make sure they're based on official artwork and screencaps from the series. As long as you follow these rules I should have no problem allowing your work on the site. NOTE: I'm currently planning on allowing topless nudity in artwork; I'm considering what methods I may use to mark what artwork features content that may not be appropriate for everyone.


(More questions coming soon)

Q: You just updated a contributor's page. Which stuff is new?
A: I'm presently labeling new content. The labels last until the next update, when I remove them.

Q: When are you going to update next?
A: I currently don't have a specific day I update, just whenever is best to.

Q: When are you going to have a new Puyo or Pokemon Advance comic?
A: I can't specify when new comics will be done and/or posted. I do them when I feel like it.

To submit art, stories, or if you just have a question, e-mail me at mistystuffer@yahoo.com